Life is Full of Magic: Book One

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Sixteen year old Mizuki keeps having these reoccuring nightmares; she's up against this monster that appears to be entirely made out of a black substance, seems to be pulled straight out of a sci-fi horror story and is out for her blood. A scythe in her hand formed by her own blood, the fight can last anywhere from five minutes, to thirty. And she would be able to avoid them if they were just dreams, not an actual part of her day-to-day reality that no one else acknowledges in a small, peaceful town in America. It's been going on for years, she's grown as used to it as you can pretend to be, until she encounters others who don't quite seem to fit into this reality, either.

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Prologue: Angel of Small Death & The Codeine Scene

There is often a thin line between nightmares and reality, so narrow you hardly notice it, but once you accidentally step onto the over side, you know. Those heart-hammering nightmares that start to lose coherence even as you're waking up from them, but that still manage to leave their moldering fingerprints all across your day. When you wake up, you start to question whether you've actually escaped the nightmare.

But sometimes, the horrors from your nightmares slip into your reality, and you can't escape, then.

The time was somewhere past eleven pm, the streets pitch black asides from the street lights and the quick, sudden flashes of cars driving by. Sixteen year old Mizuki would much rather be resting in bed, begging for one last night of comfort slumber, but alas, she was sprinting to the end of a dark, empty alleyway.

She had gone through this many, many times before; always the exact same reaction, unable to help but cower away in fear for the first few moments. Every time she knew how it'd end, running away wouldn't save her. She would have to face her fears ─ this hideous, ten-foot-tall monster that blended into the dark surroundings with it's pitch black skin that dripped and formed puddles at its feet.

A being like this shouldn't exist in reality, and often she questioned if it really did, for she was always the only one who saw it with her own two eyes, each time trapped somewhere by her lonesome. However, she shouldn't exactly exist, either, and sometimes she questioned that, too.

As the long hand extended out to grab her, with its freakishly long, badger like claws, she had made it so close to the exit, but skidded to a halt. Her left arm had a long cut straight down the side, oozing blood at an alarmingly fast rate. As she turned on her heel to face the monster, reaching out her bleeding arm, the black blood contorted, and formed a scythe.

Yet, she hadn't acted quick enough. The large hand sunk it's razor sharp claws into her shoulder, albeit briefly, biting back a pained shout she swung the scythe down on the hand, slicing it off. It dropped to the ground, letting go of her, and the monster let out a pained screech that hurt her ears.

Adjusting her injured shoulder, she almost dropped the scythe and bit her tongue as the pain shot through her. Cursing under her breath, she gripped the scythe's handle with both hands, and released a shaky breath. The beast recoiling back in pain, she made her move, and charged towards it.

However, halfway there her leg gave in. The strength had just left her body without a warning, causing her to almost fall flat on the concrete. Thinking fast, she used the end of the scythe to push herself back up like a walking stick, just narrowly dodging the monster's swinging arm as she threw herself to the side, crashing into the wall.

Slightly swaying side to side, struggling to stand upright, she deeply sighed. "Let's get this over with," tightening her grip on the scythe, the monster turned to face her, and then swung its arm at her once more. This time she dodged more easily, and ran up the monster's slipperly arm. Before she could reach its shoulder, it threw up its arm.

Digging the tip of her scythe deep into its arm, coaxed with a black liquid, she held on as she was lifted up. Then, when it threw its arm down, she pulled out the scythe and slipping on its arm, almost missed the chance to jump onto its shoulder, which was just as difficult to balance on.

Reaching its long arm up to grab her, with one final swing, the head came clean off. Almost instantly afterwards, the body of the beast began to deteriorate ─ dissolve, or melt in other words. Still standing on its shoulders high up in the air, Mizuki stumbled. Attempting to stab the end of her scythe into its skin, it didn't work, it was dissolving too quickly there was nothing to hold onto.

"Oh, hell─" slipping, she couldn't stop herself from falling. Releasing her grip on her scythe, it too began to dissolve. She had done this countless times before, the same nightmare always repeating itself ─ and she can never wake up from reality.

Crashing into the pavement head first, it was immediately lights out.

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