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The cycle of emotions

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Chapter to Tsunami

It warned me. Yes, it did I distinctly remember the feeling. I felt mental nausea. I felt the vibrations going through my body. Little did I know that it was a Tsunami. I try to wash off the feeling by taking a bath. Stupid of me because that's taking a walk to the beach. And it suddenly explodes around me hot tears tear down my face. The water in the bath trying to drown me. I let it all surround me. Then suddenly it gets hard to breathe my breath like waves crashing against my lungs. Felt as if I was in that for hours. And then it is all silent, no movement except for the hot tears rolling down my face. That was the calm before another storm. This time a stronger wave of emotion hits me. And I lose 4 of my senses. The last one remaining was my touch. I feel my body burning at an uncomfortable heat. I feel my body sliding down the bathtub floor as my head is engulfed by the wave. And at that moment that is when the feeling of hurt, loss, paranoia, and worry hits down on me crushing my heart and lunges as the wave surges around me. Then it all calms down and I am just a traumatic survivor. I look up searching for a helicopter to pull me out from my traumatic surroundings. But then I realize I am the tsunami and that it's impossible to escape me.

Feelings are what make a life but they are also the ones that take lives.

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