My Alpha, His Omega

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EP. 4 - Taesungs Omega

Sigh. Jeyhun, what is the real reason for you to be avoiding me like this. Your pheromones say you are attracted to me. What the problem? Did you hate it that much? Do you hate me? You don’t really have a reason to hate me, do you? I can’t let you go now that I have had you in my arms. I never met an Omega like you. I have to have you as my omega.

Actually, why would you date and Alpha like me? You have alphas chasing you every day. You’re always surrounded by them. Each one trying to win you over. In what ways can I make you notice me. Hmm. Maybe, I can ask Yohan for help. He knows you better than anyone.

Now where could Yohan be right now? Les CAFÉ! He said works at one part time. I will wait until his break and ask him to help me out. -stops- Actually, he helped me this time too but it ended in Jeyhun being mad at me. No! No matter what I have to have Jeyhun. I’ll text Yohan.


-Yohan, when do you have your break? I need to ask you some question about Jeyhun.

-18:30 – I can help you. Feel free to drop by.

-Okay. See you soon.

-Sure thing.

Argh! Why am I so nervous? Talking to people isn’t hard for me at all. I am very sociable. Maybe is because its concerning Jeyhun and I have feelings for him that’s making it so hard for me. I hope that Yohan can explain it to me. Was I that terrible in bed? I don’t think so. Jeyhun definitely was enjoying himself, heat cycle aside. Oh man, maybe he regrets it. If that turned out to be the truth, how am I going to win him over. Maybe we can have sex again. No, no, no. That’s not the solution. My sweet Jeyhun please talk to me and explain the problem please. I do not want to lose you, not like this.

Umm, this is the address he sent me. This is a nice coffee bar.


“Welcome sir, table or bar?”

“Bar please. Also, could you let Yohan know that Taesung is here please. Also, a coffee with a shot. Thank you.”

“Of course.”

Haa! What am I going to do? I was thinking of Jeyhun the whole drive here. -sigh- I need calm down. I have never felt this way before. We got along great during dinner. We were having a great time at Yohan house. What went wrong? The only outcome is because we had sex. -Ahhh! - Why Taesung? Why did you do that? Maybe he didn’t like my pheromones. What was it? My mind is going crazy. So many questions and no answers. I’ve never felt this way before, I don’t know what to do.

“Taesung, are you okay, what’s going on?

“Yohan, why does Jeyhun hate me? Did I do something wrong”

(He looks so sad) “No, Taesung, it’s not you. He doesn’t hate you. If you want to know what’s going on, just ask Jeyhun yourself.

“How do I do that when he runs whenever I see him. Sigh.”

“Listen dude, the most I can tell you is that you need to be stern with him. Make him listen. Jeyhun is very stubborn. Use just a little aggression. (wink)

“I don’t want to force him to talk to me. What if I push him farther away?”

“Chase him, don’t give up. I have a feeling that he likes you too.”


Alright Taesung, you can do this. Yohan said that Jeyhun should be leaving his last class right now. Maybe I will wait for him outside his class. -loud- Huh? What’s going on in the class. Why is it so rambunctious? Argh! Look at those alphas surrounding him. He looks so uncomfortable. -hide- What should I do? I can help him. But he might not want my help he’s been trying to avoid me this whole week. -crash- What is that? Who is that and why is he on Jeyhun like that? Ah, he sees me. WAIT! He looking at me like eh needs help. I can see it in his eyes.


“Jeyhun, are you okay What the fuck are you doing to him?”

“Who the hell are you?”

“I am his alpha? What fuck do you think you are doing to him?”

“Wait, really? So Jeyhun wasn’t lying about having an alpha.”

“Yeah, right I don’t believe you. *woosh*

“Ha! Did you try to intimidate me with such pathetic pheromones?”


“There no way you can overpower all three of us.”


“Hahahaha!! Such weak fucking hormones. Such pathetic ass alphas.”


“L-let’s get out of here. We’re no match for a dominant Alpha of this caliber.”

“Jeyhun are you okay? Let me take you home.”

“Thank you Taesung, I was so scared.”

He stayed quiet the whole ride to his house. I didn’t want to ask him too many questions because today was already a crazy day. But I couldn’t forget the face he gave me when I eyes locked through the small window. Maybe this will be a way for him to stop avoiding me. Maybe he will talk to me. See that I am not such a bad person. Whatever happens after this I hope that he will stop running away from me. I keep looking at him. He looks so sad still. What if I didn’t come past his class what would’ve happened. Just thinking about the possibility of anyone touching him like I have pisses me off.

Grrrr. Damn bastards. I wanted to break their necks right then. If Jeyhun wasn’t on my mind and I blacked out, they would have been in a hospital. Three alphas on one omega. How dare they release those weak, disgusting pheromones. -inhale- I need to calm down. -exhale- Nothing happened. I am just happy I showed up when I did. Maybe I should have marked you. Maybe they wouldn’t have tried to harass you. Hm. It’s too quiet. Maybe I should ask him if he’s okay. So, I can take his mind off it.



“Um, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I am still a little shaken. I didn’t think that it would be so troubling.”

“Uh. Hm.”

“I really appreciate you stepping in to help me. After ignoring you all week, I didn’t think you’d help.”


“Of course, I will always be there for you if you need me.”

“-blush- Thanks Taesung. You are such a good person.”

“Oh, we’re here.”

“Thanks. You can come in if you want to.”

“Sure, do you have tea?’

“Yes. I have wine also.”

“Uh, I will take tea. But don’t let me stop you from drinking.”

Jeyhun is in a better mood. -looking around- This is a nice apartment. I am glad he’s feeling more relaxed. Every time I look at him, I get pissed off. Those assholes!! How dare they touch my Jeyhun like that. No, let me relax. But looking at him smile calms my nerves. I’ll drop the issue. For now. But I will get my revenge. Alphas that think Omegas are simply for producing heirs piss me off. Omegas are more than that. They are mates for life. We are supposed to cherish them, protect them and love them forever. The moment I make Jeyhun mine, he will never feel the fear he felt today. Not ever. I will protect my Omega with my mind, body and soul. I will protect Jeyhun with my life. These are the things that make a dominant Alpha so respectable.

“Umm, Taesung here’s your tea.”

“Thank you Jeyhun.”

Also, your pheromones feel pretty angry.”

“I am so sorry, Jeyhun.”

“Don’t worry about what happened today. I don’t want you to go and do something to get yourself expelled.”

“I won’t. I give you my words on my Alpha pride,”-smiles-

“Okay.” -smiling-

Huh? What is that smell? Did Jeyhun just release his pheromones. -sniffs- He smells so good. Jeyhun, your scent is so sweet. I feel so relaxed. The light smell of cherry blossoms in bloom. Maybe I will release a little as well to let him know that, I smelled his. Heh. When our scents mix it’s almost like an aphrodisiac to me. Jeyhun you are an amazing.

(Will you please, be my Omega?)

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