Property of the Exchange Student (BMWM)

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Tenoa Amari Silas was just your average sophomore boy at school: thick rimmed glasses, dark chocolate skin, a mouth full of metal and an obsession with Marvel and otherwise "nerd" branded things. That is until Daegan, a foreign exchange student from Aberdeen, Scotland come to North Havens High and stakes his claim on the innocent awkward boy. Before Tenoa knew it, it's too late; he's the property of the exchange student.

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Chapter 1

enoa was ignoring everything around him at the moment, including the mandatory school wide meeting they were called to. He was thoroughly invested in his book, already knowing what this meeting was about through the grape vine. One of the perks of talking to the librarian; you always get fresh information.

“Can you believe it Tenoa?“, his twin sister Tenaya exclaimed from beside him, elbowing him in her excitement,“Foreign exchange students!“, she repeated what their assistant principal had just stated. Unlike him, she was practically buzzing at the idea of meeting new people. She was a classic extrovert.

Tenoa rolled his eyes at his sister, annoyed at being interrupted at the best part of his book,“N- no, i- it’s unbelievable”, he answered dryly, before resuming to read his book.

It’s not like he had anything against the transfers or anything; he just didn’t care. In his mind, exchange students just meant more people to make him anxious and to talk about the “little gay baby” with a stutter.

Still, a small teeny tiny part of him wondering what they would be like. Maybe he would be friends with one of them? He wondered what they would be like?

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