Tales of Distant Lands

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The lands of our world are vast and widely known but to us, other worlds are fairly inconceivable of what they could be like.

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The Swamp

A disgusting smell is in the air. The smell of animal feces, decaying vegetation, and fungi rises up from the water and fills your nose. There is another smell of what only one could guess is a rotting corpse. The smell is only accompanied by the dark green murky water. Feeling it seeps through your shoes and sticks to your very being with every step. With a lightweight, a lily pad floats on the disgusting water. Holding a frog or two. The frogs’ tiny yet vibrant yellow bodies stick out in this dark swamp. Watching anything that walks by with black, beady eyes. Another pair of eyes on you are the Octagonal pupils of a 3-foot tall toad. The bumps all over its body are as coarse as the trees around you. Yet you can’t notice the bumps as the toad is covered from head to tail with mud. It’s 5 yellow eyes peer at you and then away in a rapid motion. As it returns to eating the algae and other matter in the swamp. As if the swamp wasn’t already bad enough. As the swamp was dark. Any sunlight was blocked out from the amazingly gigantic trees that seemed to block out the sun itself. Every tree has the same thick, dirty, and spiked bark. The spikes protect it from parasites eaten by frogs. Parasites being somewhat rather large for it to be called a parasite. The parasite has a long white body to wrap around a human’s leg, and razor-sharp teeth filled mouth to bite through anything as tough from the skin of your leg. To any metal, you would be wearing. If you’ve traveled far enough without the parasites eating down to your bone or constricting your oxygen flow to your feet. There is a ray of light that shines upon the swamp. It comes from a house that sits upon thick wooden poles. The water crawling at the rotting wood. The house is small and also made of wood. There are stairs leading up to the deck of the house. The wood is made of what seems to be the bark of the trees, and the trees around the house lay bare of all their bark and are festering with parasites and bugs. A tree has collapsed its stump hiding beneath the water and green algae grow away from the house. The trunk of the tree nearly rotted all away. There is a canoe resting by the stairs. Also made of the same coarse, bumpy bark of the trees around you. A nearly shredded to bits rope ties it down to the home. A shadow is placed upon the lights away from the house. A woman her image blacked out by the darkness surrounding her and the light coming from behind her. From what you can gather this woman does not blink. Nor does she breathe. A flesh statue is frozen in time. Cursing the entire swamp with a fetid odor of death, and decay.

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