Best friend

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2 girl best friends have feelings for each other . They finally act on them .

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Movie night

There we were my best friend and I sitting on the couch in her living room watching a movie , specifically Twilight . I kept feeling her looking at me I didn't know why , I finally asked her what she wanted she said "nothing." But I could tell it was something. We continued watching the movie about halfway through I went to the bathroom. When I got back she was sitting closer to where I was previously sitting . I sat down on the edge of the couch and put the small decorative pillow in my lap with my legs crossed , she slid over and laid her head onto my shoulder . I didn't know why she did this but I liked it , I have to admit I had a slight crush on her . We had been friends for 7 years I couldn't tell her , she was beautiful and we got along so well it was hard not to like her . After all of my thinking I came back to reality and realized she was now sitting up next to me no longer on my shoulder . She was now looking at me and no paying attention to the movie , I slowly turned my head to face her and I stared back into her eyes . I smiled at her and she shook her head " no ? " I asked confused "no what " . She kept looking at me and quietly said "I shouldn't do this " she then leaned forward and kissed me . I was shocked , I never thought she would like me back but she didn't know I liked her . She pulled away and just looked and me she said " I'm sorry that was weird " I immediately leaned forward and kissed her back . The way it felt was crazy I felt free like this was supposed to be happening.
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