Her Life

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Part 9 and the last

my life it was not easy..
but I did not hate it either ...
I live it one day ...
I no longer think about the future much ...
My goal was to graduate ...
then work ...
then buy a car..
I love driving a lot..
feel free When I drive while I listen to songs and music..

so in my last year at university..
i searched for work..
and we are in financial limbo because we left our house that..
and bought another house..
in fact we can no longer tolerate the misfortune of those around us..
and no longer my mother She is able to climb eighty-five stairs every time that comes to mind ...

and a violent quarrel occurred between her and her brothers for not allowing her to sell the house and buy another house..
because there is no contact between them .. "This is better and more comfortable."

She bought the house after a long effort And loans..
so I had to look for a job..
at least to be able to finish my last year.

I worked in a sweet shop..I couldn't find any better one..
Close to home..
I work in the evening after university and in the morning on holidays..

the shop owners were at The beginning was nice, then they turned..
I cannot truly understand human minds ..
they ate my right in the end..
I left work to focus on my studies more..

but ...
before I finished my final exams..
I heard someone came to ask me ...
I laughed at The beginning, because he is still I had no things in front of me that I wanted to achieve..

otherwise, I was afraid of the idea of engagement..
I was sure that it would happen to me, as happened to my mother..
so I do not trust the idea of marriage..

Unless when I met him ...
he changed my life..
change my thinking..
make me I relied on him ...
he gave me a feeling I had never felt before..
and I could rely on him for everything..

It is true that we met in a traditional way..
but really, I had known him for a long time..
the nice thing is that he felt that Also..

this is what they say about "deja vu", our past lives were the same..

so ...
we all understand and appreciate the other..
there are no longer any doubts about him..
so we did not exceed a month in our acquaintance..
and then we got married..
I went with him The most beautiful days of my life..
I never regret the decision to know him..
and love him..
become my life..
My day..
and my future..

i live with him every moment ...
This was the best decision I made in my life..
thank you for entering my life ..
Thank you ...
for coloring my days ...
with your love..
this is my life..
sweet and bitter..
I don't regret anything..
because in the end ...
I found happiness..
stability ...

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