Freestyle Number One

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Freestyle Number One is my first attempt at "rapping" or lyrical work. Every word an insight into my world and perhaps yours's as well.

Damian Peters
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Freestyle Number One

I grab my baby like she thiccc, that’s three C’s not bangin but that’s on crip! In hindsight ima get jumped for that, but it’s inception the top is where yo reality is set in. So I’m not trippin, walk past the wash for some linen, grannies grinnin, say they want some light skin sinnin. What I say is egregious but if you catch the beat in ya speakaz will you stop and listen to what the preacher is preachin? I doubt it, I could shoot a man on 5th ave if I matched the description, but I could die in my house prayin regardless of a scripture.

So I keep it easy, play stupid slip up and they gon squeeze me. I gotta be careful, it’s my own people behind the barrel, it’s my kin in that barrel, it’s the ditch, it’s the mud, it’s lives in peril. I’m writin this for you, the people who perch on the roof and coo, the bystanders, the two or three timin witnesses, you’re the problem and these words, your antithesis. Every fiber of your being locked up in Plato’s cave, you can’t shake the bindings it’s 1840 and you a slave.

I’m Booker T, half in the fields and half the state. My mind is a place that’s left side oblivion, right side hate. I’ve traveled far but some things you can’t escape. The fear of fear, They took writing from us cause they knew the negro was near. Now they chickens paintin their skin like Kim, or gotta sliver of that culture and vulture. If the first three lines of this rap is all that "hit" then fuck you're sick. But you gon reread this six more times, nod your head to six more rhymes, assist your learning, it makes sense, six more dimes. Or you might shake your head and call this the Devil's mantra, if that's the case then I already got ya.

History that’ll send shivers down your spine, and trust me, them Hollywood people gon put your whole culture on rewind. The shit we have to consume, the black bodies that we wine and dine. It’s insane really, that we’re here still standin. Our souls drip of this nation, pit pat and splatter. Cause it’s fuck the police, the racists, the bigots, and it’s All Black Lives Matter.

-Damian Peters

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