My Alpha, His Omega

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EP. 2 - We Meet Again

Whew. I made it on time but I was met by the Professor at the door. Mr. Lee was a cool guy and pretty handsome. So many of the women in the school take his class. Besides that, I learned over the summer for my job tour, that Professor Lee is the CEO of J Construction Company. His company constructs some of the biggest and most beautiful building in Busan. My dream is to work for J Construction company as an architect.

“Good Morning Class. Quiet down while I take attendance.




“Yo. Oops, I mean here.”

“Jeyhun. Jeyhun? Jeyhun!”

“Oh, Sorry. Present.”

-whisper- “Jeyhun, why were you almost late? I thought you headed toward class.”

“I was running from those damn alphas. But I ended up running into another Alpha.”


“Jeyhun, are you smiling?”


“Jeyhun! Did you react to that Alphas pheromones?”

“Taesung. Taesung are you here?”


“Yes! I’m sorry, I’m sorry I am late. This school is a huge maze.”


OMG! It’s that Alpha from earlier. H-he has this class? -STARES- Just looking at him again I can remember his scent and the way he looked at me such devotion and admiration. I can’t get his face out of my head. But did the teacher say his name was Taesung? He perfect. I have to have him. By any means necessary. -noisy- Damn it, he surrounded by so many Omegas. Damn it, there’s no chance to make my move. Look at the vultures.

“Taesung oppa, how tall are you?”



“He’s so tall.”

“Do you have a girlfriend Taesung?”


“Yohan! That’s him.”


“That’s the Alpha I was talking about earlier.”

“Hmmm. Looks like you might have some competition. What about a boyfriend!!”

“No way Yohan, he can’t possibly like guys. Stop making Taesung uncomfortable.”

“Ugh, shut up.”

“No, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Yohan almost gave me a heart attack. I knew people would surely think the question was about me considering he is just a Beta. Maybe that to presumptuous of me. But now I know for a fact he is single. First good thing all day. Now I need to figure out how to ask him to hang with me. Do we have any group assignments coming up? I’m not sure. Taesung just needs to be paired with me. Grrrr. Why is this so hard. Maybe I will see him at lunch.


I don’t usually come to lunch. This is my first time here. Maybe I will Taesung and I can initiate a conversation but accidently bumping into him or something like that. Well, is he’s going to come to lunch? Hmm, what kind of food would he like. -LOOKING AROUND- There he is. Of course, he surrounded by a lot of people. Why does he look so uncomfortable? Tsk. Where is Yohan? He normally never misses lunch. I can use his help right now. Well I’ll just sit and wait.

My phone is going off. It’s Yohan. What does he mean where am I? Is he looking for me in the library? That’s normally where I usually go during lunch. But he never comes looks for me there. What can he possible want? Let me reply so he doesn’t go looking around for me and miss lunch. I’ll stand in line for him. We’re having Tteokbokki, it’s his favorite.


-I’m at the cafeteria. I’m waiting in line for you


-You’re in the cafeteria? Well okay, I’m coming.

What can he possibly want? That he had to come and look for me. There he is. Wait, what is he doing? Is he about to talk to Taesung? Yohan? Damn it, he has the sneaky smirk on his face. Nothing good can come from this, I’m scared. Please Yohan don’t do anything drastic. Oh boy, what’s he up to? I love Yohan but sometimes he can be impulsive and little bit too optimistic. -SIGH- But I guess it’s all a part of his charm. As for me, I always think of the worst possible outcome. So, he balances me out. -SITS- I managed to get all Yohans’ favorite items. I’ll go take a seat and wait for him.


“Hey Taesung, why don’t you come sit with me and my friend”


“Our table doesn’t get many people because well, that doesn’t matter. Sit with us.”

“Where is your table?”

“Over there in the back left near the big window.’

“Okay sure why not.”

Why did Yohan point over here? NO! Are they coming over here? Shit, what am I going to do? Will I be able to control myself? Damn you Yohan. Oh, but this is an opportunity for me to try and talk to him. Right? Better take this chance to make a move. -SMIRK- His smile is gorgeous. How can one person be so enticing. Every time I look at him, I think about the dream. I wonder if he can be that alpha my dream is telling me that I am going to meet. Granted, looking into a dream so much isn’t a good idea but you never know.

Man, why did he have to sit directly in from of me. He scent is so strong. When I close my eyes to breathe him in, he smells like sandalwood and white lotus. Reminds me of the Villages in Jeju. It makes me comfortable. It makes me happy. It reminds me of home.

“Jeyhun? What are you doing?”

“Huh, nothing. Here’s your lunch. I didn’t want you to miss it. Since they had all of your favorites.”

“You’re the best friend anyone could ask for.”

“So, your name is Jeyhun?”


’That’s a nice name.”

“Thank you. My Grandmother named me.”

“I bet your popular with the girls.”

“Nah, he’s more popular with the guys.”

“Is that because you’re an omega?”


“What? Are you embarrassed? There’s nothing wrong with being a male omega. My dad is an Omega.”

“Oh, Really?’

“So, is this guy your Alpha?”

“Yohan? My Alpha?”

“Ah, no. I am a beta. No one opts to date a beta.”

“I see.”


“Can I have your guys number before you leave. I’d like to grab drinks one day”

“Um, s-sure”

“Yeah, Why not.”

Whew! Lunch is over. I hope these next classes are over soon. I need to get home quickly. Being near Taesung is intimidating but he’s a really nice guy. I couldn’t really focus. The only thing on my mind was how his big hands would feel around my waist, holding me while he gently makes love to me. The moment when our pheromones mix that we lose all control. What’s rational isn’t even a thought. I imagine Taesung is choking me both aggressively and tenderly while deep in me. He flips me over with the same look in his eyes, while he was shielding me from the crazy Alphas. To be honest there is no one I want more than this Alpha. Taesung Han, you are my Alpha.


“Good afternoon students. This is Principal Cho, to end the week, we would like to welcome the new transfer Student HAN TAESUNG. Be sure to give him a great big hello! Have a great weekend. See you Monday morning.”

Finally, class is over. I get to relax this weekend. I have to figure out how to get Taesung to notice me. We’ve already spoke for a bit but, I am still nervous even though he was really nice. The issue is if he’s into guys. His dad is an omega. So, I only imagine that his Mom/Dad is an Alpha. Argh! Why am I over thinking this? All I have to do it ask him if he wants to hang out. How hard can that be? Yeah, this is harder than I expected. Is it because of my feelings for Taesung? Maybe it’s because of the high level of insecurities I have. Even though I am an attractive guy, insecurities aren’t a low possibility.

Hmmm, Jeyhun. -Looking in the mirror- You’re tall, athletic, tan, dark wavy hair, golden eyes, but you have zero muscle definition. Damn this omega body. -sigh- Anyways, you can manage to get this Alphas attention. Right? Let’s send him a text and ask him to hang out. What shout I put. - Hey Taesung, Let’s get some drinks? - No that’s too forward, how about – Are you bus – No, no, that’s not it either. Aaarrrrgh! THIS SHOULDN’T BE THAT DAMN DIFFICULT! -SNAP- I got it. Keep it simple.

-Hey Taesung, would like to join me for drinks Saturday night. I know a pretty good bar.


-Oh, I actually already have plans. I wish you would have asked me while we were at school. =(

-No, problem. We can always meet up another maybe with Yohan as well.



Did he just send a sad emoji face? How is he equally both cute and sexy? I think I am going to explode for the adorableness of him. But, it’s not as if he rejected the offer. He just already had other plans. I’ll see if Yohan wants to meet up. Maybe he can help me with Taesung. He is a romantic guy after all. Even for a Beta he isn’t too bad looking either. Ha-ha! People chase him too but he’s more promiscuous. He prefers one-night stands above relationships. I will never understand how someone as romantic as Yohan isn’t interested in love. Either way I know he’ll know how to attract this guy. -DING- Oh Yohan said to meet him at the Lucky Cat. I’ve never been here before. Maybe he saw it on social media somewhere.

-LOOKING AROUND- Is this the place? This looks expensive. Even though I can afford it, I don’t like spending the money that my parents give unnecessarily. Maybe, I’ll check it out anyways. Oh, there is a menu. I guess these prices aren’t too bad. I can see my bar tab being high with wreckless drinking.

“Hey Jeyhun, over here.”

Huh? What is Taesung doing here? I thought he had plans?


“Hey Yohan. Hey Taesung.”

-whispers- “Are you surprised Jeyhun? I called Taesung out and told him I’d be inviting you to come and he said yes. After originally telling me no.”

“What are you guys whispering about?”

“Nothing serious. Let’s each take a starting shot.”

We all took out shots but, it’s so awkward. I don’t know what to talk about. Now that he’s here everything that I planned on saying isn’t even coming out. Damn Yohan, I know I was going to ask for your help. Buy why did you take the initiative without telling me. Why couldn’t you inform me, so that I would be prepared for this? -SIGHS- ­Hm? Why is he looking at me like that? It’s that same glance he gave me when I was pinned to the wall in that small corridor the other day. I can smell his pheromones again. Is he releasing them in purpose? Since Yohan is a beta, I am not even sure if he can smell these pheromones. But the smell it’s so faint. Faint but still strong. Mmm. He’s definitely doing it on purpose. I think he must have noticed my reaction to his pheromones. It smells a bit different this time more seductive. Almost like he flirting with me. The smell is saying look at me, pay attention to me.

The moment our eyes met I begin getting pulled in by his smell and his gaze. Why does my body not listen to me? -PANT- No, No, No! My feel like I’m going into heat, Shit! I have to get away somehow. But my body won’t move. Taesung, Stop! Stop drawing me in. I can’t take it anymore. I have to kiss him.


“HEY! I have an idea. Let’s do Truth or Dare. No response or action take a shot.”

“Let’s do it.”

“I am going to the bathroom. Taesung, Yohan, I’ll be right back.”

Thank you, Yohan. You must have notice and somehow read my mind. I have a chance to go and take my suppressant. Before I jump on Taesung in the bar. Whew! No way. A few more second and me and Taesung would have been fined for indecent exposure. His pheromones are immaculate. The way he draws me in like that is dangerous. I’d do anything he tells me to with pheromones like that.

-Gulp- I don’t know what I am going to at this rate. Let me take a breather. -INHALE- I can’t lose control. That would make like every other omega, who use their scent and bodies to attract alphas. My personality is what I want to attract him first. Taesung has to fall for me because we have a great time together and then I’ll reel him in with my Omega-ness. Ha-ha! I can do this. Let’s go. You got this Jeyhun Park. You can do it.

You can make Taesung yours. Now, get it going. It’s time to claim your ALPHA.

“Took you long enough. First up is Taesung. Truth or dare?”

“Dare, give me your best shot.”

“Ha. I’ll start easy. I dare you to take a shot.”

“Too easy!” *gulp*

Geez, the sound of him slurping that shot was so hot. How is that even possible. -flinch- did he stick his tongue in the cup? And why did he have to look at me while he did it. Maybe it’s the liquor, he looks like he might be drunk. I’m a light weight so anything over 5 shots and I’m done for. If Taesung were to pull the same move from earlier, nothing would stop me from hopping on his dick. So, I have to be cautious and play the cards right.

“What’s next?”

“Alright then, Jeyhun. Truth or Dare.”

“I choose truth.”

“Hmm, is it true that you like someone in our class?”

-SLURP- “I’m not answering.”

“Aww, you’re no fun Jeyhun.”

“I’m not an idiot. I know better the answer your questions, especially that kind.”

Yohan, what are you trying to do? I know you are up to something sneaky but I won’t fall for it. Damn, I think we’re all a bit drunk now. I can’t drink anymore. I’ve already gone over the five-shot limit. How many have I had? Maybe like 8 or 9. That’s almost double my limit. -GROANS- Huh? Wait? When did we get to Yohans house? Am I sobering up? Awesome because I can’t be caught off guard.

“Alright, Taesung, truth or dare?”

“Dare again, I am not afraid of a challenge.”

“A challenge you say? Well then, I DARE YOU TO…

Knowing Yohan, a challenge is something he’ll make sure is unbearable and impossible, even for someone like Taesung. Let’s see just how brave he is now.


“Whaaaaat?! KISS ME?”

“Sure, why not?” -smiling-


“Booooooo, put some effort in.”

No, Yohan. What are you doing? Please don’t do this to me now. -flinch- He let out his pheromones again. That look. Why, just why must you look at me like that. He’s pulling me in again. My suppressants aren’t working properly. The liquor still has me a bit intoxicated. Yohan please help me. If I kiss Taesung right now, it won’t stop there.

Please don’t let me lose myself. Not right now. -inhales, exhales-



“Taesung. Hmm”


Ahhh! His pheromones are stronger. His lips are so soft. No, don’t use your tongue while we kiss. He’s so into it. Taesungs tongue is so warm. I love it. I can’t stop now. -LOOKS AROUND- Where is Yohan? Oh, fuck it! There’s no turning back. Kissing Taesung feels amazing. He such a passionate kisser. He keeps sticking his tongue so deep down my throat. His hands feel exactly how I imagined. It’s over Taesung pulled me in and I don’t want to let go.

We’ve reached the point of no return.

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