What Love Is...

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Teenagers being teenagers, Ciara has a lot on her plate between school and her complicated love life.

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Chapter 1

" Ciara get up now! you was supposed to be up 20 minutes ago!" I heard my momma yelling from across the hall.
"ight ma chill out, please" I replied getting out the bed & going to the bathroom. I started brushing my teeth and washing my face.
It take a me a hot lil minute to get ready soo I'm already knowing I was gone be late, but oh well.
Come through, just us two
I like you 'cause you cut how I'm cut too
Come through, just us two. I like you 'cause you cut how I'm cut too
"The Woo By Pop Smoke" played on my speaker as I did my makeup and hair. Then, The music paused and I was about to get mad until I saw it was Jayla face-timing me.

Jayla: "Heyyy B**chhhh!!"

Me: "Heyy girl. You hella excited"

Jayla: "Yeaa I ain't seen yo baldhead a** in 2years. I- Oh wait Niya callin ima add you"

Niya: "AHHH! We backk bi***esss!"

Me: "You already kno wtf going on"

Us: "ahh periodt!"

Me, Jayla & Niya been friends since 5th grade but I had moved because of my momma new job. But surprisingly we ain't really like so we moved back and our mommas friends soo yeeeaaaa!
Me: "Ight y'all mfkers distracting me I gotta go!"

Niya: "Wait! Pick me up on your way cause ian get my car yet"

Me: "Bett"

Jayla: "Well forget Jayla huh?!"

Me:"Bi**hh don't you got a car?? But if you wan ride with us jus say datt!"

Jayla:"Nahh i'm jus fu**in wit y'all see y'all there byeeee"

Me & Niya: "bye!"

I was finished getting ready I had on <pic> with a Tory Burch Purse. I went grabbed my keys off the bed, checked myself in the mirror and told my momma bye.

I got in the car put on my music and headed to Niya house.
[15 minutes later]
I texted Niya and told her I'm outside to hurry tf up cause I wanted breakfast. 2 minutes later she come outside with all the energy in the world at 8 in the morning :|
Niya: "Heyyyy b**chh!"

Me: "Hey girl"

Niya: "Somebody is moody"

Me: "You know i'm not a morning person but you want chic-fil-a"

Niya: "Yea.. Question.. You fws?"

Me: "Girl noo most dudes I tried to talk to lame.. Why?"

Niya: "mm okay"

We walked into school and met Jayla by her locker I had went to this school for my freshman year soo I knew a good bit of people.Me & Jayla had one class together so did me and Niya but we all had Health & Spanish together. As I was walking to math class I saw this fine brownskin boy and two others I wasn't worried about walking towards me & Jayla. She must've of noticed me staring at him cause she bumped me a little.
Jayla: "Hey Zay"

Zay: "Wassam Jayla"

We got to our 1st period and I was like...
Me: "Girlllll who is that fine a** boy you spoke to a few minutes ago?!?"

Jayla: "Ci that's Zay you don't remember from 9th grade?? He had a big glow up though"

Me: "Mannn he fine asl"

Jayla: "He a h** but I can put you on if you want"

Me: "Pshhh girl ion know"

Will Jayla get them together?
Does Ciara really like him and want him?
Find out in Part 2!
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