Tales of Distant Lands

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The Farm

A wooden door creaks and a near broken lightning rod stands at the top of an old decrepit barn. The flat land allows for the dirt, the withered plants, and the wire from an old fence to fly as it pleases. The ground rotted away at the hands of mother nature itself. A bony wolf makes his way through this broken down once happy home to cattle and sheep alike. It’s ribs peering out from his pelt. His fur matted and tangled with blood, dirt, and it’s own excrement. The sun’s harsh rays shine upon this decayed wasteland at a late hour of the day. The mountains far off in the distance covered in snow from what the eye can see. Off to the right of the barn stands a caved farmhouse. Its windows were broken, and the porch rotting away. A single wooden rocking chair. Rocks back and forth as if the wind itself were sitting on it. With a nice glass table to the side. On it holds an empty cup. The cup is eaten away by whatever bacteria formed in the drink. Each step towards the farm has your shoes covered in dirt and from what you can think is sand. Every single step you take it seems that the land itself calls to you. Telling you to leave, but the two structures upon such a land say otherwise. The barn is a beautiful red and with the little white it has that hasn’t been peeled off by the elements. The barn itself is barely standing. The stench of rotting livestock floats away and into the wind. Bones scattered across the farm of cows, and sheep. The bones picked clean by a flock of vultures eagerly seeking their next meal. The wolves no longer come. Throughout this entire wasteland does not seem to be a single creature alive. Nor are there plants of any kind. Uprooted by what could have been a man’s greed. Any trees that sit upon this desolate land are barely alive. No leaves, pure white bark as if all the color had been ripped away from it. Worms wriggle through the sand. Only to be taken by the last resort meal from some hungry wanderer making their way through. Only if it had been that easy. For this farmhouse and this barn, and the farmers long ago. Met their end and what you see before you very well might as well have been your home. The only thing that keeps you coming back to this place is your indomitable curse. As your body rests upon the chair in the dining room. Lifeless and no thoughts at all. You remain here. Tending to the livestock that brought you a fortune in your life.

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