The Mislead Royals

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The Beginning of the End

As cliche as it sounds it really did start off as a normal day. Well as normal as any day in my life could be. I woke up, ate breakfast, got dressed, and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing for the rest of the day. Okay maybe that was a little bit of an exaggeration, but I really did just spend most of the day reading in my room. Most of the time I wasn’t allowed outside of the house, and when I was allowed out I couldn’t even interact with other people. You know you’ve hit a low point in life when the highlight of your day is picking your little sister up from school.

I headed out at 2:15 p.m. the same time I usually left the house. My body naturally took me through all of the back alleyways and secret passages it took to reach my sister, Nina’s school. I mapped out this route years ago, and I could 100% make it to Nina’s school blindfolded if I really wanted to. As usual I had arrived 5 minutes early and I took up my normal position in the shadows of the trees as I waited for school to be let out.

I watched as all of the kids raced out of school, some of them immediately running to their families and others going to the playground to wait to be picked up. As usual Nina was one of the first people out of the building. She looked around for a moment and our eyes met for just a second before she started walking her usual route home. You see even though Nina was only 9 years old she was perfectly capable of walking herself home. The only reason I was there was to watch over her just in case, plus it gave me the opportunity to actually see the outside world.

Nina didn’t wait for me to catch up with her, she knew that I would be following her from a distance. As much as I would love to actually WALK my sister home we couldn’t risk Nina being seen with some random guy no one’s seen before. My family was kind of well-known in our neighborhood. My dad was the person you called to fix pretty much anything, and my mom was always helping out around the neighborhood. Despite that the “real” reason my family was so well-known was because everyone knew the Gonzalez’s, the family whose first born son ran away right before his 5th birthday and was never found. He was presumed dead a year later.

I’ll give you two tries to guess who that kid was.

I’m just gonna assume you’re smart enough to have figured out that it’s me. As you can probably tell I am alive and well. The whole running away thing was just a cover story. My powers had presented earlier than normal and although that wasn’t too uncommon it was also a sign that a person was going to be powerful. Let’s just say that it was more than obvious that I was a royal. My family had frantically come up with a plan to hide my powers from the government. Since I had only presented a week before my birthday they didn’t have much time before they had to bring me to get tested. So my family came up with the brilliant idea to fake my disappearance and presumed death.

So yes that is why I am following my little sister from a distance like a weirdo instead of walking her home like a normal older brother would. If our neighbors saw a new person that they had never seen before walking the youngest Gonzalez home and then entering that same home with her, they would definitely have some questions. But you know I’ve gotten used to my life being like this. No friends, and only my family and books to keep me company. I haven’t even gone to school since the whole thing happened. I’ve been “homeschooled” my whole life, and by homeschooled I mean I was taught my numbers and the alphabet and I pretty much learned everything else myself. It had gotten to a point where I had stopped hoping that something different was going to happen and that I had fully accepted my life of solitude.

I should have known everything would go to shit.

When it happened my sister was walking ahead of me as usual. Literally nothing was out of the ordinary, nothing SHOULD have been out of the ordinary. But I guess my life can never be easy because as soon as Nina was about to turn the corner she froze. Now here’s some context for you guys. Unlike me the rest of my family all have powers that center around enhanced senses. Now none of their senses are enhanced enough for any of them to be considered alphas, but they are useful powers to have. Nina’s powers specifically give her heightened hearing, so when she suddenly froze I knew she had heard something going on. It was only when I got a little closer, the closest I had ever gotten to Nina outside of the comfort of our home, that I heard the screams.

“He’s got a knife!”, a random guy yelled as he ran past me. The words echoed in my mind as I watched the chaos unfold before me. People were running and pushing others to get ahead. It occurred to me that this was the reason I was tasked with walking Nina home. To prevent her from getting hurt in situations like this. I looked forward and there Nina was in the same spot she was in when I last looked at her. I could tell she was scared and all the grown adults rushing past her probably did little to soothe her worries.

Just when I had stepped forward to call out to her she was suddenly gone. My words caught in my throat and my thoughts spun around in my head so fast I thought I might pass out. I began wildly spinning around to see where Nina had disappeared to when suddenly another scream stopped me in my tracks.

“He’s got a little girl!” My blood ran cold. I instantly pushed my way through the crowd until I found myself in the center of the loose circle everyone had formed around the scene. There was Nina in the grasp of the sick bastard that started this whole mess. She was crying now her eyes filled to the brim with tears. I was too far away to hear her whimpers, but I could already tell what she was saying.

“Someone please help me.”, and before I realized it I was moving. I felt someone try to grab after me as I walked into the center of the circle. I ignored all of their yells and cries for my attention, at this point the only thing that was on my mind was saving my little sister. The guy had already noticed me as soon as I took my first step, and he immediately held the knife closer to Nina’s throat.

“HEY, stay back! I’ll kill her if you don’t. You think this is a fucking game? I’ll do it!”, I put my hands up slowly and continued walking towards them. If I could get him to lower the knife then I was confident that I could get to Nina before he could hurt her.

“I SAID STAY BACK!”, the guy screamed backing up with Nina still in his arms. “Rico I’m scared”, Nina whimpered, she was full blown sobbing at this point. All though Nina was the youngest in the family she was also one of the smartest. She had always been able to tell that our family was hiding me for an important reason. I had never seen her cry like this before. It reminded me that this was Nina, my little sister who was only 9 years old. Here she was in this absolute batshit crazy dude’s arms begging me for help, and I couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

‘Except you can’, my mind supplied me. It was true if I used my powers this whole thing could be over in 10 seconds flat. But it was too risky, there were too many witnesses and I had no doubts that multiple people were already recording. But I had to do something, even if it meant 10 years of hiding out the window.

“Hey, hey! Calm down I’m not here to hurt you okay. So just put the knife down okay. You see that little girl in your arms? She’s only a kid, and she’s really scared right now. She’s got her whole life ahead of her, so please don’t hurt her.”, the man didn’t seem to be swayed by my words. In fact he looked more agitated and he continued to press the blade to Nina’s neck.

“You don’t know me man. I could kill a kid if I wanted to alright. It wouldn’t make a difference my life is already fucked beyond repair alright. So don’t act like we’re friends, you have NO IDEA who I am!”, Okay this guy was really starting to piss me off. My arms dropped back down to my sides and I slowly took a step back. I took a deep breath and prepared myself for the oncoming storm. Looks like we were gonna do this the hard way.

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