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The Egos and Sander Sides

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{Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Thomas Sanders and Egos/Sides Story} --- Antisepticeye, an ego of Jacksepticeye, requests a meeting that requires Thomas Sanders, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye and all of their egos/sides to attend. None of them know what it is about until they all gather up in Mark's house, Anti spilling all he knows about the threat at hand. The evil Iplier is back, and he is back to cause trouble. ---

Other / Adventure
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Chapter 1

“Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to a collab that everyone thought would never happen! Say hello, you guys,” Mark said, having a giddy smile on his face as he looked to his left and right, the people he was looking at seeming to be off-camera at the moment.

“Hello everybody,” said Thomas, who popped into the frame, smiling an adorable smile as he waved at the camera, someone laughing that wasn’t in the camera’s sight.

“Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies!” Jack suddenly screamed, bursting everyone’s eardrums as he jumped into frame just as Thomas did. “Was that too loud? Sorry.”

“Anyway, today Thomas, Jack and I will be competing against each other in a game of... Cards Against Humanity!” Mark said with enthusiasm, the three YouTubers sharing a glance as Jack picked up the cards. “Now let’s start the competition.”


Sometime later, Mark, Jack and Thomas had all recorded videos for each of their channels and it was time for each of them to split ways.

“Bye Mark, hope to see you again! It was nice finally being able to collab and talk,” Thomas said, really happy that he got to hang out with the other two.

“You too, Thomas! See you two soon!” Mark replied, watching as Jack and Thomas both exited his house, where they were filming the videos.

“See you soon, buddy,” Jack said a few seconds before Mark closed his door, the male letting out a content sigh, hearing a car’s ignition starting.

Mark stood at the door for a few seconds, finally turning around when he decided he would edit the video he just recorded not too long ago, seeing as he has a lot of free time on his hands, not wanting to bother Lixian with another video.

He quickly went to his kitchen, seeing his laptop sitting on the counter, deciding to sit at the counter and edit there, the man typing in his password quickly before doing what he needed with the video footage.

A little while after the half-Korean started editing, he furrowed his eyebrows and stopped clicking on his laptop, listening closely to his surroundings. The man tensed up as soon as he heard some shuffling coming from the other room.

He discarded the laptop on the kitchen counter and stood up from his chair, his fists clenched as he ventured towards his living room, which was where he heard the noise from.

He turned the corner to what he expected to be his messy living room, only to find it spotless, not even a spec of dirt on the floor. Mark scrunched his eyebrows together, walking further into the room and looking around everywhere. He even decided to check the whole first floor of his house, only to find nothing.

He would have checked the other floors, but he would have heard his stairs creak if anyone went up them, so he didn’t bother.

The man found this extremely weird, having sworn he heard someone walking around.

He quickly brushed everything that happened in the past five minutes off, thinking that he might have cleaned his own living room and just forgot about it, so he went back to editing the video he was before.

. . .

A few hours later, Mark gasped, lifting his head up and looking around frantically.

‘I must’ve fallen asleep. . .,’ He thought to himself, running his hands along his comfy bed sheets, the man immediately stopping once he realised something. ‘Wasn’t I in the kitchen editing that video? I don’t remember getting up and walking to my room.’

Mark, even though weirded out, took a deep breath and stretched, deciding to forget about the situation temporarily, the man not wanting to think about it too much.

After all, he could have just forgotten that he walked to his room by himself. No need to get too worried.

. . .

Later, around three o’clock in the afternoon, Mark heard a noise coming from downstairs in the living room. He had had enough of the weird things happening in his house so he grabbed the closest thing to him, which happened to be a tall lamp that wasn’t even plugged into the wall, venturing downstairs slowly with it in his hands.

He looked around warily as he stepped foot downstairs, walking around carefully and quietly, Mark turning around on the balls of his feet as soon as he heard a creak of the floorboards coming from directly behind him, flinging the lamp full force at what was behind him.

The intruder ducked under the object, pulling it out of Mark’s firm grip and dropping it on the floor with a smash, quickly putting their hand over Mark’s mouth with the latter squirming in their grip, getting backed into a wall.

“Hold on pal, no need to be scared. It’s just me, The Wilford Warfstache,” Came a voice Mark knew all too well, his chocolate brown eyes meeting an exact replica, the man in front of him’s pink hair seeming neat but also messy at the same time.

Mark stared with disbelief in his eyes as he was looking at one of his egos that he created. Mark’s mind was swarming with thoughts as to why Wilford was real and if his other egos are real as well.

Wilford took his hand off of Mark’s mouth once he knew Mark wasn’t going to make too much noise, wiggling his pink moustache as he folded his arms.

“W-What... But you... You’re a fictional character I made up, wh-how are you here?” Mark questioned in bewilderment as he looked at the mentally insane ego, flopping back against the wall behind him as he let out a breath.

“Answers will come in time, old chap,” Wilford replied, patting Mark’s arm hard. “Now that you know about me, it’s time you meet the others.”

Wilford walked to the front door of Mark’s house and opened it. He said something before returning to Mark with a trail of his egos behind him. Mark stood shocked, unable to move as he stared at the egos he has created over his time on YouTube.

- - - -

As soon as Thomas left, he drove back to his house. He opened the door to find his house spotless, the man stopping in his tracks as he squinted his eyes in suspicion.

Thomas didn’t remember cleaning his house, he hadn’t done that since his last Sander Side video, which was months ago now, looking around to see if anything had been stolen, which looked to be nothing.

He stepping inside fully, locking the door behind before brushing the uneasy feeling off, figuring he cleaned his house before leaving and didn’t remember.

Thomas went straight to editing the video Mark, Jack and he did, making sure to perfect it to the best of his ability. When Thomas finished editing, it was twelve PM so he decided to go hang out with Joan and Talyn, sending them both texts, to which they replied within seconds, the man leaving almost immediately.

While Thomas was away, six mysterious figures came out of the shadows, beginning to converse instantly.

“Let’s clean up the rest of the house, shall we?” Said a man with a blue polo shirt on, a grey cardigan tied around his neck, the man smiling widely with his glasses resting on his nose.

“I don’t know Patton, what if Thomas forgot something and comes back and finds out about us?” Said another, this man having a purple and black patched up jacket on, his hands stuffed in the pockets.

“Don’t be silly, doctor gloom; we’ll be absolutely fine,” Said another one with a red sash around his torso, raising an eyebrow at the other.

“I’m not one for cleaning but I will participate if it is what you want Patton,” One in a black shirt and blue tie said, the man pushing his glasses up further on his nose.

“Ooh, can we smear blood on the walls?” said one with a grey strand in his hair and a dark green outfit.

"Absolutely! Thomas would be delighted, Remus.” The sixth one jumped in, fixing his yellow gloves as he glared at Remus who huffed and sat down on Thomas’ sofa, sulking as if he was a child.

The one in the red sash rolled his eyes, “Remus stop being such a baby and help us clean. I mean, Thomas did make a mess, somehow, while editing.”

Remus and the one in the red sash started bickering back and forth for hours, the other four used to this so they did what they originally planned, although everyone halted all movement when the front door was suddenly opened.

All of the Sides snapped their heads in the direction of the door only to find Thomas standing there, his eyes wide and mouth agape.

“W-What! B-b-but h-how?” Thomas said, flabbergasted about what was in front of him, pointing in front of him at the people in his house.

“Um... Hi Thomas..” Patton said, waving a small, cumbersome, wave as he smiled awkwardly.

Thomas walked in through the door slowly, shutting it in the process, continuing to stand there silently as he stared.

“Patton?” He asked, pointing to the one with a grey cardigan tied around his neck. He received a nod from the Moral side.

“Logan,” He stated when he pointed towards the one with the blue tie, who gave him a curt nod.

“Roman,” Thomas said again, the prince smiling before he spoke. “Yes, tis I, the great and powerful Roman!”

“Virgil.” He said, ignoring Roman, for the time being, looking towards the one that was called ‘Doctor Gloom’. Thomas received a quiet ‘hello’ from the Anxious trait.

“Remus and Janus,” Thomas said in utter disbelief, letting out an exaggerated sigh, walking forward only to slump down on his sofa and begin processing everything that has happened in the last couple of minutes.

“You okay, kiddo?” Patton asked Thomas, walking forwards carefully, placing a gentle hand on the others shoulder.

“I am freaking out,” Thomas said with a breathy laugh, his face rested in his hands, the, not too awkward, silence filling the room until someone’s phone buzzed.

Logan reached into his pocket and took out his phone, all attention now directed to him.

“What’s that?” Roman asked, his eyebrows furrowed in curiosity as he tried looking over the other’s shoulder, Patton pulling him back.

“Antisepticeye has requested a meeting with us as well as Markiplier and Jacksepticeye’s egos,” Logan replied with interest, not knowing why the glitch would want a meeting.

- - - -

Jack had just entered his house an hour after leaving Mark’s, beginning to edit his video from earlier that day in his recording room. The Irishman, as he was about to shut the door of his recording room, stopped, hearing something from the room next to him. He checked it quickly, although finding nothing, the man shaking it off and returning to where he was before that.

He finished editing his video, later on, saving it before going into his kitchen and finding a bottle of pills he is supposed to take for his minor flu. It had a sticky note on it that read ‘Don’t forget to take these’.

Jack stared at them, not remembering putting them there, knowing the handwriting wasn’t his, before taking his medicine and going to bed.

. . .

Seán woke up to something being dropped, the smashing sound echoing throughout his house, the man sitting up straight in bed and looking around frantically, a few voices saying things like; “You are so stupid!“, “Great! Jack’s probably awake now!” and “He’s going to find out about us sooner than we wanted!”

Letting his curiosity get to him, Jack grabbed a baseball bat from his closet and carefully descended down the stairs, making sure to be quiet.

What Jack saw nearly made him pass out, but instead, he dropped the bat on the ground, making everyone look in the direction of the noise.

The group of people that were in Jack’s house stood still, not knowing what to say or do until Chase spoke up.

“Uh... Hey, bro..”

This was enough to make Jack shout, “Holy Shit! How the fuck are you guys real!?”

“Vell tis a long story,” Henrik replied, using hand gestures as he explained it briefly. “But ze short version is zat your fans created us and ve have been making sure you are safe ever since we appeared.”

“You mean you’re the one keeping Seán safe, I was dragged into it,” Anti said with a snarl, glaring at the doctor who looked unimpressed.

“Oh shut up, glitch bitch,” Sounded Jackie, which resulted in Anti flipping the hero off, the latter sticking his tongue out at him before speaking again. “You’re the one that wanted this meeting in the first place.”

“Okay. . . Can I ask why you’re all here?” Jack said, still a little weary of the new-found people, standing a small bit away from them.

“We came here to pick you up,” Marvin said, JJ nodding afterwards, standing beside Chase.


“Because Anti has asked all of Mark’s egos as well as the Sanders Sides to meet up at Marks house with you and Thomas, my dude,” explained Chase, Jack sucking in a quick breath.

“Okay...” Jack said, letting out the breath, standing with his arms folded, staring at his egos expectantly.

“Vell, better get going zen,” Henrik said, walking out of the house and entering the driver’s seat, Anti following close behind and sitting in shotgun, waiting for the others.


2381 Words!

I hope everyone enjoyed the first chapter!! Many more to come so stick around :)

Tell me if you want the chapters a bit shorter and I’ll do so! Or a bit longer if you would all like.

Also, if there is anything I can improve on, you can tell me and I’ll work on it right away.

I hope everyone has a nice day/night!

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