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the boys know what’s up

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"H-Hey Moxie.... can we talk?" Cherry mumbled.

"What. I'm busy!" Moxie snapped. Looking up from her book.

"I-It's just... I've needed someone to talk to recently... and considering you're my... b-best friend... I thought you could maybe listen?"

"Yeah Yeah whatever! Go on!" Moxie waved her hand in Cherry's face dismissively. Cherry smiled lightly.

"Recently I.... haven't felt right... nothing feels okay anymore, my face feels distorted and ugly, my body feels misshapen and hideous... and I don't know what's up with m-" Cherry got interrupted.

"Are you fucking with me right now-" Moxie slammed her book closed and pointed at Cherry's chest accusingly- "You! Are the most perfect person ever! And you have the absolute audacity to complain to me!? Not everything is about you! God I'm always struggling! And you think you have the right to wear baggy clothes and long pants all day long! Covering up your beauty even though I'm destroying myself on the daily!" Moxie screeched.

"M-Moxie thats not what I meant! I just wanted to talk but if you need it more I'll listen I-I swear!" Cherry panicked.

"SHUT UP! You're a horrid person and don't give a damn about any one about yourself! This friendship is over! You narcissistic loser!" Moxie stood up and stormed out the room, slamming the door in Cherry's face.

Cherry fell to her knees. She pulled up her sleeves, looking at all the jagged cuts and scars. She knew Moxie was right. She has to be perfect so that she has all the time in the world for Moxie. All of it.

She didn't matter, she's perfect. There's nothing to worry about.

She's Perfect.

'No you're not. You can't be perfect. That's not possible.'

That small voice in the back of her head taunted.

"Y-Yes I can! I am perfect! I'm brilliant!" She muttered.

'You're not. I'm-'


' ... '

'I'm sorry.'
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