My Alpha, His Omega

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EP. 8 - My Alpha, His Omega

As much as I hate dominant Alphas, I need to be one tonight. I have to show my strength It’s the only way that the marking will be effective. As long as my rut doesn’t come then I should be fine. Since our date was cut short, we had finish it here. Tonight, I will officially make Jeyhun mine. He will be my Omega. -smirk-

-door opens-

“You’re done! Jeyhun, would you like some…. wine?”


He came out the bathroom still wearing a robe. -inhale- Knowing him, he didn’t put the clothes on that I gave him. -exhale- Hmm. He came out the bathroom with his pheromones turned to the max. Oh Jeyhun, I am going to devour you tonight.

“Do you like wine, Taesung.”

“I do. I like wine very much”

Damn his smell is so strong. If he gets too close, I might jump right on him and make him go crazy. -gasp- He poured the wine on his body with a seductive look in his eyes.

“Taesung. Come here and tell me how the wine taste.”

“You sultry Omega. You are mine.”


Hmm. Taesungs kisses feel so good. His tongue is so wet and warm. The way he licks and sucks on my chest makes me instantly hot and wet. He is taking his sweet time. Making sure to clean all of the wine off of me. The look in his eyes tell me everything that I need to know. I am in for one hell of a night.

“By the way, this wine taste much better when it’s on your body. -kiss - I think I want more. So good.”

“Ahh. Taesung. Not there.”

“Then what about here?”

“Yes! There.”

Taesung is making sure he doesn’t waste any of the wine. Swallowing all of it from every nook and cranny of my body.

“You’re so wet and so sweet Jeyhun. You’re twitching.” -slurps-

“Hmmm. Ahh. Taesung if you suck me like that I will… -flinch- come…. Ahhh!”

“You can’t come yet. This pretty hole of yours needs my attention too.”

His tongue slurping, licking and devouring my hole as if it’s his very last meal. I could come just from this alone. Wait. No. Why did he stop? Hmm. He released his pheromones and its super strong. -shiver- What the hell. Did I just come from smelling his scent? No Way? What kind of Alpha is he? I am a little concerned but I have waited too long for this.


Oh, Jeyhun made a mess. Just from smelling my scent. Hmm. What am I going to do with him? Time to make him go crazy. I won’t even touch him. This is a little trick I learned from my sister. She taught it to me when I was young. I never thought that I would ever use this trick. My sister called it Pheromone Vibrator. She is very eccentric. But it was an effective in driving Omegas crazy. However, she always went over board and it pissed me off. Anyways, time to test it.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Jeyhun, you’re so naughty. That small wave of my pheromones made you come? That’s too bad.” (Now, I have to turn up the flow.)

“Hmm. Ah. Taesung. Stop teasing me.”

“I don’t think that I can do that. Watching you shiver and quake from just my pheromones turns me on. You look so erotic right now.” (Now let me tone it down.)

“Ah. Hmm. Taesung. Stop please. Don’t tease me like that”

(Let’s turn it up again) “I love the way you look on your face right now.”

“Ahhh! Huff! Hmmm. Mm. Tae. Sung.”

“Watching you has me rock hard. Take a look Jeyhun. This is what you do to me.”

“Mmm. Come here and let me have a taste.”

Mmm. Wow. Jeyhun is taking me deep in his throat. The view is turning me on even more. -flinch- He’s devouring me fully. Licking and sucking me down to the base and back up to the tip. He’s swallowing my dick like his favorite meal. Jeyhun is my favorite meal. Damn, I want to play to.

“Jeyhun come here. Let me taste you again.”

“Hmm. Okay.”


OMG! The way Taesung is licking and sucking me feels so good. He constantly changes the level of pheromones he releases; it feels like a vibrator. The level of ecstasy fluctuates and its intense and feels amazing at the same time. First its high amounts then low amounts. Then he does it in rapid succession. I never felt anything like it before. I love it. It’s so addicting. I want him inside me right now.

“Taesung. That enough, hurry and up and put it in. Please I want to feel you inside me. I want to feel you all the way up to here.”

“So impatient, Jeyhun. But I will give you what you want.”


He just stuck his fingers in and I am about to come. I can’t control myself. I am about to come again. Shit! -shiver-

“No, No, my sweet omega. Who told you that you could come? Hm?’

“Taesung. Please let me come. Please.”


Shit! I want to come so bad. He’s blocking the tip with his thumb. I need to feel him right now. I am going crazy. I guess I need to use my pheromones too. If he wants to play that game then we can play.

“Taesung. I WANT YOU IN ME NOW!”

“That a boy! That’s how you beg. Now, I will give you what you want. I’m going in.”

Yes! Yes! It feels so good. He’s gently thrusting in and out. Hitting me deepest part of me. He releases his pheromones every time he pushes into me. A double dose of pleasure is making me go crazy. When he pulls out, I release a burst of my pheromones. I can see him close his eyes and throw his head back. I can hear moan escape his lips. That’s right two can play that game.


“Jeyhun, you feel so good. You’re so wet and tight.”

“Where is your sweet spot?”


“Found it”

“Ah! Yes! More! More! Ah! It feels so good. Taesung! -kiss-

“Mmm. Jeyhun. You clinch around me every time I did deep into you. Especially when I hit right here!” -thrust-

“Yes! There. Faster!”

’Hmm? You mean here?”


Damn. Jeyhun is driving me crazy. Every time I pull back, he releases his pheromones and it makes me push back harder. I can’t stop kissing him. He kisses me every time our eyes lock. I can tell he is loving it as well.

“Turn around. Lift your waist up. -pulls- Tell me Jeyhun. How do you like it? Here?”

“Yes! Taesung! Yes! More!”

Shit! I am about to lose control. I have never had this reaction before to an Omega. Hmm. Jeyhun is amazing! Now, I am watching him on top of me bouncing and rocking his hips like he’s in a rodeo. Watching him ride me in this position, I can see him swallowing my dick deep. I am about to come. Fuck! He feels so good. Ah! Shit! I came a lot. Heh. I am not done with him yet.

“Jeyhun, wait. I need a new condom. Ah, fuck it. I will take it off and go back in. I can’t wait.”

“Ah! Don’t stop. More Taesung, more!”

“Jeyhun! Hm. You’re so hot inside.”

“Taesung. I love you.” -kiss-

“I love you too, My sweet Omega.”

“Taesung, I love you.” -kiss-

“Jeyhun. Say your mine. Say you won’t let anyone else touch this body. Say it.”

“I’m yours! Ahh! My body is only yours to touch. Ah! Hm!”

“Good boy. Let’s take this to the bedroom.”

Grrr. I am about to lose it. -flinch- I love you. Yes. I love you so much. Jeyhun you are mine. Wait, what’s going on? I don’t know what’s happening. My body is moving on its own. All I can see it Jeyhun under me in pleasure. Saying my name. Begging me for more. I can’t take it anymore. The dominant Alpha in me is slowly taking over.

-bite- “Now you are mine.” -bite- “I love you, my beautiful Omega.”


Finally. Taesung is mine. He keeps thrusting in and out. Harder and Faster. Biting me all over. Marking me. Making me his. That’s right. I am his.

“Taesung. Ah! Ah! Hm. Ahh! I’m. I’m about to come.”

“Me too. Come with me Jeyhun.” -bite- -kiss-

’Yes! Ah! Yes! Tae. Sung.” -kiss-

“Jeyhun! Hmm!”

“Taesung. Ah! Ah!” -bites-

Hmm! Ahh!

“Kiss me, Jeyhun.”

Shit! That was amazing. I am exhausted. I ended up biting and scratching him all over. We ended up biting each other when we came at the same time. We did it everywhere possible. Finally. Taesung is mine. I am so happy, I could cry. I have waited to so long for this moment. I did it. Taesung is mine. It’s official he is MY ALPHA and I am HIS OMEGA!

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