If we don’t have love we don’t have anything

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This story is about “if we don’t have love we don’t have anything”from Leonardo DaVinci

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“A life without love isn’t a life at all”

Leonardo DaVinci has a saying,a saying about love and advise.As Leo once said”a life without love isn’t a life at all”.
We all have to learn to love.Love is so important in your life.You love ur family,friends,parents and siblings.Love is not just romance,love is more then a feeling,it’s an action.When your in public you show how much you love your family and friends,and that’s a way of showing love.When you love someone it’s more then just being a husband and wife, best friends, sister to sister, brother to brother or cousin to cousin, you all have to treat each other the same way u want to be treated.
Making a new friend is not always easy.You don’t know if it will work out between you two or if u both can trust each other equally.Being friends with someone is more then just being there for them even though that is important, it’s not the only virtue that you look for in a new best friend.
Love is not something you could look in a random place for. You have to find love at the right time in the right place, but you never really know where that is until you have found it.So don’t go on a journey to find love in a random place, wait until God has made his decision for you to make a new friend or partner.
Opening up to a person that is soon going to be in your family, let’s just say, it’s not always easy.You might not get along, or you just don’t like the feeling of them being in YOUR family.But at least when try you show your love to them and they will soon take care of you as their own.
Leonardo DaVinci died years ago but his one famous saying”a life without love isn’t a life at all”still has a very meaningful meaning.
Leonardo DaVinci made the famous Mona Lisa and the last supper painting.He was known for his art and his famous paintings but that does not mean he did it for the fame back then.Just like his life God helped him reach the achievements of being a famous artist
Just like how God gave Leonardo DaVinci a chance for people to see his work ,you have to except Gods invitation to make the right choice.Are u going to except it or reject it?
God knows what is best for you so you better trust him and make the right choices to become the best version of yourself
If we all don’t learn to love we will never achieve that one wish God has for you “to be happy and make the right choices “.
God is like your world ,and your the map.If u never pick up the brochure of the map u will never find the right path to happiness.God has taught you to be loving to everyone ,everywhere.If you don’t respect God’s teachings it’s like you are not paying your rent for a house. If you don’t pay your rent I could get evicted and become very poor are that would be your punishment.Same thing if your ignore God talking to you.
Knowing that God has shown love to you he want’s you to do the same with others.Love is so important in your life and it effects everything in your life.If u don’t love your family ,your not showing your respect to them.God always gives second chances and that’s the best way to learn about yourself.
God is more then just a spirt he is the three divine persons.”The father ,the son, and the holy spirt”.God is not always the solution to everything.You don’t always have to count on God.He sometimes wants u to figure stuff out on ur own.You hav to learn n to not always ask God for everything.
There are many types of love there is agape love, romantic love , love in friendship the list goes on and on about love.You know why? It’s because everything is about love or connected to love.Like playing video games that makes u happy, you are doing what u love but u also have to remember the good things like family.

You don’t feel love, love is an action.the way u show ur love could be in many ways.You could love your husband or wife with all your heart, and u don’t feel that love, you feel the way you show it.God has loved you with all his heart so u have to love others the way you love him.Would u lie to your parents or friends?You would probably say yes, but the way you treat others is the way you treat God.If your are disrespectful or rude to your friends or family, imagine acting like that to God.
If you really think about it, you love anything and everything that has value, right? So it is impossible to live a life without love.Their is at least one special person in your life you would sacrifice you life for, think about that person how would you think they would act if you treated them the way you would bully someone?
God has a special way to interact with you, and no one knows exactly what that is.Their are things that have happened because God listens to your prayers here are one of those stories.
I think a few weeks or years ago there was a man playing basketball and he fell and became unconscious.But gladly he had a good a supportive team that circled around him and kept all their focus on him they wanted to make sure that he would be okay.There were also some couches and parents that went with him to the hospital and did nothing but prayed for him.As people say if you pray to God he will respond to your prayers, after a few days he was completely healed.
God can make miracles if you believe and love others.
By Alyssa.

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