My Alpha, His Omega

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EP. 13 Yohans Awakening

Ring. Ring. Ring.

Ugh! I don’t want to go to work. I ’ve been working for about 2 months. This is my first major project and I am leading the design team. I have to make the best of it. My company is creating an ultra-smart computer system for Daewoo Motors and we are in charge of the mechanical and thermal system design. We have to design, develop, build, and test mechanical and thermal sensors.

I can’t be late today. The lead for the entire project is a very popular Alpha and is more feminine looking than other Alphas. He is very beautiful. But Jeju Mechanical Systems is a very popular company for all smart automotive devices. He has managed to turn this company around in just the four years he’s been here. He conducts all interviews and scans all resumes. I was so glad to be chosen and put as lead. But I am sure that has to do with my grades and professor recommendations.

“Good morning everyone.”

“Good morning Mr. Hwang.

“Morning Team Leader.”

“Everyone the CEO is here. So, look alive people.”

“Good Morning M.E team. Mr. Hwang can you see me in my office after you finish giving instruction.”

“Yes sir. Of course.”

If I am being honest, I can’t deny his attractiveness. Everyone mentions how he comes off as an Alpha. In my opinion that’s why he is so damn hot. But If I was an Omega, I would definitely try my hand. But they aren’t interested in betas. That’s why I don’t stand a chance. Alright, everyone has the task for today. I wonder what Mr. Jin wanted. Time to go see.

-knock, knock-

“Come in Mr. Hwang.”

“Hello, Mr. Jin. You wanted to see me.”

“Yes, I was looking over the blueprints for the systems and I have to say that I am very impressed.”

“Oh, thank you sir. It was a team effort,”

“But you are the lead, are you not? It has to go to you before it goes to me.”

“That’s is correct. Thank you, sir.”

“I think we should, talk about this more later. Let’s call it a dinner meeting.”

“Sorry, I have to politely decline. I already have plans tonight. I can’t reschedule. Another time?” -smile-

“Sure, why not.”

“Alright, have a good day sir.” -leaves-

“Such a tease.”

I am not sure why, but Mr. Jin has been coming off rather flirty. Is he unaware that I am a beta? Or maybe I am looking too much into this. But he is very friendly with everyone. Yeah. It’s just my imagination. No need to look into it too much.

This team is very impressive. They rarely need to re-do the work. I am glad I has such great workers. We could be finishing up the project in the next two weeks. It’s a sixteen-week project but we will definitely have it completed on ten weeks. And we already have the system coded for all Daewoo vehicles from 2004 and up the 2025 years. Of course, we will be working on new coding just in case of any issues with newer models. Better safe than sorry.

Time to go to see Jeyhun.

-beep, beep, beep, beep, click-



“Aye, you ready to party.”

“Yes! Let’s go.’

“Club Kitten, here we come.”

-club music-

“Let’ go dance.”

“Haha! This is our jam.”


Huh? Who is that dancing with Yohan? They look so interested in him too. Whoa! Their pheromones are super strong and an Alpha? That person is an Alpha? What the hell. He totally looks like an Omega. He is Yohan’s type. He loves pretty Alphas. They look like they are getting along, lots of chemistry. Ha! I will leave him be.

“Hey sexy. You’re a good dancer, What’s your name?”

“My name is Yohan, its helps when you dancing partner is good as well.”

“Yohan, I think you’re very attractive. Do you want to dance more?”

“Sure, you are very enticing and I can’t even see your face.”

“Then, why don’t you turn and face me.”

“Mm. Okay! -turn- Whaaat? Mr. Jin?”

“Call me Daeshim.”

“Mr. Jin, I should go.”

“Don’t run from me Yohan.”

“Keep dancing with me.”

Shit. I can’t deny it, he is a great dancer. Also, he looks damn good outside of work. Maybe this isn’t that bad. I think I will keep dancing with him. Ahh. Mr. Jin keeps touching my body while we dance to this slow song. Caressing my neck, down my chest, grabbing my waist pulling me closer. Shit, he has at half-mast and he huge! He’s not even fully erect and it’s this big? Damn. It turning me on.

“Yohan, you are really into this dance. You’re turned on.”

Shit I started to imagine, him putting it in me. Our body intertwined, moving all around my apartment in different positions, hearing him tell me how tight and wet I am. I want to grind on it, bounce up and down on it, put an arch in my back and let him plunge deep inside. Damn, I have to stop thinking about it. I have to snap out of it. I can’t think of my boss that way. But I haven’t had one this big. I wonder if he knows how to use it. Only one way to find out.

-whisper- “Meet me in the bathroom, if you dare.”

“Heh! Right after you.”


“Yohan, are you sure this is what you want?”


“What do you want to do, Yohan?”

“I’m going to suck this right here.”

“Well, don’t let me get in the way.”

HOLY SHIT! Its huge. Yes. It looks so tasty. I am going to blow his mind. -slurp- He’s so big. It’s not easy to work my tongue around his dick. But I can still take deep to my throat. -slurp- Mm. I can feel it hardening.

“Shit! Yohan, this feels so good.”

“I hup stho” (I hope so)

“Damn, I’m about to come. Don’t stop. Ahhh! Fuuuck! Hmm.”

“Mr. Jin, put it in me, please?” -spread-

“You’re wish is my command. But first I have to get you ready.”

Oooh! He put his tongue in my ass. Damn. This feels amazing. -flinch- I am going to come off this. Shit! Why is he so good?

“I’m going to put a finger in.”


“Tell me if it hurts.”

“Argh. Your finger is so thick. It feels good, so good.”

“Hmm. Where is it?”

“Where is WHAT!! Ah!”

“Found it. I’m going to hit this stop until you come and then in going to keep hitting it again.”

“Ahh! Mm. Yes! Mr. Jin!”

“Not Mr. Jin. Call me, Daeshim.”

“Ahhh! Daeshim, More. Don’t stop!”

“You’re so wet and so tight.”

“Dae. Daeshim! Ahhhhh!”

“You need something bigger. My fingers aren’t giving me the results I want.”

“Bend over.”

“Ah! Ah! Mm. Yes! Mr. Jin. Nom Daeshim. More.”

“I know you are a Beta, but you feel just like an Omega and you feel better too.”

“I feel weird. My body is heating up. Slowdown.!”

“I can’t I feel so good and you do too.”

“No, I can’t. Ha! My body feels hot and ha! I’m getting dizzy.”

“Are you sure you want me to stop?”

“Hmm. Ha!1 No! Don’t stop! It feels amazing.”

-sniff- “Wait, Yohan. You are releasing, pheromones. You smell absolutely amazing! Betta than any omega I have smelled before.” -bite-

“Ow! That hurts.”


“HEY! I said… stop biting me!”

I don’t know what was going on but when I turned around and I looked into his eyes they were a crimson red and he was panting and his body started to heat up. Based on that, I would say that he is about to go into a rut! But old on wait, did he say I was releasing pheromones. That’s impossible. I am a beta, it’s not possible. Damn. This feels so good. We have to leave and go to my place, who know how long he is going to be in a rut

Before I opened my door. He was about to put it in me. I had to hurry and open the door. The moment the door closed behind me, he was all over me and in a full rut! I don’t know how long this is going to take but I am glad it’s the weekend…

“Shit! Did I pass out? Where is Mr. Jin.”

“You’re awake. Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, I slept good.”

“I made breakfast. I have to go into work. You can come later. I will give the team task.”

“No, I’m fine.”

“No. No you are not.”

“Listen, I fully capable of... WHOA! -crash- ugh. Okay. I’ll be in after lunch.”

“Okay then. See you later.”


“Oh, and If I didn’t know any better, I would say that you went into heat. I knew you were a beta but you definitely released a lot of Omega pheromones last night.”


I released Omega pheromones? That’s. That’s not possible. Maybe he was mistaken. I have been a beta for 26 years and now I emitting pheromones. I don’t believe that. I’ll go to the Dr.

“Yohan, so the results say that you are indeed an Omega now!”

“Whaaaaat? How did that even happen?”

“It’s not impossible but it’s a rare occurrence. Some Beta become Alphas or even omegas, while you are a recessive Omega, your pheromone levels are pretty high.”

“We have been studying this for years but no one knows why.”

“But Congrats you are an Omega!”

I can’t believe it. Me an Omega! I have only dreamed of becoming and Omega or Alpha it didn’t matter to me. I have to call can tell Jeyhun. Shit! I forgot we were at a club! Where’s my phone? -looks- Yohan, don’t worry. I got home just fine. I called Taesung and he came a got me. Oh, thank god! I don’t need a repeat if the last time. I will call just to check on him.

Ring. Ring. Ring.



“Oww! Why are you yelling?”

“Jeyhun, I’m an OMEGA!! An OMEGA!!”

“Wait. What! Omg! Yes! How did it happen?”

“To be honest, I don’t know. According to Mr. Jin, I started releasing Omega pheromones in the middle of sex and went into a short heat.”

“Whoa. That’s some powerful dick! He fucked you into an OMEGA! LOL”

“Hahaha! You might as well say!”

“Well me and Taesung are going to lunch. Call me later.”

“Sure thing.”

I can’t believe it. I am an OMEGA! -cries- I am so happy. My whole life I was teased about being beta. My whole family is dominant. Both Omegas and Alphas alike. My brother was born an Alpha! He could feel pheromones 3 days after birth! I was the biggest disappointment and they disowned me. But I learned to keep smiling and pushing forward. I started to study harder and this led me to meet Jeyhun. He didn’t look down on me for being beta. Then I met Taesung who was equally nice to me. Also, my boss Mr. Jin who also didn’t care if I was beta, showed interest in me. While he has some questionable ways of flirting, he never made me feel less than him. Being a beta was hard until I met these people. I am grateful for everyone I have met. Now, that I am an Omega. I have some things to learn. Now it’s time to head to work!

My new life as an OMEGA is about to begin!!

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