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Break Up

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This is a short story of someone who's cheated by his boyfriend.

AV Angie Valdon
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Break Up

Break Up
Short Story of LipToneXyxy

This story is work of fiction,all place,names,person and events is made by author's imagination.


YHUMII is standing in the sidewalk,she's waiting for her boyfriend Vleik,to come and get her.

He promised her that he'll come,but she ended up hanging on.

"I need to go home myself"she said then walk.

She's walking towards the bus station and wait again.

After how many minutes, there she find one.The bus is started to comes in her view.


ON the other side,

Vleik is playing mobile legends without knowing that her girlfriend is waiting,and even if he remember,he has no plan to get her there.

But suddenly the door bell rang.

His enjoying playing, it's a rank game so he need to fucos,and he don't give a fuck to someone outside his condo.

It rangs again and again and again.

Irritation coated her,so after a break,he look who's outside.

And there,standing a gorgeous woman.

"Who are you?"he asked.

"Oh sweetie,you forgotten,my name is Kai,we meet in KClub and we had steamy sex"

Blinks after blinks,he tries his best to remember her,but he can't.

"Sweetie,you don't need to force yourself to remember"she said in flirty way.

"What's the matter?"he asked again.Pointing out about, what brings her here.

"Oh, nothing I just want to do this again with you"she.Then kiss him torridly,that kiss blow his mind,he forget everything,THE RANK GAME and of course,HIS GIRLFRIEND.


YHUMII is walking happily towards her boyfriend's condo,she can't wait to see him,even if he breaks his promise,still she want to see him now.

She's in front of the door and she's about to press the door bell when she heard something.

"Oh oh! fuck!your so good Vleik! Ugh"

Her tears starts to fall.She's not too slow,for her not to know that their are something miracle happening inside.

She heard loud and loud moans,but she doesn't care,she continued open the unlock door.She get in.

And then two pairs of eyes laid on her.

Seeing his Boyfriend having sex with other woman is like breaking her heart into pieces.

"Y-Yhumii,i-i can explain"

"Explain those bullshits of yours?the fuck!"she said and leave his condo.

She get her phone and texted his Vleik


Let's break up"


Dedicated to My Classmate,Marian Awatin♥️

I hope you enjoy this short story of mine.

Author's note:Sorry for Grammatical Errors and Spelling Errors,I'm just learning English ,so bear with me.


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