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Zurrie Dresden's story comes to life in this third novel in the Taken, Awoke, Reborn Series. Secrets from the past are finally revealed as the truth behind her paternity comes out. A child born from a half breed mother and an angel, she feels there's so much that's been hidden about her life, as she knows it. To make matters worse, her twin brother is a Nephilim. It isn't until they leave the protection of The Order, that she can start to live her life. Setting out on her own to uncover the truth of who and what she really is, just may prove to be more than she bargained for. Life and death hang in the balance as she takes her rightful place on her throne. Her decision costs her more then she ever realized it would. Which family will she choose and in the end, where will her loyalties lie?

Other / Fantasy
Samantha Prescott
4.0 2 reviews
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Chapter One: Azrael- Call Me “Zurrie”

I’ll never forget the night we left The Order. I have to say, it certainly was one of the best days of my life. The rules, the preaching’s and the daily observations were maddening. Ok, let’s be real and put reality into perspective. Doesn’t it seem bat shit crazy that a pure breed vampire would be raised by those created to destroy them?

My thoughts exactly.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why we were there, but why we stayed as long as we did is a question I may never know the answer to. To be honest, I don’t really care enough to attempt to figure it out. All I know right now is that life for me is finally starting to feel normal. Normal as life can be for a vampire born of a Daywalker mother and an angel.

Yep, you heard me right, an angel; Nephilim, if you choose to use the biblical term. One would think it impossible for the two to mate, right? Well, another dose of factualism, it happens. I understand it’s rare, but for whatever reason, here I am. Oh, by the way, I have a twin.

Take a seat for this one! He’s an angel. Yep, that’s right- two twins; one a pure breed vampire and the other a Nephilim. Fucked up, huh?

Well, hopefully, I’ve gained your attention, as my story gets even better from here. My name is Azrael Dresden, but my friends and real family call me ‘Zurrie’. This is my life.

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