My Alpha, His Omega

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EP. 10 - The Return of Yun Sung-ho

This weekend Yohan and I are having a sleepover. Just me and him. We haven’t hung out in so long. Knowing Yohan this is going to be one hell of a weekend. We have tons to catch up on. Yohan also graduates this next week. So, we need spend as much time as we can together before he becomes a working man. He going into Mechanical Engineering so he probably won’t have much time off. When he starts working there is a major project, he will be a part of it. I am so proud of him.


-Jeyhun meet me at Isuzu Café -17:22

-Okay. I’m excited -17:23

Yay! We haven’t been to Isuzu in so long. The drinks are amazing and the food is the bomb. After that we might go to the club. I wonder what club we should go to. Hmm. Maybe Club Jeju. It always popping on a Saturday. Maybe we can find an Alpha for Yohan. Hehe. He needs a good dominant Alpha. Or maybe another Beta? Hell, even an Omega could be cool? Hm. To be honest I don’t know what his preferences are.

Oh yeah! Five minutes then classes are over and then party time. Oh, let me text Taesung and let him know. I don’t want him to be surprised by my sudden not being in class. He picks me up every day. We don’t have any classes together this semester. So, he tries to spend any time he can with me during the day. Too bad this weekend I can’t see him. Sigh.


-Babe, Me and Yohan are having some BFF time this weekend. So, I won’t see you until Sunday-

-Okay, babe. Send me pictures so that I know you are okay-

-Sure thing. Ily<3-

He said to meet him here but, where is he? Of course, he was on time. I’m the actual late one. I’ll go inside and look for him. -looks around-

“Jeyhun! Over here!”

“Yohan! Congrats on the job and graduation.”

“Thanks. It’s going to be a hard 2 months with this project.”

“Yeah, let’s make sure to have lots of fun this weekend.”

Wow! This food is amazing. Taesung always cooks for me. While eating out every once in a while, feels good, I do prefer his cooking though. Oh, let me send him a picture of my food and of me as well. (click - its good but not as good as your cooking) Whew. I am so full. I definitely have to dance this food off. Club Jeju here we come! When we got here the line was so long. But we did manage to get in because one of Yohans friends was friends with the owner. No waiting in line. Ha. Ha.

-pop music-

“Jeyhun, Yohan, let’s dance.”

“Here we come. Come on Yohan.”

I am having so much fun. I forgot how great it was to go out like this. I need a drink. I am already tipsy, but one more drink should be okay. As long as I can function, I should be fine.

“Hey. Screwdriver please.”

“Sure thing… Here you go.”

“Thank you. Now where did Yohan go?”

That drink was much stronger than I thought. I need to step outside. Preferably and alley way where I can be alone without some creep trying to help me out. Let me call Taesung. I miss him so much right now. -ring- The number you dialed is... -click- He is not picking up. Well I will call him again when I go back in. It’s kind of chilly out here. I need my jacket. -shiver-

“Hey, you look cold. Take my jacket.”

“Huh? Thank yo-…”

Whoa. My head is dizzy. I feel like I’m about to black out. What’s going on? The drink wasn’t that strong. Was it?

“HEY! Wake up!”

“Huh. Taesung, when did I get home?”

My head is pounding and the light is making it worst. I can’t see anything. Taesung? Huh? This isn’t my room. Where the fuck am I?

“You’re awake. Are you hungry?”

“Who are yo-… SUNG-HO!”

“What are you doing? What the fuck am I doing here? -rattle- Let me out this fucking chain.”

“Oh no, my sweet Jeyhun. -caresses face- I told you, you can’t escape me.”


“I don’t think so. I am going to hold you hostage. I want him to feel my pain. The pain of having his precious Omega help captive. I will force you to do whatever I want. His marking means nothing to me. I will subject you to my pheromones until you react. I am not just any Dominant Alpha.”

“What the hell do you want from me? What do you mean feel your pain?

“Tsk. Tsk. You don’t have any idea why I am doing this to you for real? What a shame. You learn the truth sooner or later”

“What the fuck are you talking about? Let me go.”

I have no idea what Sung-Ho’s issue is with me but. I need to find a way out. I have to call Yohan. I am scared. I miss Taesung. I don’t think he will find me this time. I hope someone notices that I am gone! Please someone notice that I am gone. -sniffle-

-pop music-

“Whew. Hmph. Where did Jeyhun go? Bathroom? Nope. Maybe he went outside to get fresh air. Nope. I don’t see him. Where is he?”

-ring, ring, ring, ring-

“Huh? That’s his phone. Gasp! His phone is here but, where is he? Shit, its Taesung. What am I going to say? I have to find Jeyhun.”


-ding- Jeyhun? Answer your phone. How is everything?” -21:01

-Babe? Why aren’t you answering me? -23:19

“FUCK! Jeyhun, where are you?”

-ring, ring, ring-

I have to answer it. I have to let him know Jeyhun is missing. Shit! What am I going to say? He is going to lose it. I have to figure this out myself as well. -inhale, exhale-



“No, it’s Yohan,”

“Oh, hey Yohan. Why are you answering his phone is he feeling drunk? Do I need to pick him up?”

“Sigh. Taesung.”

“What? What’s wrong?”

“I can’t find Jeyhun. I found his phone outside. He is nowhere to be found. I looked for him for almost 2 hours and I can’t find him.”

WHAT! What does he mean, he can’t find Jeyhun? Why did he even leave out without letting Yohan know! My precious Jeyhun. I don’t know what happened but I will find you. No matter what. I will find you no matter what. I need to get to the club and find his scent. I know he left his pheromones behind. It happens whenever he gets a little tipsy. He can’t control the release of his pheromones. Damn it! -bang- Okay, breathe Taesung. You can’t think with an uneven head.

“Yohan, I am on my way. Wait for me.”


I hope you are okay my sweet Park Jeyhun. Don’t worry my love. Don’t be scared.

“Taesung come here. I had the owner check the inside and outside camera and please try to remain calm.”

Let’s see. He left, went outside. Who is that? It looks like they might be following him. Alright, stay calm. Then he goes into the alley way. -flinch- What the fuck is he doing? WHAT! He knocked him out with... is that knock out gas?! Motherfucker! I am going to kill you.

“Taesung? Listen to me, please calm down.”

“How dare they put their hands on my Jeyhun. I am going to murder them all.”

I can’t believe this I was supposed to protect you. I am supposed to be your protector. Sigh. Let’s go see if I can pick up your scent. -sniff- I can’t pick up his scent. Let’s go this way. He wouldn’t have gone toward the crowd. -sniff- Ha! Found you! Wait, there is another scent here. -sniff- Its familiar. Why do I recognize this smell? -sniff, sniff- It’s definitely and Alpha and a very dominant one at that.

Wait? It can’t be? There’s no way! It smells like that Alpha whose ass I kicked for trying to take advantage of Jeyhun. What was his name again…? That’s right Yun Sung-ho. When did he get out the hospital? No, not again. This time I have no idea where you are? Grrrr. Jeyhun.


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