My Alpha, His Omega

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EP. 12 - A-Yeong's Letter

I don’t know what’s going on with this letter but Sung-ho looked at Taesung and started crying. I don’t know what’s going on but. The care ride home was very awkward. Sung-ho kept looking at Taesung the entire ride. He did a lot a sighing as if the letter was either surprising or not believable. Whatever it is, I am nervous about the whole thing.

“I am really sorry for the problems I caused. Especially you Taesung. Jeyhun I hope you forgive me for all those incidents. I am not a bad person. I promise to make it up to both of you.”

“I can forgive you. But try to find happiness within yourself as well.”

-smile- “I think I will do that.”

I want to ask him about that letter but not is the time. We are going to the grave of Taesung’s mother. Neither of the have ever been there. So, they are staying there together. I hope this makes them feel better and allow them to get closure. They both need to mend that empty while in their hearts. Oh. We are finally here. Her grave was beautiful. And When we got there Taesung broke down first. He never got to meet her anyways. So, I know having to see her like this is heartbreaking. All I could do to comfort him was embrace him.

“Mom. I am sorry for what father did to you. I know you didn’t want me and you didn’t want to look at me. Either way, I am not mad at you. You’re my mom and I love. I wish I could have met you. I know of you based in what Auntie tole me and I know you are a good person. I hope you are proud of me. I have met the most precious Omega and I will not treat him how dad treated you. I will cherish him for the rest of our lives.”

“My sweet A-Yeong. After all these years, I have continued to love you. I know you would tell me to move on an be happy. But I haven’t had a chance to come see you because I just learned of you resting grounds. I finally found your letter….”

My Darling Sung-ho,

If you are reading this letter than you found this box among my possession and I am no longer with you. I want you to know how much I love you. I thought about you this entire time in my imprisonment. Not a day went pass that I wondered what you were doing? I wondered if you were looking for me. Ha! Of course, you were. I wanted to tell you something. Something that I think will change your life for the better. We talked about so many things. Marriage, life and kids. When I was brought to the Han Estate, I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. Surprisingly I was treated well during the entire pregnancy. When I first arrived, I was given a check up to make sure I was ready for a pregnancy. The Doctor luckily was my sisters’ husband. Ji-ho had no idea. So together we hid a huge secret from Ji-ho. I wanted to tell you in the letter than I was already 8 weeks pregnant. Taesung is actually your son not Ji-ho's. Ji-ho did not get me pregnant. Please watch over him. It’s not too late. I LOVE YOU and Taesung so much! Be happy together.


Ahn A-Yeong

“...and you would be so proud of our son. Taesung is nothing like that man. I promise to take care of him the way I know you would.

When I looked at my mom’s grave, I was over whelmed with joy I could feel her looking over me. I know she would be proud of me. I wish I could have been raised by her instead because, the man who raised me isn’t a father at all. After all of this Sung-ho wanted to go out to eat so that we could talk. My mom has something important she wanted us to do. We are going to a see my Uncle for whatever reason. I will see the reason once we get there. We are going to my Uncles clinic so I know I can trust him. He drew some blood and I don’t know why. But We will see.

“Taesung. Are you okay? Did you find Jeyhun?”

“Yeah. He is home resting with Yohan. But Auntie why am I here?”

“We are here to do a DNA test. Sung-ho learned something earlier and he wanted to tell you himself along with the help of your mother.”

“What do you mean?”

“You will see in a few hours. So just wait here.”

I am kind of nervous. My aunt, uncle and sung-ho are involved, what could it be? I have no real idea. Maybe it’s a plan to avenge my mother and to ruin my dad. Hmm? Whatever it is. It could be good news. Sigh. Its already been 3 hours. My anxiety is building up. What could be taking so long. I need to get back home to Jeyhun.

“Okay Taesung. It’s ready. Come to the back please.”

Finally! Now let’s see what all the fuss is about.

“Sung-ho go ahead.”

“You know your mom left me a letter but what you don’t know is, what she wrote in it. I know this will be the last thing that you expected but I am actually your biological father. I had no idea that she was even pregnant.”

“What? That can’t be true. No. I don’t believe it. Auntie?”

“Yeah. It’s true. Here is the test. One from Ji-ho when you were first born and one from Sung-ho, we did it today.”

“I can’t believe I am not actually related to that bastard. I am lived in so much anguish thanks to that asshole. I never have to see him again. Heh. Haha! Hahahaha!”

But that would mean my father knew the whole time. He even knew the possibility of who my real dad was. Hs really is a piece of trash. But that means, I can forget my past. I know that means I do not have an ounce of his blood inside of me. What are we going to do about my father, I mean Ji-ho. He has to pay for what he did to my mother. But I before that I need to go back to Jeyhun. Yohan said he was awake and looking for me. I’m coming baby.

“Jeyhun, I’m here baby. How are you feeling.”

“I feel great! I am not even tired.”

“Thank you so much Yohan. I really appreciate you.”

“No problem and I am sorry about everything.”

“It’s not your fault. We don’t blame you.”

“It’s alright, I will see you love birds later.”

Now it’s just me and …. Jeyhun. Haha. Looks like someone wants me bad. It has been a while. Maybe I shouldn’t he is still healing. But that look in his eyes and his pheromones say otherwise. -smirk- I hope you’re ready Jeyhun. I am going to make love to you all weekend.

“Hmm. Come here Taesung.”



“Wait, Taesung. I feel hot and I’m dizzy. Ha. Ha.”

“Wait, is your heat coming? Your pheromones are out of control. At this rate I’m going to go crazy.”

If Jeyhun’s starting his heat cycle, judging by the intensity of his pheromones this time, it will be a long weekend. I plan to have fun. I love the look of lust in his eyes. That alone is turning me on. Mmm. What is he doing now? Oh, he’s rubbing his body against me. Haha. I could probably come off of this alone.

Shit! He is sucking me so good right now, wrapping his tongue around me and moving so slowly up and down, taking it deep down his throat. I can look down in his eyes, he’s looking up at me like I taste so good. And he’s fingering his ass and jerking off at the same time all while still taking my dick deeply. Shit! I am about to come.

“Jeyhun stop, slow down, I’m coming. Move your -shudder- Ahh! Jeyhun! HA! Ha! Shit!”

-gulp- “You taste so good Taesung.” -licks-

This damn Omega. He always surprises me with these little things. I fall in love with him each more. The mystery, the unknown, I never know what he is going to do. Damn. I love him.

“Taesung sit down in the chair and jerk off”


“Now watch me.”

OMG! He is masturbating. The way he says my name while does it making me so hard. I want to fuck him so bad. He is so wet. The sound alone is driving absolutely fucking insane. This is dangerous. I could mess around end up knotting him.

“Taesuuuung. Mmm. It feels so good.”

“Ah! Jeyhun can I put it in, please.”


Argh. I am going to burst. Grrr. Fuck! I am about to come. -heavy breathing- Damn it, I came.

“So impatient. Come here. I want you to put it on now”



“Jeyhun, you feel so fucking good.”

“Taesung, make love to me.”

“As you wish.”

I pushed deep into him slowly, tenderly while looking down on him enjoying me. The arching is his back every time I hit that spot that he likes. The way he is calling my name. Every time I push deeper inside him, he releases his pheromones. I can’t control myself. I have to thrust into him. I want to be so deep that the connection is unbreakable.

“Taesung! Deeper!

“Baby. You’re. Ha! Mm. Taking me so well.”

“Yes! There! More Please! More!”


“Yes! Taesung! Tae-suuuuung!”

“Ha! Fuck. You feel so good.”


“Shit! Shit! Shit!”

Damn it. I knotted. Let me try to calm down. At this rate I could get him pregnant.

“Taesung, no, don’t stop moving.”

“Jeyhun, no don’t move. It’s dangerous”

“I want more.”

“Fuck Jeyhun, why are you so addicting?”

I finally manage to calm down but that didn’t stop Jeyhun, we did it all weekend and he finally passed out. I washed him up and put him to bed. I will tell him the news I learned today, when he wakes up later. I know he will be happy for me knowing how I feel about the man who I thought was my father.

Even though the man that is my father did those horrible things to Jeyhun, not once but twice. He looks so young too. I thought he was my age. But he closer to his forties. When I think about that it makes me want to resent him, but if Jeyhun can forgive him then I suppose I can start to forgive him as well.

(Sunday night)


“Jeyhun, are you awake? Did you sleep well?

“Yeah, I did.”

“Are you hungry.”

“Yes. I am starving.”

“Let me cook you something. I need to tell you something too.”

I am so nervous. But if I think about it makes so much sense. Jeyhun did reacted to his pheromones. With him being such a powerful Alpha and knowing that my scent is probably a mix of him and maybe my mom, it’s not really that unbelievable. We share the same blood after all.

“Taesung, what did you want to tell me?”

“Um. Well Sung-ho is my biological father.”

“Pfft! Say what now? Sung-ho is?”


“Well, that makes since. I reacted to his pheromones even though you have marked me. So, it’s completely unrealistic.”


“How do you feel about it.”


“I know he did some terrible things to me but I was always taught to forgive those who want a second chance.”

“Okay. I guess I can get to know him.”

Jeyhun isn’t even bothered by the fact that he did those things to him. I guess his reasoning could be the fact that they are my mom and dad. Rather than being upset, I should be happy that this man actually cherished his omega. My mother. The same was I cherish Jeyhun. My Omega. Maybe he isn’t too bad of a man after all. I will do this for my mother.

I miss you mom.

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