My Alpha, His Omega

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EP. 11 - Sung-ho's Revenge

“Wake up Jeyhun.”




I passed out again. I am so tired, hungry and thirsty. All he is doing is leaving me all day and all night. I don’t even know how much time has passed. I am worried about Taesung. But more importantly Yohan because I was with him and I know he freaking out because Taesung trust that I won’t get into trouble when I am with him. But knowing Taesung he is already looking for me. I have to patient and look for my time to escape. Ugh. Grrr. He is releasing his pheromones. Why the fuck is he so strong what kind of Alpha is he. I’m marked his pheromones shouldn’t be that effective to me. Mm. I feel weird… No way did I actually get hard. Are his pheromones actually getting me aroused?

“Hey, you look like you want me fuck you deep?”

“Mm. Stay…. Away, from. Me.”

“Aww Jeyhun, you don’t really mean that, do you?” – caress-

“Hmm. Stop. I don’t want– this. Please. What did we do to you?”

“Let me show you what kind of person Taesung and his family are.” -lick-

No! No! I can’t believe I am reacting to this motherfucker. I don’t want to like it but it feels so good. Ha. I want more. But not from him. I won’t give in. No matter how good it feels. Come on Jeyhun. Get it together. -inhale, exhale- Argh. Fight! Fight!

“You can’t fight me off forever. I learned a little trick from his family since his dad made me watch. It called a Pheromone Shower. Maybe Taesung used it on you? You let me know”

Ahhh! Shit! Mm. Taesung definitely used this on me and it felt amazing. His pheromones are stronger. My body feels hot and weak. Fuck! He’s teasing my nipples. Flicking his tongue, nibbling. He is caressing my body so tenderly. He was so aggressive except for now. It trying to make me beg for it. I will never beg for it. He can do whatever he… WANTS!!! Damn you Sung-ho. He sucking me off. It feels so good. But it’s because of his pheromones that this feels good.

FUCK! I just came. No way. How long is this going to go on? – sniffle-

“Please. -sniffle- Please stop! Please. I don’t know why you are doing this but I want you stop. Please.”

“That’s right. BEG! You beg just like my fiancée did, when Taesungs dad used and abused her and made me watch. I will get my fucking revenge.”

What! Did he just say his fiancée? His fiancée was Taesungs mother? What the fuck kind of person is his dad. I know he mentioned that his family were ruthless and had no real respect for omega but, this… this is too much. He has no idea that Taesung hates his family and that She gave birth to Taesung. I can’t even explain it to him. He might not even believe it.

“Sigh. Jeyhun. I sorry but I have to make Taesung feel my pain. I have to do to you what his dad did to her. I will not be happy until I get me reven…”

CRASH! Boom!


“How the fuck did he find us?”

“Taesung!! Help me!”

-kick- SHUT UP BITCH!!

“Cough! Cough! -weak- Tae…. sung!”

Taesung please save me.

“Jeyhun? HOW DARE YOU TOUGH MY PRECIOUS OMEGA! Jeyhun are you okay.”

“Taesung. Help me, please.”

“Ha! Precious. Your family doesn’t know the meaning. They treat Omegas like property. Used to reproduce. My fiancée kill herself thanks to your disgusting Alpha father. I will show you the pain that my fiancée felt being under the drunken state of his pheromones.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about!”

“Let me tell you a story then….”


When I was in college, me and my high school sweet heart and I were engaged. We decided to go the same college so that we could be with each other all the time. Everyone loved her. She was beautiful. Smart and care for everyone. Everyone was happy for us. Except one person in particular, Han Ji-ho. He tried his hardest to win her over. She told him that he wasn’t interested in relationships. She told me that she never mentioned being engaged, just to protect me. She said she saw evil in his eye and had no idea what he was capable of.

In the end he kidnapped her and when I found out where she was, he strapped me down to a chai and forced me to watch him sexually abuse her. I was in another room and was forced to watch video of him doing this to her. She yelled out to me for help and I could do anything about it. I don’t know what happened but I woke up in a hospital and when I finally realized what happened. I was told I was in in a coma for 2 years. And that my fiancée killed herself. I told myself that I would wait until I could get my revenge.


“So, when I saw you leaving the estate, I followed you and saw you went to the same college we went to. I have been watching you. I never saw you with any Omegas. I gave up but then when you protected this Omega on my first day, I knew it was time to get my revenge. – nods- Now you will watch me do to your Omega what your dad did to mine. My Sweet Ahn A-Yeong! This is my revenge.”

“WAIT! Did you say Ahn A-Yeong? That is the name of my mother? I never met her thanks to my father forcing himself on her. She never wanted me. She never wanted to see me either. Thanks to my dad, I never knew her. -crying- I had no idea that my mother was taken from you. That she was fiancée.”

“What do you mean, that was your mother? She ended up having a baby. That asshole!! -shaking- How dare he do that to my A-Yeong. -crying- I don’t even know where she is buried. Or even where her ashes are. If I could have something to remember her. I will be so happy and I can move on.”

“I have a box in my house with many of my mom’s belongings. If you want it you can have them. A diary, a photobook and some other things. I only ask to keep one photo for memory.”

“Would you do that?”

“Yes. Just give me time to get it.”

-sniffle- “Fine. You have one hour.”

“Hold on Jeyhun. And you. I’m coming right back.”

This is too much! Taesung ang Sung-ho lost the exact same person and resented his father because of it. All he wanted was he memory of his love. Even if he had no plans to move on, at least he had her memory. I hope this is all squared away soon. It’s just somethings that I can’t understand. But that’s for a later day.

“I’m back. Here are the items.”

-snatch- “My A-Yeong. I miss you so much. I wish we would have gotten married and had a kid. We had so many plans for the future.”

“I know where she is buried. I will take you there. You can come visit her as much as you want.”

-crying- “Thank you Taesung. You are nothing like your father. You are a better Alpha than he ever will be.”

“Thank you. If you ever need anything let me know.”

“Thank you. But I am fine with this much.”

“Hey Sung-ho wait a minute. There is a letter in hear address to you.”


“It was taped to the bottom of the box.”

“Oh. Thank you.”

“Who is it from?”

“A-Yeong. It says she was hiding something and had a secret to tell me?”


My Darling Sung-ho,

If you are reading this letter than you found this box among my possession and I am no longer with you. I want you to know how much I love you. I thought about you this entire time in my imprisonment. Not a day went pass that I wondered what you were doing? I wondered if you were looking for me. Ha! Of course, you were. I wanted to tell you something. Something that I think will change your life for the better. We talked about so many things. Marriage, life and kids. When I was brought to the Han Estate, I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. Surprisingly I was treated well during the entire pregnancy. When I first arrived, I was given a check up to make sure I was ready for a pregnancy. The Doctor luckily was my sisters’ husband. Ji-ho had no idea. So together we hid a huge secret from Ji-ho. I wanted to tell you in the letter than I….

“WHAT!! How can that be?”

“What. What’s wrong?”

I wonder what’s going on? Why is he just looking at Taesung like that? The silence is awkward. What did the letter say?

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