The Mislead Royals

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The King Returns

It had been so long since I had used my powers that I almost forgot what it felt like. The rush I felt in my veins and the sudden calm that would wash over me. I could feel the glow in my eyes and in that moment I knew I could do this. I didn’t care that there were dozens of cameras on me, and that I was gonna be found out. My sister needed me so for all I care Victoria Prep could suck a fat one.

“Look man I’m not gonna say this again. Put the knife DOWN, and get the fuck away from my sister.”

The reaction was instantaneous, his body seized up and I could see the fear and confusion in his eyes as his shaky hand unwillingly dropped the knife. People in the crowd whispered and gasped as they watched the scene unfold before them. I took a few slow steps as the guy quickly backed away from Nina. She seemed to sag with relief as she realized that she was finally free. At this point her face was completely streaked with tears, and she was still releasing broken sobs in between her cries. She rushed towards me and buried her face in my shirt. I had to consciously remind myself to keep my ability activated so that bastard wouldn’t get away.

“Rico”, Nina whispered. I bent down so that I could hear her better amongst the cheers of the crowd. “Mami said that you aren’t supposed to use your powers or else you’ll get in trouble. Are you gonna get in trouble because of me?”

Leave it to Nina to be worried about me of all people when she was just being held captive a second ago. Unfortunately she was right, now that I was exposed there was no way I could go back home. If I did my family would get arrested for hiding me for so long. Man this day was not supposed to go like this. The only way to get out of this while keeping my family safe would be to turn myself in. My face was probably plastered all over Youtube and social media by now. There was no way I could make my escape now, and even if I did I wouldn’t get very far. I sighed quietly and reminded myself that I had to keep a brave face for Nina, no matter how mature she was I would always be her older brother.

“It’s okay Nina I’ll handle it, but I need you to be a really brave girl. Can you do that for me?”, she nodded slowly. “I need you to get home as quickly as possible and tell everyone what happened. Tell them….tell them that I love them and I’m sorry that I couldn’t give them a proper goodbye. They’ll have to get rid of all of my stuff. Make sure there is absolute zero evidence of me living there okay?”, I could see the tears forming in Nina’s eyes as she realized what was about to happen.

“Rico you can’t do this! We’ll figure it out okay, just follow me back home and Mami and Papi can help you!”, The fact that she was so determined was almost enough to make me smile in this fucked up situation. “It’s too late Nina, you have to go home now. I can’t follow or else everyone at home including you will be in trouble too. Just tell everyone I love them, and that I’m really thankful for how hard they tried to protect me.”, I bent down and pressed a kiss to her cheek.

“D-don’t give up a-alright. We’ll save you, and I love you so much. I’m sorry you have to give everything up just because you saved me.”, She reached up on her tippy toes and kissed me on the cheek as I had done to her moments before. I watched as she swiftly melted into the crowd. Once she was gone I had once again remembered the guy I had had under the control of my ability this entire time. I walked forward and grabbed him by the collar.

“You’re gonna follow me, and you’re not gonna cause anymore problems alright. If you do I PROMISE I will kill you.”

The effect of my ability rendered him unable to agree or disagree with me, so instead I just dragged him along. The crowd immediately parted for me, and it was only then that I wondered why the cops hadn’t showed up yet. To be honest it didn’t really matter if they showed up or not. I mean given the fact that I was heading to the police station to turn myself in anyway.

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