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A Cinderella Story (Camren)

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It is just Cinderella but CAMREN. If you don'y know who Camren is. It's a ship between Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello. Both former member of Fifth Harmony. Normani, Dinah, and Ally were the 3 other girls in Fifth Hamrony. It's basically a Camren Fanific/Fan fiction

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Chapter 1

~Camila's pov~
I was currently at the diner, as it was my shift, and I noticed a group of people from school come in. Oh god this is not going to be fun. I know I'll have to go take thier order and they have this thing for treating me like dirt. They were popular and I was nothing but I didn't mind as I had no interest in being their friends and I already had the best friends I could have.
"Hey diner girl," I heard from their table and was snapped out of my thoughts by the tan girl that goes by Normani. She was sitting next to a girl with bright green eyes who I knew as Lauren and she was sat next to her boyfriend Brad who had his arm around her shoulder and was conversating with his friend Conor. I made my way over to them in my worn out converse shoes and put on the fake smile that I give to all customers.
"Hello how may I help you today?" I asked as politely as I could, and I cringed when I got a smirk from Brad. "I'll have a coke, fries, and your number." He said as I wrote down his order and looked up at him. "I'll get you the drink and food buy my number is none of your business." I said in a firm tone. "Talking back I see. How would your boss feel." Normani shot at me with a devilish smile. "Is that all?" I asked in a bored tone. "I'll have a coke and fries as well and Lauren wants a water" Normani spoke and I took their order. "Is that all?" I said getting frustrated that this was taking so long. "I'll have an iced tea and burger thanks." Conor replied and I turned to leave the table but was stopped by a hand. "You forgot to ask if that's all" Conor said smirking. I sighed as I was now frustrated but I knew I had to do what the costumer wanted.
"Is that all?" I asked. "Yes of course that's all. How much do you think we eat diner girl." Brad said I turned and walked away to the register and looked up when I heard the door. A huge grin took over my face when I saw Dinah and Ally walk in. They came up to counter and sat down. I pulled out coffee and filled up there mugs. "Dawg why are you always working?" Dinah asked. "Yeah Camila you barely have time for anything else. Why do they give you so many shifts?" Ally asked politely. "Girls you know my step mum. I'm lucky I even get to do anything else." I said with a sigh. They frowned at my words and turned when they heard the door open. Crap she wasn't menat to come for a check up until another half hour when my friends left. I looked at Ally and Dinah and they looked uneasy. My step mum disliked them as they actually cared about me. I unfortunately was stuck with my step mum after my dad died when I was younger and now I was her personal slave because she couldn't get rid of me.
"CAMILA!" She yelled even though I was right there. "Why are you not working and talking to these girls?" She continued her brown eyes staring at me down and gesturing disapprovingly at the girls. "Because I'm waiting for an order to be up" I replied not even looking at her. "What was that? I can't understand you when you don't look at me." She said in firm tone. Just as I was about to give up I heard the bell ding signaling that the order was ready. I looked at her this time. "I have work to do." I said firmly. "Damn right you do, you useless child." She replied before taking some of the money from the register and walked out. "Wow that was mean." Ally said her eyes following my step mum out. "Don't worry. I'm used to it. I have to go give them their order." I said turning and grabbing the drink deciding to come back for the food.
I made my way to their table and placed they drinks down and couldn't help but feel the feel tense air surrounding the table. "Your food will be here shortly." I said softly hoping that they wouldn't really hear me. "Well she's not getting a tip" I heard Normani say as I walked away. I began fuming as I needed this money and if they didn't tip me I wouldn't have pay. I walked back behind the counter and grabbing the food realizing I couldn't hold all the plates safely. "Here I'll carry the burger." Dinah said and I gave her a look. "You know you don't have to." I said. "But I want to Camila." She said softly taking the plate and walking towards the table. She stopped at the table and looked at them and turned her head to me when I caught up. "Who has the burger Mila?" She whispered softly to me. "Conor does." I replied at the same level and we placed the food down. "Can I get you anything else today or are you all fine?" I asked as politely as possible. They ignored my presence so I turned to start walking but was interrupted.
"I'd actually like some fries if that's okay." A husky voice broke through the air and I turned to see Lauren's green eyes boring into mine. "No problem. I'll get that right away for you." I replied and walked away. I reached the counter and placed the order for the chef to make. "So Mila are you coming to the masked dance tonight?" Ally asked cheerily. "Is that a trick question Ally?' I asked with a chuckle. "I have work tonight" I finished. "No you sure as hell don't" I heard Skylar say next to me. "Look Sky you may be the manager and I really appreciate how you treat me but you know I can't my step mum would kill me." I replied sadly. "She doesn't have to know. Just be back by 12:00pm and you'll be perfectly fine." Skylar tried to convince me. "Ok. Ok I'll go. But Dinah I need to borrow a dress and mask." I said facing Dinah who had a small smile on her face. "Perfect I'll go home and get them and we can et ready out the back so your step mother doesn't know." Dinah said grabbing Ally and making there way out the door. I turned to look at Sky and brought her into a hug. "Thank you" I whispered before pulling away and grabbing Lauren's fries and made my way to the table.
They all began getting up and I looked at them confused and then frowned slightly. Normani, Brad, and Conor walked out the door but Lauren made her way to me and slipped money into me hand. "Sorry." She said softly and turned to walk away. "Oh and I ordered the fries for you. I know you've been here since 6 in the morning and you haven't eaten. So eat, please." She said giving me a soft smile and leaving. I stood there shocked for a minute and then looked in my hand to see 20 dollars. That's the most money anyone has given me. I sat down with a smile on my face and ate the fries Lauren had left for me.

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