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Clarissa Blackburn always knew she was different. In fact, she spent her whole life wondering if she was anything close to normal. It wasn't as if she was a freak or anything of the sort. But there was always this very prominent vacancy in her. Kind of like an enormous hole in her heart that was hidden under thick concrete. It was almost as if something was missing from her life. But she never knew what. One day Clarissa experiences the most traumatizing event of her life, and that's when her life turns around. Or rather, it turns upside down when she finds out that she is destined for something far greater than anyone would have imagined. Clarissa is shoved into a lifetime of pain and heartache. Hopefully she will make it out alive, because it is never an easy task to fight destiny, especially when it seems like destiny is set to destroy every source of happiness that comes knocking on your door.

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Six hundred years ago—somewhere in the middle of mexico—a large ball of disturbingly bright flaming orange, crashed into the earth with a powerful force that would crush anyone or anything that was to stand in its way.

Normally Marabella Avenue was a quiet place, but it probably lost that title the moment the sound that could only be distinguished as a large, deafening explosion echoed throughout the atmosphere and stretched thousands of miles, bouncing off the earth's crust and up into space, no doubt disturbing the tranquility that once was. The entire planet quivered. To anybody else who was probably lousing around in their houses or on the poolside, cooking burgers, it would seem like an earthquake. Which is weirdly a good thing. if it was a cartoon scene it would have made a banging sound that whispered incessantly even after the ball of fire made contact with the ground.

An ear-splitting scream enveloped the environment that once basked in inhumane tranquility. One would have thought that this sound was a sure sign of someone either being A: slaughtered by a serial killer, or B: chased by an axed man that could potentially chop one's head off like fresh meat waiting to be diced into perfectly small cubes.

The sound seemed to intensify as each second passed.

Suddenly, a woman draped in a midnight black cloak ran by with her head slightly bowed. Her face was hiding under the dark fabric which masked her face entirely, only giving the tip of her nose the opportunity to peak out. The dress she wore flopped repeatedly behind her like the tail of curtain having a battle with the wind. She picked up her pace, seemingly running from something —or rather, someone.

A figure also attired in full black came out of nowhere, charging after her like a mad man chasing baby chickens around a yard, having no luck whatsoever in catching at least one.

The woman's breath played with the atmosphere, creating puffs of white smoke as she continued to run like her life depended on it—which in this case, it did.

Hasty footsteps could be heard hitting against the concrete. The trees that watched from a distance seemed to flash their leaves in bewilderment as the two people who looked like they were having a fifty meter race rushed by.

"Almost there, almost there, just hold on a little more." The woman's sweet voice spoke as she glanced at her arms that were hidden by thick black.

"Madelina! Don't you dare go any further!"

The woman—Madelina—halted almost as soon as her name was called. She bared her teeth, fighting back the urge to let loose a line of curse words.

"Mr. Tanner," Madelina sneered, disdainfully.

"May I ask why you are running? Or perhaps I shouldn't, since you know that this was part of our agreement. You very well know that your husband made the mistake so this is the price fo-"

Red, hot, boiling rage filled Madelina and she became livid. Her back was still facing the man, and her breaths that once came out in dangerously fast pants had slowed down momentarily.

'Not today', she thought. 'I have things of more importance to attend to.'

"You can mark this day as the day that I release myself from your rules and your control. And as for my's never going to happen. You can kill him for all I care." With those last words, Madelina once again took off into the blanket of endless darkness. But this time she slowed down.

She knew that Mr. Tanner wasn't stupid enough to stop her. It was futile since she had already made up her mind and not even he could change it. But she knew he could be extremely determined when he wanted something.

Stopping in an isolated park, Madelina carefully opened her cloak. A smile graced her face as soon as she made contact with the beautiful bundle of sweetness that laid in her arms. A dulcet of nothing but pure, happy laughter escaped into the air, disappearing with the wind to welcome soothing giggles.

It turned out that a young baby was hidden underneath the cloak. It was wrapped in thick fabric that provided the child with warmth. Madelina, still smiling softly down at the little bundle of happiness that laid in her arms, lightly ran her index finger over its cheek.

"Hi baby," Madelina whispered, almost as if any sense of loud talking would hurt the child.

Tears welled up in her eyes when she thought of what she was going to do. She fought hard to prevent the sob that threatened to jump out of her throat.

"I-I love you."

Two big eyes as bright as the moon that smiled down at them, stared up at her. And as if the baby sensed what was about to happen next, the smile was almost instantly stripped from its face. The once sweet laughter that filled the air transformed into squeals of displeasure.

Carefully, Madelina placed the baby on the table that stood before her. She whispered some incoherent words—which sounded like gibberish —and kissed the baby's forehead. Madelina removed the necklace from around her neck and placed it around the baby's. With a watery smile, Madelina smiled softly down at the child.

"Madelina! I swear if you do it, you'll regret it."

Madelina froze, midway while lifting her head.

"That child will be the beginning of something that you will hate yourself for. And I am certain you are not ready for that. "

The baby was still crying amidst their conversation. Standing to her full height, Madelina spun around to face the sorry excuse of a man.

"I won't let you hurt her. That is why I am going to do what I have to do to protect it, whether you like it or not." The man viciously shook his head from left to right, repeatedly.

"Don't do i-"

Within the span of five seconds, Madelina's head tilted upwards towards the black blanket of yellow dots. Her hands rose into a statue like position and stopped mid air as her eyes turned into balls of purely bright white orbs. Gravity failed Madelina as she began to rise from the ground. It was an amazing sight, really. The thick cloak (along with her dress) floated in the air in a sick way to hypnotize anyone who dared to watch.

The sound of the deafening banging sound raged again. Trees struggled to keep steady as the wind slapped them in every direction. Mr. Tanner was forced to grab onto a nearby bench as the speed of the wind began to pick up intensely.

Madelina reveled in self satisfaction as her hair whipped about in an unsteady rhythm. "The truth lies in the heart!"

Those words alone caused the wind speed to increase momentarily. As if she was possessed, Madelina somehow used her mind to manipulate the wind and pulled the baby towards her. The baby's cries suddenly stopped and with a resigned hiccup and wide eyes, the child's mouth twitched upwards. It's eyes shone brightly among the bright lights which surrounded it like a sparkling barrier of some sort.

Then, the baby began to giggle. It giggled and squealed as if it was being influenced by fairy dust.

With a series of indistinguishable words whispered by Madelina, the baby disappeared into thin air. The only thing that proved that the child was once there was the echoing of playful giggles that lingered in the atmosphere and the dimming of shimmering light.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Every five hundred years, a fiery orange ball with a large stone carefully caged inside it—which can be referred to as a supernatural meteorite—hits the earth. Each time it comes, it lands at a different location of the earth, but never in the centre.

According to the prophecy, it signifies that darkness is coming closer. It is like a ticking time bomb counting down until its last second before it self destructs, potentially ruining everything in its path as well as everything that is unfortunate to be around it.

It was predicted that a child along with fourteen arms would be the only thing that could save the earth and everyone living on it. No one knew exactly what that prediction meant when they concluded it, but they were certain that this child along with fourteen arms will be the saviour of the planet and the world, basically.

If the child is successful in fulfilling its task then we will all survive. However, if the child fails...let's just say that the world as we know it, as well as every living thing inhabiting it will be doomed.

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