My Alpha, His Omega

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EP. 9 - Taesungs Dark Past

For the past three weeks me and Taesung have been getting to know each other better. We go on dates more often and we spend a lot of time studying as well. Actually, some of the time studying. Haha. All of the other times we are rolling around his bed. Sex with Taesung is amazing. Aside from that everything is going great. Whenever we are talking, Taesung zones out. When I ask him what he is thinking about he avoids the question. No doubt it’s about dominant Alphas. It’s been almost a month and while we haven’t seen that Alpha from the beach, I know he still thinks about that.

That Alpha is hospitalized. I learned his name was Yun Sung-ho from the absentee alert of the information board. Either way, I still have no idea why Taesung hates dominant Alphas, beside his family being the reason for it. I hope when he’s ready he will tell me.

“Hey Jeyhun. What’s up?”

“Hey Yohan. What’s going on?”

“Oh nothing. I just noticed someone has been marked. Was is Taesung?”

“Yes!” -smile-

“Ahhh! How was it? I couldn’t ask you the time you were in heat.”

“Let’s just say, I couldn’t move the next morning.”

“Ahh! I am so happy for you. Being a beta suck.

“Don’t say that.’

“Betas can still get an Alpha or an Omega. It’s not impossible.”

“Yeah, but if you can’t feel pheromones, what’s the point. I want to know what it feels like.”

“Sigh. I understand.”


“Ahhh! Here comes Taesung. He looks a lot more dominant and confident for some reason.”

“I know. He is so sexy.”

“I can feel his pheromones from here.”

“I wonder if he has an Omega yet?’

“I thought it was Jeyhun. But he didn’t seem to have a mark anywhere.”


“Hi. Taesung, why are you here?”


“Wow. Did he ignore you.”

“Hey Taesung.” -grabs- “Do you want have lunch with us?”

“Let me go. Thank you. I am here to pick up my love.”

Ah. Taesung. He must be here to pick me up for our date. Of course, no one knows That I am his love. But I don’t know if he wants anyone to know. Considering he never said he didn’t date girls. So, everyone is hoping for a chance. When he first came, he was kind of timid and even though you could tell he was dominant he didn’t show it off. But ever since we started fully dating, he’s changed. He is a lot more confident in himself.

“Who are you dating?”

“Wait since when?”

“Aww, that’s not fair.”

Hehehe. It makes me happy to see so many people all over him and knowing that he all mine. Oh, how jealous they will be. I shouldn’t be bragging but he is mine and mine only. That beautiful Alpha that all the Omegas ae fawning over is mine. He is mine only.

“Jeyhun! Muah. Hey babe. Are you ready? Muah.”

“Yeah. Let’s go.”

“Oh, just in case anyone wants to try anything funny. Take a look at my collar bone. I was marked by Jeyhun and I marked him. That means he’s mine.” -smirk-


“Let’s go babe.”

The look on every person’s face was priceless. As we were leaving, I saw Yohan in the back laughing and giving me a thumbs up. Ha-ha! I just waved and we left to our date. He said we were going to the White Tiger Lotus Carnival then a movie at the Blue Royale. He always plans the best dates for us.


Hmm. I hope Jeyhun likes the carnival, he said he hasn’t been before. We are going to play as many games as possible. I want to win him one of the big prizes. When we get on the Ferris Wheel, I am going to tell him about my past and why I hate dominant Alphas so much. Some may think my reasoning isn’t warranted but I lost my mom because of my dad. I have resented him ever since. I am the youngest and I am the only child with a different mother than my other siblings. It isn’t that greatest being from a dominant Alpha family.

Well Damn. I didn’t expect Jeyhun to be so good at these games. He has beaten me in every game. He even schooled me on the shooting range game. My omega never ceases to amaze me. Heh. His smile is so adorable. I am glad that he is enjoying himself.



-kiss- “I love you.”

“That was random. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I am so happy. Also, you seem to be enjoying yourself. As long as you smile, I will always be happy.”

“Oh. Hehe. I love you too.” -grins-

There’s that smile again. Jeyhun, you have no idea how much I love you. I feel a little but possessive. Sigh. This isn’t good. What have you done to me? My precious omega, Park Jeyhun.

“Our movie starts soon. Let’s go.”


I chose a romance thriller. So that I can hold his hand and sneak some kisses in as well. If I am being honest telling him about my past scares me. I hope he doesn’t think that I will be like my family. They were pretty intense and aggressive more times than not. But I vowed to never be like them. They only see Omegas for breeding purposes to continue the bloodline. I couldn’t do that. Anyways. Hmph, this movie is kind of boring. Too much thriller not enough romance. But I wonder how Jeyhun’s enjoying the movie. -glances- Heh. He looks so cute when he a little shaken up. He reactions are so cute.

-kiss- “Are you scared Jeyhun.”

“N-no. -flinch- Maybe a little bit.”

“Come here. Lean on me. I’ll hold you.” -kiss-

“Kiss me more, Taesung.”

Ah. I don’t think this is a good idea. Too late I’m already hard. Shit. What am I going to do? Fucking him now isn’t an option. There is no way he could be quiet. I could just run to the bathroom and handle it myself really quick. Yeah. Don’t want to start anything right now. There’s no doubt that if I put it in him, he would moan my name in heightened pleasure. I wouldn’t be able to hold back.

“Jeyhun, I’ll be right back.”

-grabs- “Are you going to handle that by yourself? Sit down let me pleasure you with my mouth.”

“But Jeyhun.”

“Let’s see if you can stay quiet.”

Fuck! Jeyhun, why? If you do this it won’t be enough. Looking down at him is turning me on so fucking much. He looking up at me with so much lust, love and hunger in his eyes. Watching him take it deep all the way to the back of his throat. Whipping his tongue around me while sucking me at the same time. When I come it’s going to be so much?

“Taesung. You taste so good. How does it feel Good?”

“Ha. Hmm. You have no idea.”

-slurp- “Fuck me now, Taesung,”

Argh! I can’t take it anymore. I am going in. -flips- He already this wet. Just from sucking me. Oh god, he so tight and so wet. At this right I might come too quickly. If he keeps moaning like this we are going to get caught. -covers mouth- Damn. He got tighter. I didn’t think me grabbing his neck and covering his mouth would turn him on. Oh wow. He’s about to come. His legs are shaking. He keeps pushing back on me. He loves it when I hit his deep spot.

-whisper- “Taesung. If feels so good.”

“Shhh. Try to stay quiet.”

“Harder, Taesung.”

“That’s right. Come for me, babe.”

“Yes, Taesung,”

“That’s a good Omega.”

Well, we didn’t even pay attention to the movie. Jeyhun was getting a little too loud I had to cover his mouth. But he liked it. I did promise him we would ride the Ferris Wheel together. So, I guess it now or never. It’s time to tell my hard-dark pass. -silence- Geez. Now that we are here, I am kind of scared. I hope he doesn’t hate me. I am nothing like my family. But when it comes to him, I think I could be.

-nervous- “Jeyhun.”

“What’s wrong babe?”

“You remember when I told you that I hate dominant Alphas, thanks to my family.”


“There is a reason.”

“You can tell me; I will love you no matter what.”

You say that now. But once you hear my story, you could change your mind. I never told anyone this story not even friends. Now, I am telling my first love, who is an omega this story. Who wouldn’t be scared?

“Well, it all started when my dad met my mom.”


My father and my Mother met in college. At the time she wasn’t interested in dating. She was focused on her career. However, my dad was persistent. At that time my mom was a high-class Omega. My mother came from a long line of Omegas who produced dominants no matter if their mate was Alpha, Beta or Omega. Her family was so dignified they were almost royalty. According to my aunt, my mother was the most beautiful Omega in college.

They told me my mom was so beautiful that the Prince of Cheongju-is wanted her hand in marriage. He was an Alpha who wasn’t dominant but he was powerful. Having my mother with political knowledge and degree in history and law would have been a major asset to him. My mom considered it but my father was mad and didn’t like the idea.

After graduation my dad started to follow her and try to force my mom to be with him. My dad wanted another child, a boy. A male alpha to continue his business. My mom wasn’t ready for kids yet. My mom was young, she was 21 years old, my dad was in his thirties already and had 2 other kids. My father didn’t like the constant rejection so, my dad decided to kidnap my mother. He used his pheromones to force himself on my mom. He didn’t let her leave the house. He only allows in-home doctors hired by him to treat her. She wasn’t allowed to leave. When he wasn’t home, she was chained to her room. When she gave birth to me. She looked at my dad and said she didn’t want to look at me and she hated my dad.

My dad looked at her and said, she wasn’t needed anymore anyways. “I have my male heir so I don’t need you anymore.” My mom was so hurt and traumatized. All because my dad forced sex on her, forced her to have me. She stresses that she endured from being locked up after giving birth caused her to take her life. She couldn’t fight with his pheromones. And therefore, became a slave to a Dominant Alpha, my dad.


“The worst part is that he kept my mom locked up for years after that. So, she couldn’t produce children later on. But I am thankful to the attendant because she was able to be free. Even though, I lost my mom thanks to my dad and I grew up being taught to be like him and he said that Omegas have no real purpose except mating. I told myself that, I would never force my dominance on anyone especially Omegas, unless absolutely necessary.”

“I am so sorry. Taesung. I had no idea that your life was so hard. Also, I am sorry about your mom.”

“I’m okay now. I have you and I will never do that to you. -kiss- Jeyhun, I love you.”

“I love you, too Taesung.”

That’s right. My dad and I are not the same person. I might look like him but I am just like my mom on the inside. Even though I never knew her. My aunt said she was the sweetest and cared for people. She even loved my dad in her own way. But my Omega is more precious to me than anything. I will protect him from anyone. And that includes my dad. I will disown my family if that means protecting him.

Park Jeyhun. My Omega.

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