how do we over come this?

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Chapter 2: what to do next?

Never did I ever expect a pandemic would come around whilst I’m supposed to be living the ‘best years’ of my life. At the time I worked in a care home, the pandemic didn’t scare me whatsoever and I was so oblivious that I thought it wouldn’t be here for very long. Then people around me started to catch the virus!
The Uk went into lock down and at first it didn’t bother me, I still worked all the way through it and just going on about my daily life. I managed to get away and see my husband and after Christmas the Uk went into another lockdown. I no longer work for the care home, I teach English online so I’m home ALL DAY LONG! I must admit I have had days where I’ve just cried.
My mum ended up catching coronavirus and I was genuinely worried; luckily I didn’t catch it from her. This lockdown feels different from the first, I’m not doing the same things as I was.
I have days where I don’t move from my bed. I have days where I don’t have any get up and go. Sometimes it is so hard because in my head I want to do so many things with my days but by the time I get up from my bed it’s around 5pm then I think it’s too late. If anyone feels the same of me then you’ll know the struggle is so real.
A lot of the time I cannot sleep on a night, there have been nights that I have been awake all day and night, sometimes I go to sleep at 4/5am and then I’m awake at 8am but then I am so so tired all day long and I can’t sleep again that night.
I have some tips that I like to do before going to bed and when I wake up. I hope they help you the way they help me.

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