My Alpha, His Omega

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EP. 5 - The Perfect Omega


Ugh. Classes are dragging on today. The last semester in next week and midterms are coming up. I haven’t studied that much. Maybe Yohan will agree to a study session. He has the top grades on our class, followed by Taesung. -smile- Taesung. A perfect specimen of an Alpha. We haven’t seen much of each other this semester because we have different classes and he is busy with the Finance Department and Student Council. But when we do hang out things are not as awkward as they were before.

For a few weeks we were hanging out with Yohan. Until he decided that it was time for him to stop being a third wheel. Tomorrow we agreed to go to lunch. It’s going to be the first time hanging out just the two of us. Do I dress up or do I dress casually?


-Jeyhun, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow afternoon. Dress nicely. ;)


Nicely? What does he mean by dress nicely? I dress casually but style it up. So, I wore some jeans, tucked in graphic tee, with an oversized cardigan. Yeah, I am looking oh so fine! Hurry up lunch time. For once I don’t have to each this nasty school café food.


Yes. Class is finally over and it’s time for our date. I wonder if Taesung is finished with class. He said to wait for him but the Art Department. Just when I thought, today was going to be a good date, I turn the corner and I see that perfect from a month ago. She makes every stop talking when she walks past. It’s almost like she’s the queen of omegas. She rich, pretty, popular, perfect body and her scent definitely that of high-class omega. Her black hair and ice blue eyes make her almost too perfect. The only issue is that her attitude stinks.

Huh? Taesung? Why is she all over him like that? Is she flirting with him? He doesn’t look like he hates being touched by her. I can’t compare to an Omega like her. I have plenty of self-esteem. My confidence is very high, but not high enough to that I think Taesung wouldn’t choose an omega like her over me. Sigh. I guess I will just go home. This date was going to be my chance to win Taesung over. Ah. Going home isn’t a good idea. Taesung knows where I love and going to Yohans house wouldn’t be a good idea either.

Wait, That’s right! I will call Yoo Eun-Ae. She said if I needed to crash at her place I could. She is an Alpha. Luckily for me she is interested in Female Omegas. I know that I can trust Eun-Ae with giving me sound advice. If I am being overly dramatic, she will let me know. Must be an alpha thing. We were high school friends but she goes to a different University than I do. Luckily, she still lives in the area.



“Eun-Ae, can I crash at your place please?”

“Jeyhun, are you crying? Where are you? I’m coming right now.”

“I am outside your apartment.”

“I’ll buzz you in. Come on up.”

“Eun-Ae. There an alpha I like.”

“Huh?! Really?!”

“We had a date today but… *sniffle*”

“What happened Jeyhun, don’t cry.”

I explain the situation to Eun-Ae. After I finished explaining, she just stared at me. Eun-Ae isn’t the type to be speechless, so I am kind of concerned about what might happen next. I watched her inhale and exhale then she just laughed. Something is telling me that I am about to get a mouthful.

“JEYHUN, ARE YOU A DAMN IDIOT!!! Why would you run off? You should have walked towards them. Grrrr. *facepalm* You used to be so confident, what the hell dude.”

“I know but you didn’t see this Omega, Eun -Ae.”

“Well based on the description you gave me; it sounds like you’re talking about Gim Jae-Hwa.


“You know who I’m talking about. She was that nerdy beta from High School.”

“NO WAY!! Becoming an omega has clearly changed her. Now I feel even worse. Ahhhhhhhhh!”

Damn it. If a Beta can become this perfect of an Omega, then how will I ever compete. Giving up isn’t an option but idk what to do. I know that when I get back to school Monday, he will be looking for me. Wanting to know what happened. What will I say to him? I saw that beautiful Omega on you so I got jealous and ran away. It’s the truth but I couldn’t say that aloud. Truth is since we had sex during my heat cycle, I have no way of knowing whether or not if he likes me or the Omega, he had sex with. But I guess I never got a chance to ask after running off. -sigh- Just what is going on with me?



“Jeyhun, what’s wrong? what were you thinking about?”

“Eun-Ae. I’m scared. I really like Taesung. What do I do?”

“Wait? Did you say Taesung? As in Han Taesung!”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Well, I can see why you would be nervous about an Omega like Jae-Hwa. They both come from High Society Families. So Naturally their families would want them to marry to produce proper heirs. But Taesung doesn’t care about that, from what I hear. Which is why he’s at this University as appose to some other Prestigious School.”

Eun-Ae always gives me solid advice. If Taesung isn’t interested in a high-class Omega like Jae-Hwa then maybe I can apologize and maybe we can go on another date. Or maybe I can text him. We can meet up, it’s still early. Vrr. Vrr. My phone is ringing. I wonder if its Yohan?


“Answer it Jeyhun, don’t just stare at it.”

I’m scared what if he’s upset with me. I wouldn’t know what to say. Even worse what if he gets mad and says he doesn’t want to see me again.


“Jeyhun! Where are you? Are you okay? Someone said they saw your running off with crying. Is everything okay.”

“Yeah. I’m, I’m, *sniffle*”


“I’m not okay.”

“Please tell me what’s wrong? Hmm. Please.”


“Please Jeyhun. Do you dislike me?”

“No! It’s not that. I don’t dislike you. When I came to meet you after my class. I saw that Omega, Jae-Hwa on your arm and I got jealous and I ran away. I didn’t even bother to ask you anything. My feelings took over and I don’t know what to do.”

“Where are you, can we meet up so we can talk about it please?”

“Sure. I am at my friend’s house.”

“Hey, Taesung!”

“Was that Eun-Ae? I am on my way.”

“Wait! How do you know- “


He knows Eun-Ae. I wonder how they know each other. She is quite the popular female alpha. In High School she had such a feminine face and body but she was so masculine. She played basketball, volleyball and soccer. She was definitely quite the jock. Now that I think about it, she transferred out Senior year because her Dad became the CEO of a major corporation. Maybe she met Taesung then.

It’s time for our late but promised date. Taesung wanted me to meet him at Riche-El. It’s a high-end restaurant that you need to makes reservations for months in advanced. Ow he got them in such late notice is beyond me. However, since I imagine that I won’t have to pay, I am not going to complain about it.

“Order anything you’d like Jeyhun. It’s all on me.”



“So Jeyhun, I wanted to say this first. That Omega you seen me with earlier. Jae-Hwa, she is my cousin. She used to be Beta but for some reason when she met her Alpha, she became an Omega and she changed completely.”

“Oh! Your cousin. Wait, your cousin!!!”

“Yep. She was begging to meet you. She said you went to the same High School. But I assume you didn’t recognize her because she changed. Ha-ha!”

“Yeah, I was surprised when Eun-Ae told me that. Also, how do you know Eun-Ae?”

“Hahahaha! She joined the boys’ soccer team. I was captain ant the time. She was good. I let her on the team.”

“I see. I feel so embarrassed after I ran off and didn’t let you explain,”

“It’s okay. You being jealous just means you must like me a lot.” -smiles-


“Here are your orders, please enjoy the meal. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Thank you. I hope you like it Jeyhun.”

I don’t know what to do. Of course, I like Taesung. How could I not. He perfect. Do I admit to liking him or do I confess my feelings? Honestly, I am more scared that he doesn’t like me. We are having this dinner as friends, even though I called it a date. The way he looks at me is very sexy. His eyes say I am his prey. Hmmm. He releasing his pheromones. They smell and feel so relaxed and flirtatious. I am getting hot but I need to finished this meal before I have my next meal. If he wants to play pheromone tag then, I shall oblige.


“Jeyhun, I love your scent.”

“Is that so? Is that why you keep teasing me with your scent.”

“Maybe.” -smile-

“This food is amazing”

I have to change the subject. So that he stops releasing his pheromones. I would do him right in this restaurant and could care less if people saw us.



“You are so beautiful.”

“Thank you, Taesung. You are good looking as well.”

’Thank you, Jeyhun.

Why does he keep looking at me with those eyes? He Is drawing me in. I want to kiss him so bad. I don’t think I can control myself.


“Yes, Sir”

“Can we get a private room please.” -lifts credit card-

“Of course, sir.”

“Jeyhun, you don’t see yourself right now. You’re looking at me like a dessert.


“Kiss me, Jeyhun,”


-kiss- Hmmm, Taesung please, stop.”

“Okay. If you want me too. Can you finish your meal?”

“Uh, I umm.”

-kiss- “I like you. Jeyhun”


“I like you.

Taesung just said that he likes me. Am I dreaming? I am so shocked that I don’t know what to say all I can do is look at him. Holding back my tears is getting to be hard. I might finally have my own Alpha.

“Jeyhun, do you like me, too?

(Next Episode is from Taesungs POV)

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