What It Means To Be Free

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Cyra Knight has been living a life that's crazy well mostly. By night she and her youngest siblings sneaky out and do odd jobs that involve kicking ass and bringing in prisoners. By day being punished for existing and taking the brunt of it for her younger siblings. But then an encounter with her Birth Mother changes everything.

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Chapter 1

Here I sit not thinking of anything..

"CYRA" well looks like the bitch is calling. Rolling my eyes I get up from my bed. Out the door of my bedroom, down the stairs to the kitchen.

"We're moving to LA and since your a dumbass and not know what LA stands for I'll lighten it for you." Trying not to walk over to her and punch her I'm not dumb I know what LA stands for who wouldn't. " Los Angeles." Well lady and gentleman there's the answer.

"Pack up everything in the house. That includes my room, your sisters and brother rooms. Do I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR." Boi do I hate her voice. Let's see I'll describe it. It's like when you get a needle and a ruff edged box and grind. Yah it's that bad.

I nod my head like the girl I am not. I'm getting out of the kitchen before she decides to punish me. But before I can make my way. The front door opens and in comes in wicked witch of the west( AKA my older sister) and dear old daddy.

"Raina, dad."

They don't look my way just continue their conversation. "Dad since we're moving to LA can I audition for the new hottest movie that's coming out."

"Sure thing sweetie you can do whatever you want." I'm looking at this like WHAT THE FUCK is going on. Holy shit the witch *cough* bitch cough* really just get the chance to audition to "Living it up" staring MATHEW FUCKING FALLON just as I'm thinking that I hear one on the most heart wrenching sound. She freakin screeches. I think I'm gonna need earplugs.

"EEEEEEKKKK Thank you thank you thank you dad your the best. Now we get to leave this horrible small town. Where I can become a Star." Raina said that all with her hands on her hips with a smug ass smirk that I wanna smack. But won't I don't feel like getting punished because of a self centered girl. Just then like she remembered I'm there she turns around and glared with that smirk still on her face.

"Well what are you waiting for you Whore get going you have to pack up everything in the house. You only have 4 days."

Dad doesn't even acknowledge I'm there. And leaves with Raina on his heels. The last thing I hear as I go up the stairs is

"I wonder why you keep her around she's so ungrateful for what she has".... I sigh sullen as I go up the stairs to start off with my room. Well let's just hope things in LA get better then the life I have living for the past 16 years. Here goes nothing.
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