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Getting a letter from his ex-girlfriend (?) is going to change this man life. LITERALLY. |Only 14 Parts!|

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"Simmons you got mail." the officer said pushing the mail in between the bars and walking away.

Shaking his head, Christian jumped off the top bunk picking the mail up off the floor sitting it on the lil table that sat in the middle of him and his cellmate bunk.

"You ain't reading it today?" his cellmate, Smokey, asked

Shaking his head, he replied "Nah, it's prolly from them niggas telling me how they have a good ass life out there when I'm stuck in here. That shit get pretty irritating."

"That's real fucked up, it's a pink envelope though, you got a girl now and ain't tell me? Hurt the soul Kid." Smokey laughed.

Smokey was only like 10 years older than him and referred to him as 'Kid' all the time. At first it irritated Christian but he soon realized that he called the few people he talked to in here 'Kid' as well.

Taking another look at the stack of envelopes on the table, he noticed the bright pink envelope.

"Nah, g, I don't know who that could be from, maybe my niece." He said grabbing it reading the name. "Aaliyah Garcia. Aaliyah. this shit can't be real man."

Smokey put down his booking looking up at the young man who stood at the end of his bed looking at the envelope "You talking about Honey man?"

"After two damn years, she wrote me..." he said in shock.

"What the hell you waiting for? Open the mail man.." Smokey encouraged.

Looking at it again, Christian shook head thinking it was all a dream that the love of his life, who didn't know it, had finally wrote him.. after two damn years. Opening the envelope he was met with the scent of her that he had grown to know and love.

~thanks for reading my story💕
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