Her Life

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Part 5

We lived in that house safely,
I did not really expect it..

We were laughing and having fun from the depths of our heart..
Even my mother laughed sincerely ...
We finally felt that life opened its doors for us ..
But ..

a thief entered the house ...
It was not really a thief ..
Rather, it was ...

Only my older sister was in the house ..
She was not forced to leave her room ..
She felt his movement ..
He went out from room to room ..
She was afraid that he would enter her room ..
I do not know what will happen if he did ..
He went out And the door was closed with the key ...
Yes, with the key..
He was that person .. the son of the owner of the house ..
we learned that later.
Imagine that you live in a house .. someone can enter it ..
Where is the safety in that ..

We decided to move to another house ..
Perhaps We find safety, comfort and tranquility ...
I hope so ..

We decided to buy the fourth floor in my grandfather’s building ..
My grandfather is on the first floor..
My uncle is on the second floor ..
My great uncle is on the third floor ..
We are on the fourth floor ..
This looks really beautiful, right ..

it was not really a house ..
it was half an old house ..
no problem at all ..
what is important is that we feel comfortable.

I said before that when you fall .. knives abound around you .. This is what I meant ..

this is what I meant ..
the house we wanted.
I mean half of the worn out house ..
the old ..
it has two rooms and a kitchen smaller than the little one ..
it has become the palace that everyone dreamed of ..
my mother's brothers all ..
they wanted it ..
Even my grandparents did not want to sell it to my mother ..

Quarrel, screaming, discussion, and then a quarrel over a house
The house is ours ..

I looked at my mother as she puts her hand on her eyes ..
she suppressed the pain and suffering inside her ...
she suppressed the pain of the whole world ..
if her brothers did not want her stability and comfort ..
Who will want that !!!!

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