My Alpha, His Omega

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EP. 1 - His Pheromones

Ring! Is that my phone? Who is calling me so early in the morning? Ring! Goddamn it!


“Jeyhun! Jeyhun! Where are you?”


“Yeah, I’m in front of your house? Are you not ready yet?”

“Shit! I over slept. Give me 10 minutes, I’ll be down, don’t leave me. Please!!


- facepalm- “Jeez, Jeyhun. Why are you always late?

My name is Jeyhun Park. I am the son of the CEO of S Financial Enterprise. Besides having wealthy parents. That’s all there is to me. Oh, and I am the first male and omega in my family. My parents were shocked at first. But now they are hoping for me to find a dominant alpha from another wealthy family. I get it; however, I just want an Alpha whose pheromones I react to. An Alphas who pheromones make me lose all control of myself. But, is that even possible?

“Shit, it’s been 15 mins. Yohan, please don’t leave. YOHAN!!!!”

“Took you long enough. A few more minutes and we could have been late”

-SMILING- “I’m sorry.”

“Jeyhun? Did you have that sweet dream again?”



Whenever I have this dream I never want to wake up. It’s the dream of an unknown person, who I only imagine is an Alpha. I can never smell his pheromones but I know that I always lose control. I only remember one part of the dream so vividly. For some reason, these alphas pheromones trigger my heat cycle. So, let’s just say that many mornings I wake up from wet dreams…

“Ah, so good. More please!”




“I Love you, too Ta--! Ahh, it’s s-so deeeep!”

“Ahhh! T-ta----- Ahh, Ta----!”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“NO! I love it! I love it so much!”

“Ta---, I think I’m about to – “

-shiver- Ah! Ah! AHH!!!!

“Huff! Huff!”

I don’t know who that alpha is but I hope he’s a real person and not just what my mind has conjured up. While dreams are sometimes subconscious, I believe they respond to our body’s needs. Even though it was just a sex dream, it feels like this alpha and I are meant to be.


I never look forward to school. Every day the same alphas are hawking me asking a million times a day, if they can be my alpha. It’s all so exhausting. How many times must I turn them down until they get the point. To be honest, since I don’t have my own alpha, it’s not like they have a reason to stop chasing me. Until I am marked by my alphas scent then they consider me free game. This is the issue with being omega. I just wish they’d give me a break.

“Jeyhun, come on. Be my omega?”

“No way bro. I’m better than you in every way.’

“Yeah right. You’re an idiot. Jeyhun would never be with the likes of you!”

“Actually, both of you are bottom of the barrel Alphas. You guys aren’t even dominant.”


“What so you say Jeyhun?”


“Eww, did you just release your pheromones? What a mediocre smell.”

-ALL- “YOHAN!!!”

“Do you guys honestly think that you are in Jeyhun’s league? Laughable!”


You don’t have to be so damn rude. Stupid Beta!”

“Are you trying to fight me puppy?”



I managed to make an escape. They were so busy arguing amongst themselves. I’d never any of them their pheromones reek. Geez, irritating alpha pride is exhausting.

“Shit! They are looking for me.”

“Where is Jeyhun?”


Damnit! I have to escape. I just got rid of those damn idiots. Where can I go? I do not want to be in the middle of a pheromone battle. Arrrgh, this college is so damn big. Oh! Wait, I can go to the Literature Department. No one has classes during this time of the year. Please let me get away before they see me.

“There he is!”

“Hey Jeyhun, come back. Choose one of us”

“Damn it. Why do I have to go through this every day?”


Please just let me be. These damn alphas are irritating.




“Hey! What are yo-?”

“Shh, do you want to be caught?”

“Excuse m-?”


Mmm, what is that smell. It’s amazing. Did he just release his pheromones? OMG! They smell amazing! How does he smell so good! It’s amazing!


Shit! I’m getting hot! What the hell is going on? Wait, am I reacting to an Alpha’s pheromones? No way! That’s impossible. There isn’t an alpha I have ever reacted too. No way this is impossible. I wonder what he looks like? I’ll just take a quick glance.


OMG! There’s no way that one person can be this damn handsome. That tan skin, dark hair, amethyst eyes. His body looks like he is in good shape. His style isn’t too bad either. His clothes look high end. Not bad. -HUFF- DID I JUST GET HARD? I only smelled hid pheromones. What kind of Alpha is this? I have to get out of here. I feel like I am about to jump on him. Please hurry up and run pass. I need to leave. Let me try and move away from him.


“Don’t move they haven’t gone past yet.”


Damn it if I stay near him any longer, I think I am going to really lose it. Please hurry and move. I feel my pheromones about to release. Come on Jeyhun. Just breathe in and then out. You can calm yourself down. Fuck! I am starting to tremble. I am so turned on right now. My body is moving on its own. -SNIFF- Hmmm, He smells better up close like this. No, No, No! Did I just smell him? What us my body doing? Maybe he didn’t notice. W-why is he looking at me like that. His face is looking at me like he wants to take me right here. Did he notice? I don’t know. He didn’t say anything. So, I will ignore it.


“I saw him come this way.”

“Are you sure?”


“Hey, are you okay?”

“Uh, Um, yes!”


“Heh. What a beautiful Omega.”

Finally, I am free. I can’t believe that I got aroused from just smelling his pheromones. I can’t go to class like this! There is no way I can. Where is the closest bathroom? Ah, the Musical Department. Let me hurry an get there.



“I can’t believe I have to do this at school. This is so embarrassing. I’m glad he didn’t notice.”

-grab- “Hmmm.”

“Ah. Ahh.”

“That alpha was so handsome. His pheromones were so amazing.”

“I can remember his face so well. The look of passion in his eyes. Similar to the guy in my dream.”

“I wish I can have an Alpha like that.”




“Shit. Ah. Mmm.”

Damn just picturing the look he gave me made me come. I have to have that Alpha. He was definitely a dominant alpha. He probably already has an omega. I have to get close to him in order to find out. -SIGH- How am I going to be able to look him in his face. Who is he? I have never seen him before? I wonder if Yohan knows him? If we are together and we see him, I’ll ask him.


“Shit! I’m late for class.”

I really can’t get his face out of my head. Damn. What Am I going to do? I have to have that Alpha! By any means necessary. Please don’t have an Omega! Please! I finally responded to an Alpha. I have to call Yohan right now. I need my suppressants. When I see him next time, I will try to claim him as my own. He will be my alpha.

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