My Alpha, His Omega

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EP. 3 - Taesungs Love While in Heat

In this moment all I can I feel is Taesungs hands caressing my chest gently and his pheromones filling the room. As he kisses me, I can’t stop the moans that escape my lips when our part to catch our breath. Mmm, he released more pheromones, they smell so damn good. My mind is slipping away. Taesungs scent has carried me away from the real world. -MOANS- It feels like my heat cycle could start at any moment. All because of his pheromones. Thank goodness my suppressants are somewhat keeping me sane. But how long can I hold out?

“Ahh, Ha! Your kisses are so good Taesung.” I feel like I can come just from his kisses alone.

“Jeyhun, your releasing pheromones as well. You smell like Cherry Blossom in bloom.”

“Ahh, Ah! Taesung”

He’s kissing and licking down my body, teasing my nipples with gentle bites. My heart feels like it’s about to burst out of my chest. My skin, my whole body is burning up. Ahhh! His fingers are…




Taesung is teasing me with his fingers. I want to feel him inside me. Maybe is I grab his... -shocked- His dick is huge. There’s no way it will all fit. I am so turned on by his pheromones are mixing with mine, I don’t even care. At this rate I’ll go completely out of control. My suppressants feel like they are wearing off. Damn it! Not right now. Is his scent that powerful? The room is getting blurry. My mind is going blank. It’s all over I can’t hold back any longer. My heat cycle has absolutely taken over.

Mmmmm, Jeyhun, you already so wet? I’ve only touched your chest.”

“Haa! Haa! Taesung. Stop teasing me and put it in!”

“Tell me what you want, Jeyhun. I can’t understand you.”

“I want you to put your dick in me, NOW!”

“Good boy, Jeyhun.”

“Ahh! Just put it -”

“Ah, so good!”



“You are so tight! Hmm. Ah!”


“Ahhh! T-taesung!”

Ahh, Taesung Don’t, Don’t!”

“What? Do you want me to stop?”

“NO! Don’t stop! I love it! I love it so much!”

“Taesung I think I’m about to – “


Damn! That was amazing, I want more. The words won’t escape my lips.

“Jeyhun? One more time, hmm?”


I never want to stop. I am wrapped in his aura. I didn’t want to stop. The pause in between positions drove me insane. I wanted Taesungs love non-stop. It was amazing, beyond my expectations. He was gentle but rough enough that my mind would go crazy from the confusion of making love and just straight up sex.

My dream didn’t compare to this reality. As I finally calmed down, I looked up and saw a familiar view. The same view from my dream. That view of a beautiful human, whose face I couldn’t see. Except this time the face is clear and it belongs to the Alpha who I wanted to be mine. His name is Taesung Han, the Alpha of my dreams. I drifted asleep while thinking about what just happened. I didn’t even dream that night. Instead it was a blissful sleep of mixed pheromones. I have never been as happy as I am right now. I wonder how Taesung will react tomorrow?

“Jeyhun, are you waking up?”


“Jeyhun wake up!”

“Huh? Yohan, what’s going on?”

“You have been sleeping for about, two days. -smiling-”

WHAT!! I’ve been sleep for two days! What the fuck! How is that even possible. I admit it, Taesung is a monster in bed. But two days? -LOOKS AROUND- I wonder where Taesung is? Did he leave without saying anything, or waiting for me to wake up? Someone cleaned me and put clothes on me. I wonder if it was Yohan?

“Yohan, how did I get in your bed?”

“Umm, we are at your house. You are in your own bed, Jeyhun.”

Oh, this is my room. My vision is much clearer now. How did I get home? Honestly, I don’t remember much of anything. Looking at Yohans face, he looks tired. Did he not get any sleep? He did say it’s been two days. Did he think that I was dead or unconscious? -sigh- Taesung. Where are you? -crash- That loud crash. Was that Yohan. Let me go take a look. -thud- My legs are so weak. Two days sleeping might be the culprit.

“JEYHUN! You’re awake!”

“Yeah, are you okay? Why are you so flustered?”

“I am so sorry, I went overboard. You ended up sleeping for 2 days.”

“It’s okay Taesung. I feel fine.”

“Jeyhun? Umm, we had sex for almost 3 days straight. Yohan said we were not bothered by him walking in. We were lost in each other.”

THREE DAYS? Heh. Well, I can’t say that I am shocked. The way Taesungs pheromones smelled; I am surprised we didn’t go longer. Once my heat cycle started, I knew we’d be at least that long. I am just glad that he is still here. I thought he would run off after realizing what happened. I knew I was drinking too much. It was the only way to get some confidence to tell Taesung my true feelings. Instead my heat cycle made things difficult. That’s right, my heat cycle started. SHIT! That’s not how I wanted to win him over. Fuck! I think I might have to keep my distance. Getting lost in him again is not an option. I’ll be just like every other omega and I don’t want that. I want something genuine and true.

I want to be loved for who I am not for my pheromones. Tomorrow, I am going to avoid him as best as I can. Until I can control myself around him. Just being this close now makes me want to have sex with him all over again. -stares- He’s so beautiful. I can smell his natural pheromone smell. Even though he isn’t releasing them, it’s still enticing. Sigh. What am I going to do? Part of me wants to avoid me and the other half wants him to devour me.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, everything is fine. -smiles

I can admit that while I enjoyed being in bed with him, I have some guilt. Keeping my distance is the best option I have right now. That way I don’t have to express my emotions while sober. I can’t even look him his face. If he asked for something, denying him would be difficult. Now that I am awake, I think that I can tell them to leave. Because they both look exhausted. Yohan for sure because we used him home. Great double guilt. I should apologize for intruding in his personal space.

“Umm, Taesung, can you leave the room so I can speak with Yohan, please.?”

“Sure. I was making you some kimchi soup.”



“Before you apologize, it okay. There a reason why we came to my home.”

“What? You knew this would happen?”

“Well not sex but I thought you guys would get along better in private.”

“Why did you-? It was inappropriate of us to do, I’m sorry...”

“To be honest Jeyhun. I was hoping it turned out this way. I didn’t expect for it take three days. Ha-ha”


“You don’t look happy though. Are you still hooked on this not using your omega charm to sway him?”


“Jeyhun, trust me when I say, you are thinking too hard about this.”


Yohan’s right. Maybe I am thinking too much into it. We did hang out for a bit. To be honest, there is a part of me that wish this would have went differently. I do like have some of those feelings towards Taesung. But I can’t shake the feeling that Taesung might be feeling different. Even if he did stay. It’s just because he feels bad for what happened. That makes me feel pathetic. He doesn’t feel bad because he has feelings for me. So, I’ve definitely decided that no matter what, I must avoid him at all cost.


First period bell. We have homeroom together. I will sit in a different seat and I hope that I don’t run into him. -running- Shit! There he is. Is he waiting for me? No, Jeyhun. What are you thinking, of course he’s not waiting for you? Why did he have to be in front of the classroom. Ah! Awesome someone has his attention. Now I can sneak pass him. -dash- I found a seat that’s nowhere near him. Hopefully he won’t be able to see me here.

Ah! Phew! It’s been a long day but I made it to lunch. I am going to a nearby park. Where I can relax. I managed to avoid him for half the say. Only a few more hours to go. They did have my favorite today, Samgyeopsal. I left class early and was the first in line. Man, how long do I plan to avoid Taesung? Every time I saw him, he seemed to be looking for me. But why is he looking for me? -bing- Ah, why is my phone going on off? Oh, its Yohan. -Where are you? Taesung is looking for you everywhere- Geez. Why is he looking for me so much that he needed to ask Yohan my whereabouts?

Hopefully, he won’t think to come to the park. Please don’t come look for me here. Facing you is going to be so hard. Sigh. This is too much. Maybe a few days off might be more sufficient. Tsk. It’s almost time for midterms. Can I really avoid classes right now? Damn it.


“Ahhh! Taesung!”

“Jeyhun? Are you avoiding me?”

“N-no. Why do you think that?”

“Every time our eyes meet you go the other way. You also rushed past me during first period. You sat in a different seat and everything.”

“I think you are seeing things. Heh.”

“Sigh. Are you avoiding me because of what happened at Yohans house?”

“Of course not.”

Why does he look like that? It’s not as if he like me. So why are you being so persistent in looking for me? These are all the things that I wanted to ask him. Are your feelings for me the same as mine for you? But I don’t have the confidence to do that.

“Then why won’t you look at me?”



What’s with the 21 questions. Just give me some space to think. -grrrr- Maybe I was being too harsh. He looked so down. But I just want some space to think about what I want to do. I wonder what Taesung wants from me?

(The next chapter is going to be from Taesungs POV)

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