My Alpha, His Omega

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Jeyhun Park constantly has a dream about an Alpha, whom he can't control himself with. He wonders if it is a subconscious dream or a physical response to his needs. What ever it is. Jeyhun is desperate to find out. Will he learns the true meaning behind his dream? Or will he forever dream of this mysterious Alpha?

Other / Romance
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My name is Jeyhun Park. In a world of alphas, betas and omegas, I am of the Omega variety. The most interesting thing about me is that I’m a man. My entire family is all dominant alphas. Even my older sister. Can you imagine my families face when their only boy turned out to be an omega? Although it isn’t that bad. But of course, being an Omega has its complications. Such as the excessive number of alphas who try to claim me. However, with so many Alphas approaching me, I’m single. Most of the Omegas around me have either an Alpha or opted for a beta.

It is said that alpha pheromones have a different affect depending on the omega. I am still looking for my perfect alpha. However, I do not react to any alpha pheromones. At least not the ones that have tried to claim me. I am beginning to wonder if I really am an Omega. Is there no Alpha scent that say be mine?

While some alphas smell like roses, others like the sea, and some smell like fresh linen. I don’t know what kind of smell I would like. -SIGH- At this point I think I may just be forever a hopeless omega.

Is there any alpha out there for me?

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