Help Me! I Am Broken

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Based on true stories connected to my own personal traumatic experiences and how they have effected me throughout my life. There is only so much a person can deal with and I believe trauma can either break us or make us. There is only so many cracks a heart can take before it becomes broken. I broke many years ago but today I can say that I do not want to be broken anymore. Possible trigger Warnings Please note that this story deals with issues surrounding abuse including sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Along with bullying and self harm.

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Authors Note

Thank you for taking the chance and reading my story. For me this is very emotional and the stories I am writing well take very hard looks into my past.
I am in NO way comparing my struggles and pain to anybody else. Therefore please note ahead of time that I do not believe what I have been through is any worse than what another has been through.
For me this story is a way for me to heal and if I can help at least one person to see and feel that they may not be alone than it is a blessing. I never felt that my stories were worth speaking about so I kept them bottled inside. I have felt guilty for many years for not speaking up or being strong enough to confront some of my experiences.
This story will not be for everyone but for those of you that do read please be gentle. Also, again please note the there maybe triggers in this story for some people.
Still reading well letโ€™s get to it then!
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