The Supreme Vampire Queen

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Many years ago the blood Countess died for all her horrible crimes, but like Count Dracula; she was raised from death, to live and feed on human blood to stay alive. The Countess is told that she was raised from the dead to be the supreme Vampire Queen, the female Dracula; but when she learns that female vampires from Dracula's coven have gone out and built themselves powerful empires and are called vampire Queens, she becomes enraged. She plots to kill them all, and call them to battle her for the title ''Vampire Queen", but she still doesn't know how to use her new found vampiric powers and abilities

Other / Horror
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Countess Bathory can remember her life very well; except for the twentieth of August 1614 -the day before she died-. That day is a bit of a blur, and she tries to paste some of her broken memories together. She remembers, but she's not sure, but she thinks she was visited by a god.

But how can that be? Those don't exist. All she knows is that she was bored out of her mind when it appeared. Its face was hidden well, but she could see the broad smile it had because its teeth shone. She can still remember that she wasn't scared, only curious.

"Elizabeth Bathory," it said, its voice wasn't humane it sounded mighty, yet not.

"How do you know me?" She wanted to know.

"Because I've been watching you your entire life. I believe people like you deserve the world,"

Its words lingered in the quiet cold room. Their eyes fixated on each other, both intrigued, both curious. She knows this is abnormal, of course, it appeared out of nowhere, yet she wasn't freaking out. She patiently waited on it to say the next thing. The thing could snap any second and kill her, but she isn't living at the moment anyway. Maybe that's why she wasn't scared, she had nothing to lose. Therefore no fear, and that's exactly the state it wants her in.

It crawled closer towards her and she couldn't help but stare at its dark green slimy hands, covered in scales. So it might come from the ocean? But she tried not to stare too much and proceeded to look into its gigantic yellow eyes.

"And why would that be?" She asked but it just looked at her for a while.

"Do you know Vlad the Impaler?"

"Vlad Tepes? Who doesn't?"

"Well, tomorrow you will be like him,"

She found that statement strange, and it came as rather odd to her. One crossed her mind, and one thing only. Death.

"I don't understand, he's dead,"

"Oh is he?"

The Countess didn't understand where the thing was going with this topic, but she listened.

"Yes, he died on the battlefield,"

"And if he's so-called dead, then where is his body?"

She parted her lips to answer but then it registered to her. No one knows where his body is. "That's the greatest mystery. His body disappeared."

It chuckled and rolled its yellow eyes. "Bodies don't just disappear. No, it didn't vanish into thin air, it roams this earth,"

She sighed and folded her arms, "Look, mister, but I don't like being made a fool of. So start making sense or leave,"

A small smile crept onto his face, he nodded his head. Happy with his decision. Bathory is perfect and he can't wait to see her soar. "Mark my words. He is undead and is doing well for himself. Tomorrow Countess Bathory, you will die and you will be buried. And hundreds of years from now, no one will know where your body has been buried. Because like Vlad, you will roam this earth till the day it ends."

"See? This the humour I have no time for. Are we done?"

"I shall return tomorrow night at midnight and fully prepare you for your new life, but for now, happy death," it said and disappeared into thin air.

She didn't know what happened and how "excuse me! Are you still there?" She called out but it was gone, and it spoke the truth.


The next day, as history so puts it; Countess Bathory died and had been buried. This wealthy Countess died in poverty, she had lost everything that she once owned.

That night, her lifeless body elevated and laid next to the grave hole she had come out of. It leaned in and kissed her cold, dead lips and life has been given to her.

She laid there for a short while and gasped for air when she came back to life, her heart and brain slowly came back to life, demanding that the rest of her organs come back to life with them.

She sat up straight and was surprised to see it there before her, "Countess Bathory," it said.

"I'm cold, I'm hungry, my head is paining," she complained.

"Do you remember Count Dracula?" He asked as if he didn't hear her complaints.

"Yes! I told you," she snapped. She was cold, weak and hungry and yet he still asks her about Count Dracula.

"His peers picked on him and called him a vampire, I did just that. I turned him into a bloodsucking monster,"

"They don't exist, sir!" She snapped. Frustrated by now. She looked around her to try and figure out where she is and what exactly happened to her.

"They don't?"

She stopped looking around and looked it in its eyes, "yes,"

"So you don't believe in my power?"

"Well... I... I... No, not exactly,"

"I just raised you from the dead, and by the power invested in me turned you into a vampire!" It said, both angry and offended that she still doesn't get its power and still doesn't believe.

"What?" Her eyes opened wide by shock, her heart jumped and all this because she finally gets that he might be on to something. She looked around in the dark and saw that they were in a graveyard and that there was a hole next to her, her hole. She saw that her skin was abnormally pale and wondered how she could see so well in the dark. She couldn't believe it but had to admit to herself that something weird was happening here, something supernatural.

Could this thing have raised her from the dead? She asked herself.

"He is the first vampire, the king of vampires. You are also a vampire as he is because you haven't been turned by another vampire. After all, every King needs a Queen, and you my dear, are the Ultimate Vampire Queen,"

"But I don't want to be," She said in a low voice, she was mainly afraid of how her new life would go. Afraid of change, afraid that it might suck immortally.

"But it's too late, you already are. Besides, if you want to die then you can just walk into the sun, or drive a wooden stake through your heart,"

"Turn me back!" She snapped, this was all happening too fast.

"To what? A corpse? Aren't you happy that you're alive again? And also..." He said and stopped talking to dig deep into his pockets and retrieved a weird-looking mirror and gave it to her. It was a piece of crystal glass carved into a rock and it was a magical mirror that could allow a vampire to see their reflection.

When she looked into the mirror she gasped. Her reflection wasn't what she expected it to be. Aside from the pale skin, the first thing she noticed was her bright purple eyes lighting up the dark evening. She looked like she did when she was in her twenties, her skin was tight again.
Her hair was more rich, healthy and so strong, it was very brown and very bouncy. She didn't have wrinkles and she was extra beautiful. However, she did look different. Two fangs jumped out from behind her thin pink lips, it curled over her much more plum bottom lip.

"Why do I look like this? I'm a beast," she flared her nostrils as she looked into his eyes, "fix what I don't want,"

"You aren't human anymore Countess Bathory, your heart is barely beating anymore that's why you're so pale. Your eyes look so different because you and Dracula are different types of vampires, he knows what he is, you have to find out what makes you different from him," he said.

She sat there, even her body felt different. It felt like a weight was added onto her. It could be power, but she doesn't know what it is. "I am a vampire," she finally made peace with it, "but why choose me to be the Queen of vampires?"

"Because I fell in love with your lifestyle, your story. I think you'll make the perfect queen. There are levels and humans are beneath our kind. I want to raise beings to know this and to put humans in their place," warmth blew over her. That he thinks that she can do that to her was an honour. What he said was that she can kill as many virgins as she, please. Simply because they're beneath her, they're human.

"Thank you," she smiled politely.

"Countess, I'm blessing you with a home. I want you to leave for London where I have a mansion on a farm prepared for you, it's near a lake as well. I think you'll love it,"

"Thank you, my lord," she said and bowed slightly before him.

"Take care of yourself, my Vampire Queen and be safe,"

"Okay. So when do I travel to London?" She asked.

"Travel?" It asked and laughed. Countess has a hard time gripping things, he doesn't blame her, Vlad was the same and later caught on to his greatness.

"Yes," she said confused, not sure why he was laughing but he was getting pissed at her unbelief. She still doesn't get that she is a vampire.

"You're a vampire Countess, you still don't get it do you?"


"You fly, with your wings!"

When he said that her eyes lit up.

"What..." And before she could ask it what it meant, it disappeared into thin air again. That was the last time she had ever seen it again.

Elizabeth was alone now, and nervous. She had so many questions and she didn't feel ready to be left on her own yet, she wondered if Count Dracula has been left all by himself in the beginning too, to try and learn the ropes alone.

The hunger in her stomach didn't feel pleasing, she has never been hungry a day in her life and that was all new to her.

She was surprised to find that her senses have been heightened, she could smell the rotting bodies beneath her and it smelled horrible.
It smelled so near her, so fresh all though it was six feet underground and she wasn't supposed to smell it at all. She could even hear voices and farm animals close by.

"I'm so weak, I could faint. I need energy, I need blood," she told herself, and that sounded odd. Sure she bathed in human blood, but to drink it was a different story.

She slowly made her way to the nearby farm and found a stable where some horses were kept. She swung those doors open and the moment she set foot in the stable, the animals started crying out for their lives.

They could sense danger, sense evil near them and she got nervous. What if the farmer came to check?
She wished that they could quiet down, and went deeper into the stable.

She looked at them, "keep quiet!" she ordered and they instantly stopped, they stood still and looked at her. She was amazed, she wondered if she had just tamed these horses, but how?

She couldn't stand still and figure out why the animals listened to her command, so she open the door and went to a black horse.

It remained quiet, and she gently stroked it. She sniffed the horse, and the smell of blood got her stomach rumbling.

Leaning forward, she plunged her fangs deeply into its veins and absorbed its blood. It felt so good, so soothing, its warm blood flushed down her ice-cold body and kept her warm as it travelled through her body. The blood tasted so good that it scared her completely.

The horse dropped to the floor. Dead! and she didn't care. She felt so strong and had wild energy flowing through her veins, she steadied herself and jumped up so high in the sky that she broke a hole in the roof, but she didn't care. It came naturally to her and now she understands why the thing was so frustrated at her. It's all like a sixth sense and should be easy. She could feel how strong that jump was, strength she's never had and suddenly wings appeared under her arms.

Countess Bathory laughed, it felt so good, the wind blowing in her face, the ton of freedom and how strong her flaps were as she pushed hard up and down and flew faster.

She was a human-sized vampire bat and flew across the beautiful cities beneath her. Enjoying the night sky. She felt home, she felt safe and had a good feeling that her new life was going to be incredible.

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