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a girl who feels alone .. she’s 15 going on 16, and her life just gets worse.. but in the end..

Omara roberson
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Pilot .

Alex (me)a.k.a Narrator : Hey! wait no.. bad greeting *strokes hair* hello! I’m Alex :) & I will be telling you about my story. Well.. “life” story. And the rage begins..

Alex: I woke up this morning feeling wet.. and woozy. That’s how I knew it was that time of the month 🙄 UGH! Right on the first day of school.. like seriously?? I wish I was a boy 🧍🏽‍♀️*walks downstairs*


Alex: COMINGG!! As I ran back upstairs to put my clothes on , and to brush my hair. YES I took a shower 🙄 for anyone thinking I’m dirty out there!🤏🏽

*walks down stairs*

Alex: wow.. breakfast loooks GOOD! Where’s Max and junior?

(Max and junior are Alex brothers . Max is the oldest, 17, and junior the youngest, 12. Their dad passed 2 years from now, he was in a car accident . Brandy, Alex’s mom is black. Her father is white which makes her mixed of course . )

Brandy: Thanks sweets! Are you ready for today ? she says , while smiling & touching my shoulders.

Alex: I - I think? *she says nervously* I’m just REALLY shaky.. I miss the old house already.. but yayyy new friends *she says while struggling to pour the orange juice*

Brandy: *laughs* well.. I know you’ll be okay. your very strong .

*both smiles*

Junior: WOOOOOO I JUST GAINED 300 ON BLAST TAKE. *a video game* oh, hey mom! Hey ALEX. *he says while rolling his eyes*

*Junior and I hug softly, while I gave him a nuggy on his big head.*

Alex: Remember what I told you right?

Junior: Yeah! anyone who bullies me, punch them right in the face!

Brandy : Alex! I know you did not tell him to do that🙄

Alex: well yeah mom.. bullies won’t be touching him

*we all laugh*

Max: It smells nice and bakey down here.

Alex: why would it smell bakey if it’s breakfast? IDIOT


*Me and max started play fighting. Just as we did when we were kids*

Brandy: all right ! That’s enough.. go to school girl🙄 you too maxi!

*me junior and max hopped in the car.. I never thought max could drive but today he went real smooth.. finally*

Max: y’all ready ? He say as we’re walking in the building.

Alex: yeah we’re good.

Max: you know what to do when somebody messes with you !😒

Alex: *laughs* yeah I’ll call you bro😭

*Max smiles*

Alex: I’m walking into the building. EYES ARE ALL ON ME! But me and this girl made strong eye contact like she knew me.. weird.

Alex: woah.. *she says as she walked in* it’s a lot of kids..

Junior: well duh! It’s a school 🙄

Alex: haha.. very funny. Now go find your classroom!

*max finds his all the way down the hall from mine. At this time my heart is racing and I’m sweating nearly.*

Ms France: Ouu.. hello! .. Alex right?

Alex: r-right *she says nervously* uhh where are all the other students?

Ms France: They should be on there way in. It’s a morning routine where we give the kids time to play and get started for the day.

Alex: ahhhh I see.. well since I’m in here I guess can I sit ?

Ms France: Of course! But let me introduce myself. I’m ms France .. I teach history.

Alex: that’s my favorite subject! I don’t know how but I really love it🤔

Ms France: *laughs* I like you already Alex!.. You seem good spirited.

*I blushed*

*bell rings*

Alex: Oh god..

Mama France: Are you ok Alex ? You seem hot

Alex: uh- I - uh.. just really nervous *stands up* can I uh.. go to the restroom before they all come in?

Ms France: Yeah! Go ahead..

I walked towards the bathroom.. my heart dropped into my stomach. It was so many students walking my way! I felt embarrassed even though I didn’t do anything. but.. this one boy.. he made eye contact too like he knew me a little.

I walked in the bathroom.

Alex: woah.. really not ready for today huh? *she says talking to herself* I have to change this pad .. ugh.

I heard the door open. And someone.. crying.. I cleaned myself up and walked out the stall starting to wash my hands .

Alex: hey.. a-are you okay?

Brittany: Huh? Oh - y-yeah I’m sorry if I made to much noise.

Alex: No! Your fine.. *I said feeling confused* but.. may I ask why are you crying?

Brittany made her way out of the stall. She was my height.. blonde hair and dark blue eyes. She was wearing a sun dress with these cute flats.. and had her bookbag in her left hand. You could tell she was crying.

Brittany: I - I’m Brittany..

Alex: I’m Alex!

Brittany: cool name.. but I- was crying because it’s my first day and I’m really reeealllyyy nervous.

Alex: no way! It’s my first day too.. and I’m nervous also🥴 I said while stepping back to dry my hands .

Alex: I saw you earlier at the entrance. You definitely looked nervous by the eye contact we made 😭

Brittany: yeah.. that was weird 🥴 excuse me for that😭

Alex: Your okay.. but it seems I made a new friend already 😭

Brittany: totally.

*both laughs*

Alex: well wipe those tears! Let’s go.. wait- uh what class is first for you?

Brittany: I’m not sure.. I think Ms France?

Alex: Good! That’s my first too🥴

*they both walks out.*

Alex: I never felt so nervous...


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