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Never had the Marauders seen or heard her as the ordinary teenage witch... Not at all baffled by their reputation, Lauren Martens learned to find her own way tricks to beat Hogwarts four biggest pranksters along the way. But does she still meet the challenge when Sirius Black and James Potter trick Lauren into their plan to help 'Padfoot' getting a date he desperately wanted? By defying she might call something upon themselves which turns out a whole lot bigger than both she and Sirius were ever prepared for. started on feb. 17th 2021 finshed on ?

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a warm welcome !



>> Hello everyone!

This is it. My first Sirius fanfic. And of course its kinda a slow burn. There will be no mature scenes since Im not comfortable with writing mature content yet.

This is my second fanfic and i will update my other book once or twice a day.

I hope you enjoy the book!

Mature Content is not included


cast on my wattpad <3


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