Uplifting Short Stories

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Short stories to help lift the spirits of young people, who are getting bullied, neglected or just down on their luck.

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Greg Fenton

Greg Fenton, a young teen boy living in a town in Ontario, believed he was the one who had it all.

His dad was a science teacher. Thanks to him, he knew everything about the solar system, biology and a whole lot more.

His mom and older sister Luisa was an aspiring fashion designer. For his birthday one year, Greg’s mom made him a tuxedo that fit him perfectly.

His best friends were his two dogs Benvolio and Peter. In particular, Luisa gave Peter to Greg as a Christmas gift. The three ran around the park, played ball games and rested in the sun together.

He loved his family, his family loved him. It was everything a teenager could ask for.

There was also his best person friend, Jared. They often hung out in the park with the dogs.

“Hey man!” he’d address Greg. “Watcha wanna do today?”

This day was something different entirely. A girl around Greg’s age, although a little older and taller, was basking in the sun with Banksy, her dachshund. Her eyes seemed to glow and when Banksy licked her hand, she giggled.

Greg was instantly infatuated. “Woah... who is that?” he asked Jared.

“That would be Bridgette” Jared responded. “But you’ll never live up to the likes of her. I tried talking to her once. She thought I was weird”.

But Greg ignored Jared and walked up to Bridgette. He wanted to say hi to her, but he was shy around girls. He then plucked a flower from the grass and handed it to her.

Bridgette noticed Greg’s dogs. “Hey, uh, I like your dogs...” she told him. Greg was surprised, does she really?

“Y-you wanna meet me at the park tomorrow?” Greg asked.

“I... I can’t...” Bridgette told him. “Thanks for the offer though”.

That night, Greg couldn’t sleep. He barely knew Bridgette, but he loved her-- a lot. He would do whatever it took to get her to love him.

The next weekend came and Greg found Bridgette by the fountain with Banksy.

“Hey there” Greg started. “We met last week, but we didn’t have the time to get to know each other. My name is Greg. Greg Fenton”.

“You can just call me Bridgette” the girl responded.

Greg laughed nervously. “You wanna have dinner with me?” he asked.

“N-no, I’m sorry...” Bridgette told him. “This is weird. I should be going now”. Bridgette took Banksy and walked off, leaving Greg by himself.

Greg walked back to his home and bedroom, where he remained determined to get Bridgette.

It was around this time that a young man, older than both Bridgette and Greg, came along to terrorize the park. His family was from Mexico, where people were used to aggression and human sacrifices. Mexico was a country of bullies. This bully’s name was Alejandro, and he was more muscular than Greg would ever be.

One weekend, Greg was on the streets once again, walking Benvolio and Peter. Bridgette was sitting on a bench in the park, alone this time. Alejandro suddenly accosted her.

Alejandro was a predator in this park, and he saw Bridgette as an easy target. Bridgette got up and fled onto the streets, where she nearly got ran over by the vehicles a number of times.

Greg saw Bridgette run straight into an alleyway with a dead end with Alejandro in hot pursuit. He couldn’t leave her there. He had to do something.

Greg jumped in to intervene to stop or at least distract him but that’s when things turned nasty. Alejandro pulled a switchblade and threatened to stab Greg if he didn’t mind his own business.

When Alejandro came at Greg, the less muscular boy punched Alejandro in the face with his fist and used his momentum to snap his shoulder out of joint. Alejandro, still not defeated, went into action with a piece of pipe he picked up off the alleyway and swung at Greg. The less muscular boy grabbed Alejandro’s arm on his swing and chopped him on his collarbone as hard as he could and it snapped.

Then Benvolio and Peter started to attack Alejandro, which was then enough to make the Mexican retreat.

Greg checked to see if Bridgette was alright. She had a few minor scratches and her clothes were partially ripped, but was otherwise okay. She was just frightened.

Bridgette was grateful to Greg, and she kissed him on the nose. Yup, I’ve won her, Greg thought.

At school the next day, Greg shared his story of standing up to a bully and how he saved Bridgette.

So now not only was Greg loved by his family, but his classmates and applauded by his teachers and counselors. Now he was the one who had it all.

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