My Alpha, His Omega

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EP. 7 - The New Alpha

It’s been 3 weeks since the alley incident and Taesung has been really worried anytime a creepy looking Alpha approaches me. I don’t blame him at all. I have been a bit nervous when I don’t see him close by. But so far things have been just fine. I do have my moments when I have a flashback when I grabbed too suddenly. But Taesung is always there to calm me down. His scent relaxes me. I realize that I haven’t properly confessed my feelings back towards him. He hasn’t pushed the issue either.

I honestly wish he was a little more forceful and pushed the feelings out of me. I feel like that is partly because of what has happened recently. But I must say things are getting better knowing that he will be there to protect me. Huh? What’s going on over there. Why are those people around the class? Hmm.

“Hey, what’s going on. Why is everyone crowded around this class? Move out of the way!”

“Jeyhun, there is a new Alpha in your class. He is so handsome. All the Omegas are trying to get a chance with him.”


“He’s been rejecting everyone left and right.”

Ugh! The nerve. I already don’t like him. I have to get a good look at this Alpha that thinks he too good for anybody. Damnit people out of my way. Geez. Let me take a look. -stares- Ah. I can’t deny it. He is quite a beautiful Alpha. No wonder the omegas are fawning over him. Whoa, why did he push them to the side like that. Wait, is he walking towards me? Oh God! Please don’t be me. Please don’t be me, because I do not want to be hated my all these desperate Omegas. I already declared I wanted Taesung and that was a struggle with these same omegas seeing us hang out.

“What a beautiful Omega. What’s your name?”

-looks around- “Who me?”

“You are the most beautiful Omega in the room. So yes. You.” -kisses hand-

“Ah, my name is Park Jeyhun.”

“A perfect name for the perfect Omega. Would you consider having lunch with me?”

Ha! Does he think these stupid lines are going to work with me? I can tell his type. Dominant. Entitled. They type I always run away from.

“No, thanks I am not interested.” -pulls hand away-

-woosh- “I am not some basic Alpha.”

“Heh. Quite confident aren’t you. But I have to say that you scent isn’t that extravagant. While you could probably get anyone, that person is not me.”

-pulls- “I love to play the chasing game. So, don’t play hard to get.”


Damn he’s strong. I won’t lie his pheromones are quite strong. If I have to stand near him any longer, we’d be on our way to the bathroom. Shit. I’m feeling the effects of his pheromones. He’s gorgeous. I want to kiss him right now. Why is it so effective?

“See, even a proud omega such as yourself can become putty in my hands.”

“Not going to happen.”

“It’s not like you have been marked so, fighting is useless.”

I can’t fall succumb to his pheromones. Shit, where the hell is Yohan. Better yet where is Taesung. Why can’t alphas just leave me alone. This is why it’s ideal to be marked by your own alpha. Because they won’t touch you in your already marked. Grrr. If only taesung was my Alpha. Fuck! That’s right. Taesung admitted his feelings for me and I haven’t even told him that I like him back.

-push- “STOP IT! I don’t like you.”

“HEY! What’s going on?”

“Shit, its Yohan.”

-stares- “Excuse me. Why do you have your hands on Jeyhun like that? Maybe I should try to show you why that is a mistake.” -points-

-glares- “Why do you have your hands on him? Remove your filthy hands now.”


-push- “I said remove your hands NOW!”

“Easy, big guy, it was just some harmless flirting.”

“Well, he didn’t like it. So, refrain from touching him. Let’s go Jeyhun.”

“Umm, okay.”

Once again Taesung shows up at the perfect time. He looks pissed. I am not going to fight with him. He has an aggressive grip on my wrist. Ouch. It’s very painful. I won’t say anything until he feels like letting me go.

“Damn it! Why does Alphas keep trying to be so forceful with you”?

“This happens to me all the time. I am rather used to it.”

“It bothers me, when they use their pheromones to force themselves on omegas. That why I hate dominant Alphas, so fucking entitled. Think just because they are dominant, they deserve any omega they seem worthy. They’re just like my family. BASTARDS!”

I think he is still worried about the two incidents with those alphas from last time. But what about his family That make shim hate Dominant Alphas. I mean considering he is one. Is this the right time to ask him about his family. I wanted to ask him to dinner so I can clear things up with him. Taesung needs to know how I’ve been feeling since then and how I am feeling now. That includes my feelings for him too. I think if I ask him to mark me. It might be too much. I wonder if he hates being a dominant. Is that why he kept his inhibitors in the car and why he was in a rush to take them. He didn’t want to just force himself on me. The more I think about it I do not know much about him or his family.

Sigh. But all of that aside what am I even waiting for? Jeyhun, he likes you. Just yell it to him right now. Tell him you like him.

-gulp- “Taesung?”


“Taesung, do you want to go out to dinner tonight. I have some things to say to you.”

“Huh. Sure. Would you like to dine on the beach? I can prepare food for us.”

-smiles- “Yes! I’d love that.”

That seemed to wind him down but he is still pissed off. It makes me kind of anxious but I won’t push the issue. But I have to get back to class. I hope he will be okay.

I made it to class on time. Whew! Shit! I can barely focus. I can feel that Alpha staring at me. I need to be careful because I don’t want Taesung to get into trouble. Especially not because of me. That’s why tonight I am going to confess my feelings to him and ask him to mark me. Whatever happens I want Taesung to claim me. Oh, class is almost over. I need to run home and freshen up.


Ah! I’m done. It’s time to meet Taesung. Wait, he never said where we were supposed to meet up at. I need to send him a quick text. Taesung, where are we supposed to meet at? I wait for him to reply. I need to finished getting dressed. Let’s take a look. Hair, check. Clothes, check. Face, -kiss- check. I am all ready to go. VRR. VRR. Hehe. It’s Taesung. Come downstairs. Huh? What does he mean come downstairs? -looks outside- He’s here to pick me up? -waves- He looks so good. I am so nervous. I have to execute my plan perfectly. -running- Here I come, Taesung.

-hugs- “Hey Taesung.” -smiling-

“Hey beautiful. Are you ready to go?”

“Yes. Let’s go.”

Taesung is so good looking. His brown skin, dark hair, his golden eyes that look like fire in this sunset. He so mesmerizing. The idea that he is going to be mines makes me want to pounce on him. I am going to put my hand in his lap. -smile- Let’s release a small amount to pheromones. Just let him know how much I love being with him right now.

-sniff- “Mm. Jeyhun, I love your scent. -kiss- So much.”

“I feel the same way about your scent and about you.”

“Huh? What did you just say?”

“I like you Taesung. I like you a lot. I’ve like you ever sense you used your pheromones to protect me the first time we met. For so long I never reacted to the pheromones of any Alpha. That’s why I ran off. The reaction I had was shocking.”

“Finally! I like you too Jeyhun.” -kiss-

This date was so perfect. Taesungs food he cooked was so amazing. Sitting by the water and just relaxing., talking about whatever else comes to mind. It feels so unreal. As long as I don’t wake up in this moment. I will happy.

“Taesung, I am going to run to the restroom. I’ll be right back”

“Okay.” -kiss-

OMG! Ahhh! -falls- I can’t believe this is real. Me and Taesung on a date. A real date. And it’s so perfect. I have to thank Yohan because I couldn’t have been able to make such bold moves. I have to thank Eun-Ae as well. She talked some sense into me. I probably would have ignored his call if I was alone. -creak- Wait, who just came in here. There was no one on the beach but us. Maybe a just a pedestrian or cyclist. Anyways I need to get back to my date.

“I’m coming Taesung.”


“Where do you think you are going?”

“COUGH! What, what are you doing here?’

“I told you. I like to play the chasing game. By the looks of it that alpha didn’t mark you yet. So, if he won’t, I will. I will take you from him.”

“No! No! Just stop it.”

-WOOSH- “No, I turned down so many Omegas. You are too perfect to pass up.”

“Please. I like Taesung. I can’t be yours.”

“You will be mine. I will make you mine.”

“You can’t. You can’t mark me!”


No! Of all the time for this asshole to show up. Of all the fucking times!

“Such pretty tan and smooth skin. The light smell of cherry blossoms coming off your skin. – licks- Why would I let an Omega like you go.”

-push- “Let go of me.”

“You perfectly sculpted chest that’s not to masculine, your delicate waist. It’s almost similar to a woman.” -suck, kiss-

Taesung. Please help me. I do not want to be marked by this Alpha. That’s why he hates his type. The ones who think they deserve whatever Omega they want. Damn it, Jeyhun fight back. Why are his pheromones so damn strong? I can’t even fight him back. The pheromones are choking me out. -cough- Damn. I can’t even yell for help. Shit, I’m getting dizzy.

“I wonder what’s taking Jeyhun so long. I better to check on him.”

I hope taesung shows up. He always feels when something isn’t right and shows up right on time. I wish I was strong enough to fight this Alpha off of me and run right into Taesungs arms.

“Do you think you fight me off? That Alpha probably won’t even come and check on you.”




“What is that all that noise?”

When I finally managed to regain consciousness, I saw Taesung in a fury, kicking and punching that Alpha. If I can stop him, he could kill him and get in so much more trouble. I have to stop him. I can’t feel my legs yet.



“Taesung, stop! He’s knocked out.”

“Hell no! I sick of these damn Alphas putting their hands on you! I hate these kinds of DOMINANT ALPHAS THE MOST! I’M GOING TO KILL HIM.”


“Taesung look at me. I’m fine. -pulls- Please look at me. -kiss- I am fine,”

I never seen that kind of look in his eyes before. He looks like he would kill him if I didn’t stop him. His feelings for me are unreal and if this is how he is when he hasn’t marked me.

I have to be more careful when he does mark me. Next time he will be unstoppable.

“Taesung. Let’s go back to your place.

If I don’t get him out of here, he might start back up. He’s burning up. Why is he so hot? Is he that mad? His breathing is heavy, temperature is high. Eyes are turning red. Wait! Is he about to be in his rut? It can’t be. Did this incident trigger it? I don’t know if I should be here or not. I don’t want to leave him like this after what happened. Whoa! His pheromones are too strong. Let me wind the window down.

-huff- “Shit! Jeyhun hand me the pills in the back please.” – huff-

“Are these the ones?”

“Yes, and water please.”

“Okay. Here you go.”

-gulp, gulp- “Ha! Thank you.”

He had his pills ready. This definitely was the beginning phase of his rut. He was prepared for it. That means his rut can happen any day now. Did he have them just in case? Did he want to sure he won’t lose control with me and do something he regrets. I have seen my sister in a rut and it’s not pretty. So, I understand it to a point. I don’t have experience in handling Alphas in a rut. However, if that means that Taesung needs me than I want to be by his side. I will not leave him to suffer alone. -zzzz-

“Jeyhun, wake up. We’re here. Wake up.”

“Hmmm, not yet.”

“I will carry you then.”

Argh. Why is it so hot? -looks- I fell asleep. Taesung changed my clothes and was holding me in his arms this whole time. He’s handsome even when he sleeps. Why are you so perfect? Hmm. He smells so good. Plus, his hair is so long, soft and curly.

“Jeyhun, you’re awake?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, did I wake you?”

“No, did you want to shower?”

“Sure. Thanks.”

This is it Jeyhun. Now is the time to seduce him. Come out of the shower in just a bathrobe. Come out with your pheromones on full blast and straddle him. Kiss him and get your mark. Hehe! He won’t even know what hit him.

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