The Mislead Royals

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The Police Station

When I walked into the Police Station it was completely empty. I didn’t see how that was smart or practical, but I assumed everyone else was out looking for me. There was one other person in the building, although he didn’t look to be important. He didn’t look at all interested in the work I assumed he was supposed to be doing. He only glanced up to me when I walked up to the desk, and only then did he notice the guy I was dragging by the back of his shirt. His eyes widened and I could see that he was slightly on guard when he spoke.

“Excuse me sir, can I help you?,” The officer asked. I shrugged my shoulders as nonchalantly as possible to make myself seem like less of a threat. Not like it mattered much seeing as the guy was gonna arrest me anyway. The officer, I noticed his nametag said O’Malley, seemed to get annoyed with me and spoke again, “Excuse me sir, is there a reason you came in here dragging someone behind you?,” He rose from his seat and tried to look as intimidating as possible, I almost scoffed at his lame attempt.

“I’m here to turn this guy in,” I said as I finally dropped the guy to the ground. About halfway to the Police Station I changed my commands from “Follow me” to “Go sleep”. That way I didn’t have to expend too much energy controlling him the entire time. The downside is that I had been dragging his useless ass the entire times and my arms hurt goddammit. O’Malley seemed to relax some after hearing my half-assed explanation. I didn’t know what category he was, but the fact that he had yet to even reach for his gun was stupid. He relaxed into his seat and reached for his pen.

“Okay sir I’m going to need your first and last name, so that i can file the report.”, I rolled my eyes and took a deep breath. I glanced at the TV that was hanging in the corner and laughed to myself.

“My name is Alrico Gonzalez and I’m on the news right now.”, I said, pointing at the TV screen where my face was being broadcasted. I watched as O’Malley blinked and turned to look at the screen, then I saw the color drain from his face as he quickly glanced back and forth between me and the TV. He frantically reached for the remote on the counter and turned the volume.

“Breaking news! There are reports of a rogue royal being sighted downtown. There were multiple eyewitness reports, as well as recorded footage. In the video you can see the unknown royal say something to the man who caused the scene, and the man immediately fell under his control. The royal then took the man away after having a short conversation with the young girl who was the victim of this whole situation. His current whereabouts are unknown and we advise everyone to proceed with caution and report any suspicious persons.”

“Y-your the unknown royal!”, O’Malley screamed as he jumped out of his chair and pulled his gun out. I quickly put my hands up because all though this situation was lowkey funny as hell, I was NOT tryna die.

“Woah woah!”, I said, taking a step back, “No need to pull your gun out. Speaking of which, how about you drop that for me.”, O’Malley dropped his gun, “Now take a seat for me, call whoever is in charge here, and tell them the “unknown royal” would like to speak to them. When you’re done with that, sit down and shut up.” While O’Malley did that I sat down in one of the chairs that were lined up against the wall.

’And now we wait.”, I thought to myself.

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