Her Life

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Part 6

I exploded ...
for the first time in my life ...
express what was inside me in anger and hate ....
I screamed in pain ...
when I saw my mother tears of burning and without any sound ...
I screamed to stop their selfishness..

it is enough for you not to see my mother screaming from the inside..
that of you ..
When you are standing against her, and she is the one who has suffered all this suffering alone..

After a long trouble..
and a longer quarrel..
My grandparents have feasted on her ...
My mother finally bought the house..
this is what we were hoping for ...

We all gathered in one room ..
It was a beautiful night Really ..
we all slept with my mother’s embrace ..
We did not ask anything impossible ..
All we wanted is to live in peace..

My father did not come out of my head ..
I used to pity him ..
He always came in my head..
so I visited him ...
I visited him alone..
I entered The house ..
But that feeling I never forget ..
I used to go up the stairs and remember everything that happened to us ..
The feeling of negative energy was enough to feel remorse from his visit ..

We sat together ..
He asked me the reason for my return..
I did not say much, I just wanted to see him. .
He left me and returned to work..
he is a lawyer ..
he listens to people's problems..
so he wonders why there are no problems in his life..
His mental illness does not make him lead a normal life..
His mental illness made me try suicide three times..
I was desperate to the point of death..

I sat down With him that night on the roof ..
he tries to convince me that my mother is not a good person. .
Do not bother with anyone..
and I spoil him with everything he says..
and he is insist that she goes out at night and leaves us..
and he is convinced that she comes out from the peephole when it is closed..
he is convinced that she is trying to poison him in food..
so he makes us eat before him..hah ...
he was risking his children for his life .. what a really irony ...
he was sure that she was not honest with him ..
he kept talking and talking and talking ..
until it seemed that his appearance changed..

I was surprised when I saw .. I felt that he had changed I swear ...
I swear ...
I swore to him a change while I was looking at him frightened ...
I closed my eyes and went back to see him ...
he returned to his nature..
I left him.. .

Like Someone had hit me on the head..
I went back to the room and his words were in my head..
I turned my mind ...
I started to trust his words ..
That day, I was scared to close the door..
I was afraid that something would come out of the room..
At the same time..
I was afraid to leave it open and my father would come to do something to me..
I lived a night that I will never forget in my life ..

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