Saving Hope Mitchell

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Hope Mitchell is a shy, and quiet 15 year old girl from Boulder, Colorado. She grew up in Florida with her mom and dad, until she was 10 and her father cheated and they got a divorce. 2 years after the divorce of her parents, and her mom got custody of her, her mom remarried to Hope’s step-father, Corbyn Westfall, and adopted Corbyn’s son, Landon. 2 years later Hope’s mom passed away after being in a fatal car accident. After that, is when the abuse started. Corbyn would beat and abuse Hope, until she couldn’t move, not even to get to her room. Corbyn would force Landon to starve her and if he didn’t he would be beaten too. Corbyn may have beaten Landon, but he blamed Hope for her mothers death, and eventually when Hope turned 15, Corbyn AND Landon started to abuse her. When Hope, Landon and Corbyn move to Colorado from Florida, and she goes to a new school, will being paired with the bad boy of the school, Ryder Lidell, save her from her homicidal step-brother and step-father? Or will he miss the signs? Hope has a secret of her own. Ryder Lidell. Your typical playboy, can get any girl he wants, when he wants. He doesn’t like the reputation though, because deep down he’s just hurt. When a new student Arrives at Mckinley High, will Ryder help her, and save her from herself, or will he fail to see the signs in time? Read ‘Saving Hope Mitchell’, to find out. All Rights Reserve

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Chapter 1: Bruises and Broken Beer Bottles

As soon as the last bell rang for school, I quickly scurried to my locker. I slung my scuffed up backpack over my shoulder, and walked home. When I turned down my street, I pulled the hoodie of my sweatshirt over my head. As I opened the door to my house, I didn’t get so much as 10 steps through the door before being beaten. Corbyn and Landen throw me against the wall, and start kicking and punching me in the ribs. Every time they kick or punch, I can hear my ribs cracking. Finally, after an hour, they stop, and landen grabs me by my throat and shoves me against the wall. “If you ever come home late again, you won’t live to tell the tale.” landon spits, his words like venom. “Now go to your room.” corbon says, pointing to the stairs. Somehow, I don’t know how, I manage to get up and walk up the stairs. I slowly walk to my room, holding my ribs. I walk into my room and to the bathroom. When I get in, I shut the door behind me, making sure to lock it. I slide off my sweatshirt . looking in the mirror, I examine the yellow, black and blue bruises forming on my ribs. I grabbed my first aid kit from below my sink. I gently wet a cloth and start running it over the bruises. I try soothing my ribs with the cloth as well, but the pain doesn’t subside. Something definitely broke. After I bandage myself up, I go to my dresser, pick out a white bra and matching underwear, a baggy sweatshirt from one of my favorite bands, Bring Me The Horizon, and a grey pair of sweatpants and walk into the bathroom to take a shower. Once I’m done in the shower, I get out, get dressed, brush my hair and teeth and go to bed, and let the sleep come. Until tomorrow.
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