Tales of Distant Lands

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The Orchard

A strong early morning breeze frolics its way through the superb apple orchard. The lush grass rests uninterrupted as the tree grows to great heights. The sky above is an incredible blue. Clouds dancing across the baby blue sky. White and fluffy taking you to a time where you would try to guess what shape is in the sky. Making the apple picking job hard even for a man with a ladder, with a light brown bark decorating the apple trees. The leaves are bright green. Decorated by the mystical fruit to keep the clinic away for another day. The apples sitting in these trees are a brilliantly bright red. Perfect for the picking, and ready for consumption. Worms wriggle through the dirt beneath your feet. Great for fishing, and great for throwing at unwanted visitors. The worms are a beautiful pink. Fat and long, staying more than healthy in this bountiful orchard. A well-maintained oak fence surrounds this wonderful orchard. Painted a beaming white to make anyone think they paint it every day. Just beyond the orchard, full of worms and amazing apple trees, rests a house. A house made of oak with a cobblestone foundation. The porch sits with a wicker chair that rests upon it. The porch had the same cobblestone foundation as the rest of the house, but it was so clean that you might think nothing ever touched the porch. A window relaxes on both sides of the front house. One where one may watch the orchard and the sunrise from a kitchen. The other peers into a small but well-furnished living room. A rug, a mantle sitting above a fireplace. A nice comfy chair to rest in after a hard day’s work, and a very satisfying coffee table on the rug. Off to the other side of the room. Straight ahead of you, you can see a bookshelf with all the rows filled with books. To the right is a doorway leading to what seems to be a dining room, but only one chair is visible at a table. You take a deep breath, sit back in your wicker chair, and watch the sunset on your orchard. Even at old age. You still feel proud and accomplished for all of your achievements. That’s when you see it. A young girl sneaking across your orchard in search of something.

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