Tales of Distant Lands

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The Coast

The water collided with the cliff-side; the wave hitting the land with a thunderous crash. The sea breeze brought a salty taste to the air, and with it, the smell of a beach to the right of the cliff-side. You take a deep breath as the sun sets gently on the horizon. As you exhale, you look behind you to admire the wondrous palm trees occupying the cliff-side. The bright green grass flowing with the breeze brought in by the ocean. The yellow lilies dance in the wind. Coming from the ocean is a low hum from a whale’s song to find its mate. We can see dolphins off in the distance. Swimming so carefree, as if nothing in this entire world could harm them. The beach rests ever so lovingly. Soaking up what little of the sun it can get as the sun goes away to let the moon take watch. There is a little crab that scurries across the sand looking for a good meal. Once he finds it he returns to his hole to digest his meal. With a soft crunch, a man walks to the edge of the beach where the sand meets the grass. He holds a waterskin and drinks it with a thirst to match a giant’s. He is dressed in a tattered white shirt and ripped pants. A man that was lost at sea has saved the waterskin before his ship went down. He sits to fall asleep in the sun. Knowing full and well that he would not see the sun again. He closes his eyes, and he drifts off into an eternal slumber.

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