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Best friend

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The fun begins

Our slight kissing on her couch escalated quickly we were now making out she was straddling on top of me her hands on my neck mine around her waist . She slowly moved her hands down from my neck to around my waist . I moved mine down to her ass she started grabbing at my pullover , I knew she wanted to take my top off but I was scared honestly I had just had my first kiss 60 seconds ago . I grabbed her ass harder than before she was wearing tiny shorts so it wasn't hard to pull them up revealing her ass . She pulled away from kissing me " what are we doing ? " she said . " I'm not sure but honestly I've liked you for a long time " I said . " can we keep going , like more than kissing " she said " I want to make sure you are okay with everything " . I smiled leaned forward and kissed her . She took this as a yes , what I was hoping for . She grabbed the sides of my pullover and pulled it over my head revealing my lacy black bra . I wasn't quite sure what to do so I just looked at her in the eyes . She took her shirt off , she was wearing a white bra her tits were large and looked amazing . She kissed me on the cheek and started kissing down my neck , it felt amazing . When she got down to my boobs she kissed the left one then the right . She got off of my lap and stood up grabbing my hand wanting me to follow her , I did . She lead me to her bedroom closing and locking the door behind us . I felt a rush , i pushed her against the door and started making out with her . She wrapped her arms around me and undid my bra , she slipped the straps down and threw it onto the ground . I did the same to her . She pushed me onto the bed still kissing me passionately . I quickly realized how wet I was I hadn't been paying attention but now I was . I pulled away from her lips I looked her in the eyes for just a split second before pulling her tiny black shorts down , she was wearing a lacy white thong . "Stand up " she said , her voice made me want to melt to the ground . I stood without hesitation she got onto her knees gently grabbing the waist band of my leggings , pulling them down I was now naked other than my black thong .
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