Before the Waves

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Colven Gibson
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Before The Waves

Memories of a Past-Existence

I am sure that when you read the title of this book that you will do one of three things, all of which I can easily understand and accept. Firstly you could judge the subject matter as pure claptrap, and blindly return this to the shelf that it came from, if this is the case then I do not feel any offence and apologise for wasting your precious time on this planet. Secondly, you could treat this book as a fictional, yet plausible story, in which case I hope that you enjoy your read and learn something from it. For the people who select the final option, that is to treat this as the true recollection of my previous life, then I hope that you will recognise yourself in the pages that I have written, as we may have shared some time together. My first awareness of my previous existence did not grab me by the throat and wake me from my current reality. The process that I experienced was much subtler, sneaking upon me from behind, and slowly filtering into my memory, like some gigantic cosmic coffee filter. Initially I felt that I had an active imagination, fuelled by a lack of interesting things around me. As my life progressed, I realised that whenever I met someone new I often felt, for no obvious reason, either attracted or repelled by them. This 'gut feeling' puzzled me, and I could not explain why it was rarely, if ever, wrong.

Over many years I felt physically pulled to examine certain periods in history, not just general areas of time but specific times and places. By far the greatest draw on my time was a fifty-year period of Russian history, starting with the inconspicuous year of 1896 and fading away in the late 1940's. The Russia of the Tsar's before 1896 seemed immaterial, and the post-Stalinist era of the 1950's and 1960's no longer concerned me, even though it presented a far greater threat on my current existence. I began to write this book as a novel, concerned only with entertainment, but as I wrote I found that I could not only see what I was about to write, but smell and hear the events around me. The events contained in the following pages have been written down from my memory, I can corroborate none of them, nor can I prove that they refer to actual events. I only ask that if you feel the need to locate proof then please inform me of any evidence that you acquire. As you are still reading this introduction I sincerely hope that you will enjoy these pages, and that it helps you to raise your own awareness of your previous existence. There are other eras that I feel drawn to, none of which overlap, but all of which have an influence over me, and I am sure that at some stage of this existence I shall attempt to explore them. To make this easier to read I have converted the Russian names into their English equivalents, I hope this does not detract from what I have to tell.

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