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All they had wanted was to get a pass for not joining a club, but when they get yanked into a club that they look at things start going awry.

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Chapter 1

Bright strobe lights flashed in my eyes. My head felt as though thousands of bullets were piercing through my skull. My heart had a sense of being ripped in two. My stomach was doing billions of backflips inside of me. Worst of all, it was unbearably cold. It seemed as if the chill had already passed the point of burning cold, but it just kept getting colder and colder. The dizziness came and shook me to the core. I recognised the sounds of my screams coming through my throat. I shut my eyes as tightly as I could, the strobing lights still penetrating my feeble eyelids. I crumpled up on the floor, my legs and arms pulling me tightly into a ball. The torment seemed to never end, until... it did. It was still freezing, but I was no longer blinded. My limbs were weak and warm, almost hot, tears streamed from my eyes. Why had I come here? What convinced me to check out this club??? My hair stood on end as I pried my eyes open. My throat dry. Was it truly over? Or was this simply the beginning of a horrible nightmare that would continue to play out over the rest of my lifespan?

I shook as I gathered enough strength to get to my feet. My head, still spinning. Standing I looked around the classroom and promptly passed out. Somehow I still heard everything.

“Oh gosh- someone help me!” One girl spoke.

“Let’s get them over to the chair” a boy spoke.

“Is it awake yet?” The girl asked.

“I don’t think so- it usually takes an hour or so.” The boy replied.

I struggled to open my eyes, my body was numb. My eyes weighed a ton as I continued to try. Nothing seemed to be working. What had I gotten myself into? I was trapped, a chilling sensation crawling through me. All I had wanted was to see what this club was about. I didn’t think I had any intention to join it. I just needed a pass for the day, so that my mother wouldn’t screech at me for not joining a club and socializing. All I had to do was wake up and flee this hellscape. I struggled for what seemed like ages just overhearing useless conversation among the club members. I screamed at myself a thousand times yet nothing gave. I was trapped in a sleep that had been set upon me. There was no escape from this icy prison of my mind. Wait…. icy? Since when had my head been cold? Without me trying my eyes opened to see the classroom once again.

“Look! They’re awake!” A girl called from a circle that they had formed when I was out. I wanted to yell at them all, for putting me through this, although I knew I didn’t have the courage to do it. I tried to get up off the seat they had set me on. Nothing, my body would still not respond.

I blinked, my head felt… dizzy? “What the heaven?” I spoke even though I had no intention to do so…

“Welcome to earth!” The tall girl in the back welcomed. Her hair was long like her, it was dyed halfway brown and red. She had deep brown eyes and a few freckles sprinkled on her face. She offered out her hand to perhaps help me up. But- did she say welcome to “earth”?!? What-

“Uh- thanks….” this time I knew that the words coming from my lips were not my own. What had they done to me? Who had taken my body as its vessel? Or rather, what?

“I’m not a thing you know.” My mouth opened again. None of the club members had said anything about this thing being a thing- they simply welcomed them in.

“I said I’m not a THING!!!” The creature spoke again. Was it- talking to me? Could it really read my thoughts? Oh god-

“Relax, they might just be a bit confused…. what’s your name?” The tall girl spoke again.

“Xann…” it spoke again. Xann? Pretty cool name not gonna lie. But regardless this Xann shouldn’t be here in MY body, reading MY thoughts-

Rude much? I didn’t want to be here either- and can this creature read my thoughts back?

Oh no- that’s weird, nope nope nope nope-

Oh so you can hear me?


Also I. Am. Not. A. Thing.

Sorry! Sorry!!!

*internal sigh* it’s fine, uhm…. what’s your name?

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