The Day I found my happily ever after

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What does happy feel like? What does it look like? Have I ever been happy before? These are questions I always ask myself. I askyself so that I can look and see if I need to change my path. Life is way to short to just live the life you think is expected. If you are only trying to please others you will never satisfy your own happiness. In order to pave a new route for yourself, you have to take the time to get to know who you are now. Life changes us, and we have to adapt to that small change. Mike came into my life and I knew immediately that this guy is good and very kind. Now that we are close to 2 years in our relationship I can say with out a doubt our relationship is the best I ever had. I think that we are taking a safe but steady pace. I never want to let him go. This is my first real, soul mate. This relationship has been my dream, he makes me feel like his perfect queen every time we r together. We got through COVID pandemic the whole way through, as far am I am concerned, we will be buried together. Wait, we are going to be the next Bonnie and Clyde. We would be 80 and 82., and we just left for our speeding adventure. Well we got cornered, so We crashed hard. Our bodies get partially burned up. We can’t be buried together, how about creamsted.together and sharing an earn. This is a story of newly found happiness.

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April 6th, 2019. The Applebee’s adventure.

We met on one of those dating sites “plentyoffish”, I got lucky finding Mike. Those sites have some success stories but there is in my opinion too many people that only want a fuck buddy. It takes me a lot less time to have a good guess as too who is really is like. I told mike that I wanted keep talking on the phone and texting. I then told him the day I would accept his offer of a date. That week I made him wait I was looking for specific comments and sketchy behaviors. Did he send dick pics? No he did not. He wasn’t bugging me for nudes. I told ya, My man is old school sexy.

Our first date was April 6th, we went to Applebee’s. Hence the title. We had the date all set up. There was a different guy that I had been talking to. We did not meet, and he acted like the rest. He wanted a pretty girl to hang off his shoulder. Well if I am being honest I couldn’t tell. I didn’t see myself going anywhere with this other guy. Well Mike had text me saying he was working out, Steve sent me a text saying that he was going to work out with his boy Mike. My brain started working overtime, I was afraid that they planned this game. That they new, they had to know. But to my surprise, neither of them new. Well it turned out that boy A rented the back house from my date Mike. Mike was a bits surprised when I explained to him what I figured out. I also explained to Mike How I figured out.We talked about things briefly. I assured mike I had no interest in romantics with Steve. Just hints that I learned about him made me think that all I could Ever he was a fiend. Now I have met Mike and I needed to see if we were going to be able to move forward. He peeked every interest in me.

Mike and I would talk about dreams for the future but never promised anything to each other. He was going to take longer to get to make the next steps because he and his wife had not been separated that long. He was still very hurt by her. I also believe that even though she had hurt hm and cheated on him that he was close to wanting to go back to her. Mike never really talked to me about what was going on. He from day one likes to keep his affairs and business to himself. That was hard for me, because I didn’t know that his ex still cut his hair, she literally lives down the street from him. She is also able to go to his house whenever she wants.

Weekends are pretty much the only time that we saw each other. We would sometimes see each other during the week it just depended on Mikes work schedule, and mine. We learned from the beginning that our work schedules were both crazy. The part that was hardest for me was learning that he and his ex had only been seperated few months when we met. I have been alone for 2 years. I dated briefly but nothing ever went very far. I have that I need to really learn from the past and that I deserved a good guy. So taking things slow was very easy to commit to. So slow was going great. I have never been happier. This man showed me more respect, love, passion, trust and Honesty than anyone ever has in my life (I have even had family show me very little respect and interest). It used to bother me that family really didn’t care to hang out with me. But now I just live one day at time, i am determined to be happy, so I will do what I can to be happy.

Mike always came to my house in the beggining. he woulda tell me that his house is In rough state. I told him that those things don’t bother me. I explained that yes I do my best to live in a decent place. I had been living in crappy houses for so long. I also explained to Mike that I would never move in with him because thT was the house he had with his wife. I explained thAt would do better together if we got a place that is just ours. We talked about when a decent amount of time would be. We decided that he needed about 3 years to get his shit together and for his youngest will be graduating.

In February of 2020, Mike the kids, my kids my mom and me all went to the Jeff Dunham show. I was so happy this day. My small family I try got bigger, it was the best show. I was totally dumbfounded with happiness. When I start to stress out about Mike being gone most of the week, that’s one of the memories I go to first. It’s my first memory of the first year. I know I worked thanksgiving, so Christmas was our first family event. Then the Jeff Dunham show. These memories help me realize that he’s in it with me for the long haul. I don’t have to worry, Mike is nothing like my ex’s, he is patient, kind an loving. And he has one kick ass body.

The first year was scarey for me, was literally opening up myself completely to someone again. I learned I was so able to tell mike anything. He never judged me, he had some concerns but they weren’t too bad and we always talk through stuff. That is why we don’t fight. We talk and resectech others thoughts and feelings. When I was having trouble at work he was there Henderson me feel that it was going to be okay. I made a lot of mistakes, there are many reasons as to why I made the mistakes I did. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that the people we meet cross our paths for a reason, we learn a lesson good bad with the each person. Some people are just background noise, maybe you said hi once. Maybe you rode the same bu with someon but didn’t really know them. Others are meant o come into your life nd turn our whole life inside it. With each experience we take a away something, we learn what tings interest us, we earn different way of coo Nd. We also learn how to deal with different situations.

This is how our story starts, this is how I came to realize what true happiness looks like. I look Into his eyes and I know he would never hurt me and I could never do anything to hurt that man. We build each other up when we are down. Happiness doesn’t mean that you have good days all the time. Happiness means that we accept the good and the bad and that we work on what makes us happy. It just goes to show that when u choose to surround yourself with positive people, you will be more positive and that makes it easier to work through the hard times.
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