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"You think you can die?" The demon scoffed, "nice try MoonStone. With me you can never die. So. Stop. Trying." This is a story about Matthew MoonStone. If you'd like to read go ahead. He won't mind. But if you don't that's cool too. As long as he isn't searched for he won't mind his story being shared.

Other / Horror
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Chapter 1

May 7th 1988/ Houston Texas US/ 2:32 A.M/

She was running away. Holding the child in her arms as she tried to get away from the group of men chasing her. They were trying to kill her son.
"Why couldn't I be a better mother and stay with my husband?" She asked herself as she jumped over a fence.
Her name was Moon. Her beauty was beyond compare. Her green eyes were remarkably bright.
"Get back here Camilla!" The men yelled.
Camilla. A name she faked so she could get away.
Moon left her husband because of her son's. They each took one. Stone was the name of her sons father.
'Just a bit further!'she thought as she jumped up and ducked in between two buildings. It was a small hole but it worked.
The small child unaware of what was wrong stayed in her arms quietly. His green gaze looked at his mom. She smiled and brushed hair from his face.
"Its alright Matthew... I promise everything will go away." She said kissing his forehead.
The child who was taught to stay silent just blinked.
Moon held the child close again and walked down the narrow hole. She heard the men shouting at the end she came inside the hole from.
"Where is she?!" They yelled.
Moon lost her footing at a narrow spot and fell. She heard a snap. Her right leg was broken. But the child was still.
'No!' She panicked.
His head was bleeding from the impact of the surface. He was dying. She needed help now but who to trust?!
"Well. Well. Well. Talk about the funny sight here boys." A voice laughed.
Mom's eyes widened as she recognized the voice.
"Sebastian." She cried, "you need to help me!"
The demon stepped from the shadows. He took a look at the kid and then at Moon.
"But for what? What would I get?" He snickered.
Moon hated the Demon but only he knew the connection to Mother Nature. The Demoniss.
She was a kind hearted demon with love for Humans. Moon worked with her before.
"Souls! I know a lot of them! Please get Mother-" Moon started.
"I want HIS soul Moon." Sebastian said pointing at the child.
"No! Please anything else?!" Moon cried.
The men must've heard her cry because she heard them running around the buildings to get to her.
"Tick tock Moon. Stay here and not give me his soul and let him die and you suffer the pain of these men or I help and I get what I want." Sebastian said.
Moon growled but agreed.
'I'm sorry Matthew. Its first the best. You're going to be the best person ever!' She promised herself.
Sebastian put a hand on Moons shoulder and they went to smoke.

Moon opened her eyes and saw Mother Nature holding the child. She heard small laughter. Giggles. Matthew never spoke before.
"Moon... it was right you came to me. But why make a deal with Sebastian?" Nature asked in a soft voice.
"I had to... it was the only way he'd get me to you." Moon said standing up only to fall once more. Her leg was still broken.
Nature loked at Moon.
"I can give you a better deal... I'm not too happy about this but you should know it needs to be done. A child should never be on the run." She started.
Moon looked down.
"My deal is... I take care of Matthew, without Sebastian taking his soul. Or... you take care of him with Sebastian taking him." Nature offered.
"Either way I loose..." Moon cried.
Nature gave her a sympathy look.
"I'm sorry but that's the only deal I can make."
"...I...I'll take the first option. It's for the best. But on one condition." Moon said.
"Condition?" Sebastion asked from the shadow of the room.
"Matthew gets to live a human life! No demon school or crap." Moon said.
"Demon school?" Sebastian muttered.
"Very well. I will care for him." Mother Nature agreed.
She handed Moon her child on last time.
Moon brushed his hair from his face and then smiled at her 3 year old.
"You're destined to be great! Never let anyone push you down." She said.

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